This article is about the scientific theory. For the novel, see Stargate SG-1: Relativity.
"Like dinosaurs turned into birds theoretically, or 'theory of relativity' theoretically?"
John Sheppard[src]

The Theory of Relativity is a theory of physics, created by Albert Einstein, that deals with electrodynamics and gravitation. It states that the energy of a physical object is related to the mass (amount of matter) of the physical object by the square of the speed of light:

$ E = mc^2. \,\! $

From this, it is derived that astrophysical gravitation occurs when a massive object warps the spacetime around it, causing less massive objects to fall into orbit.


Major John Sheppard stated that relativity states that space and time are relative concepts rather than absolute concepts. (SGA: "The Storm")

When SG-1 traveled to the Pegasus galaxy, the relativistic effects of the black hole distorted radio signals that passed between the Pegasus Stargate and the Milky Way Stargate. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")

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