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The Warrior is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1.


K'tano, First Prime of Imhotep, announces to a group of rebel Jaffa that the Goa'uld are not gods and they shall fight for their freedom. In the crowd, Teal'c and Bra'tac overhear his speech.

They report back to the SGC and tell them that K'tano has gathered an army culled from several different System Lords and that he strongly believes in Jaffa traditions. However, K'tano is incredibly reckless. In addition to attacking targets that include civilians as well as Goa'uld, he uses terrorist tactics such as suicide bombers in order to spread dissent throughout the ranks of his enemies. SG-1 decides to make an alliance with them because the Tok'ra are weakened.

Upon arriving, they learn that K'tano is raiding Zipacna. When he returns, he praises SG-1 for their killing of several System Lords. He then asks what SG-1 has to offer in exchange for an alliance. They show P90s and supplies. K'tano thinks it is generous but he was expecting Zats and Staffs. They do a weapons test and show the Jaffa that though their weapons are less advanced technologically, they are superior in battle. This earns K'tano's trust.

Next day, K'tano and SG-1 raid one of Nirrti's cargo ships and K'tano convinces her Jaffa to come to their cause. O'Neil believes that K'tano was suicidal and reckless and decides not to form an alliance with him due to his tactics and beliefs.

Teal'c leads an attack on Lord Yu at the behest of K'tano, along with several other rebel Jaffa to destroy the "weak" System Lord. Teal'c is captured and the other rebel Jaffa are killed. For his own reasons, Lord Yu decides to let Teal'c go, but first he tells him that the attempted mutiny on one of Yu's motherships has failed and something else.

Teal'c comes back through the Stargate and heads to the Jaffa camp to challenge K'tano to Jo'ma'sai'que, the Jaffa rite of leadership. Teal'c feigns exhaustion until K'tano thinks him beaten, at which point he gloats in Teal'c's ear. In doing so, he reveals himself as Imhotep, a minor Goa'uld. K'tano/Imhotep raises his staff for a killing blow, leaving himself open for Teal'c to utilise a quick jab with his broken staff. The jab kills Imhotep, and one of the rebel Jaffa confirms that he is not a Jaffa. The Goa'uld mothership begins its attack, and the Jaffa flee to the relative safety of Earth with SG-1. Bra'tac vows that their day will come.


Ricky Worthy, who plays K'tano, also has a recurring role as the Cylon "Simon", on Battlestar Galactica.


Jaffa Rebellion, Jaffa, Imhotep


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