"The Warrior" is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1, especially Teal'c, join a camp full of rebel Jaffa, led by K'tano, who wish to stop the Goa'uld, and have more Jaffa join their rebellion. Teal'c decides to change his allegiance to his people, and the rest of the team suspect that K'tano, the former First Prime of Imhotep, is hiding something from them.


K'tano, First Prime of Imhotep, announces to a group of rebel Jaffa that the Goa'uld are not gods, and that they shall fight for their freedom. In the crowd, Teal'c and Bra'tac are listening to his speech.

They report back to Stargate Command and tell them that K'tano has gathered an army culled from several different System Lords, and that he strongly believes in Jaffa traditions. However, K'tano is incredibly reckless. In addition to attacking targets that include civilians as well as Goa'uld, he uses terrorist tactics, such as suicide bombers, in order to spread dissent throughout the ranks of his enemies. SG-1 decides to make an alliance with them because the Tok'ra are weakened.

Rak'nor 1

Rak'nor firing a staff weapon from his shoulder for more accuracy.

Upon arriving, they learn that K'tano is raiding Zipacna. When he returns, he praises SG-1 for their killing of several System Lords. He then asks what SG-1 has to offer in exchange for an alliance. They show FN P90 Personal Defense Weapons and supplies. K'tano thinks it is generous, but he was expecting Zat'nik'tels and Staff weapons, and sees SG-1's weapons as primitive. During an impromptu demonstration of the P90's merit, Rok'nor takes a moment to aim before hitting a tree stump roughly 60 yards away with his first and third of three shots. Major Carter - who earns K'tanos surprise, since she is 'a female' - tears the stump in half with a sustained burst, then severs the rope from which the stump hung with a single well-placed shot while it was still swinging. After O'Neill sums up with his opinions on the nature and purpose of their respective weaponry, Major Carter adds that the P90 is effective at five times the range demonstrated. Colonel O'Neill then reminds all in attendance who has won nearly every skirmish between the Jaffa and SG-1. K'tano, impressed (and humbled), accepts the weapons as gifts, then calls for a celebration of their alliance.

The next day, K'tano and SG-1 raid one of Nirrti's Tel'taks, and K'tano convinces her Jaffa to come to their cause, by marching straight through an all out firefight. Colonel Jack O'Neill believes that K'tano was suicidal and reckless and, after witnessing K'tano send a force of Jaffa on a suicide mission, decides not to form an alliance with him due to his tactics and beliefs.

Teal'c leads an attack on Lord Yu at the behest of K'tano, along with several other rebel Jaffa to destroy the "weak" System Lord and acquire all of Yu's Jaffa. Teal'c is captured and the other rebel Jaffa are killed. For his own reasons, Lord Yu decides to let Teal'c go, but first he tells him that the attempted mutiny on one of Yu's Ha'taks has failed, as well as one other piece of information.

Teal'c comes back through the Stargate and heads to the Jaffa camp to challenge K'tano to Joma secu, the Jaffa rite of leadership, to the death. Teal'c feigns exhaustion until K'tano thinks him beaten, at which point he gloats in Teal'c's ear, revealing himself as Imhotep, a minor Goa'uld. K'tano/Imhotep raises his staff in an acrobatic flourish for a killing blow, leaving himself open for Teal'c to kill him with a quick jab of his broken staff point. When Rak'nor goes to save the symbiote for other Jaffa to use, he finds no symbiote and no pouch, revealing K'tano as a Goa'uld. Lord Yu's mothership begins its attack, and the Jaffa flee to the relative safety of Earth with SG-1. Bra'tac vows that their day will come.


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Notable quotes[]

K'tano: My name is K'tano. The once first prime of Imhotep. A false god. A false god who has died by my own hand. Now I am free. I am a free Jaffa. If you have come to this place, then you wish to know freedom as I do. If you have come to hear me, then you know in your heart and in your mind that the Goa'uld are not gods. Still, I am but one warrior. Only together, we are an army of warriors!
Jaffa: An army has weapons! An army has food!
K'tano: In time, we should have weapons, and enough food and drink to sustain us for as long as it takes to achieve victory. Until then, we have our freedom. We have our brothers and sisters. I do not say this will be easy. There will be sacrifice. But for each of you who dies in the name of freedom, your souls shall be sent to Kheb, the place of freedom everlasting. Until then, if you seek freedom, if you seek sanctuary, know that this place is sanctuary. This is Cal Mah. (the crowd cheers) I declare this world a free world for all Jaffa! Let no Goa'uld challenge us. The time has come for Jaffa to claim their rightful place among the stars as warriors who live and as warriors who die free!

O'Neill: Deliverance. Do you have any idea what happened to the guys in that movie?
Bra'tac: I do not.

Rak'nor: (to Teal'c) Tek ma te.
Jackson: (to O'Neill) "Tek ma te" is a greeting of respect.
O'Neill: Okay.
Jackson: I'm just saying.
O'Neill: I don't care.
Jackson: Okay.
Rak'nor: These are among the great warriors of the Tau'ri. Daniel Jackson, Major Carter, and their leader, Colonel O'Neill. (to O'Neill) Tek ma tek.
O'Neill: Back at'cha.
Rak'nor: (slightly confusedly) Back at'cha.

K'tano: I honor he who would kill his god,and to his brethren of the Tau'ri, slayers of Ra, Hathor, Setesh, Heru'ur, Sokar, Cronus, and Apophis.
O'Neill: Well someone's been keeping score. Colonel Jack O'Neill.
K'tano: A familiar name, cursed by every System Lord. Imhotep himself declared your days were numbered.
O'Neill: Well that's fine, as long as its a really big number.

K'tano: I see you are one who speaks your mind O'Neill.
O'Neill: Yes, which is why I don't say much.

Carter: K'tano's managed to collect Jaffa from at least six different System Lords. He must be doing something right.
O'Neill: Well they have no problem with dying. I have a problem with that.
Jackson: You have a problem with dying or you have a problem with the fact that they don't have a problem with dying?
O'Neill: Both. I think.

(K'tano stands and walks directly into the middle of a firefight between Nirrti's Jaffa and his own warriors, everyone is surprised and confused)
O'Neill: (to K'tano) Hey!!
Rak'nor: He does not know fear.
O'Neill: Well, he knows stupid!!

O'Neill: Alright, so let me see if I get this straight. You assassinate one System Lord after another, you take all their ships and warriors—all of whom are willing to die for you—and this is different than the way things are now... how?
K'tano: The Jaffa will be free.
O'Neill: To follow you.

Teal'c: I die free.
K'tano: (whispering into Teal'c's ear) You die at the hands of your god, (Goa'uld voice) Imhotep.


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  • Mastaba is also the name of the rectangular, flat-roofed, mud-brick tombs built in Egypt's ancient period in which kings were buried before the pyramids were built, and were still used for about 1000 years after that... something the real Imhotep would've likely designed and built many of.
  • When SG-1 first enter the camp, it is seen that some standards, including those of Ra/Heru'ur, Apophis and Setesh, were used as poles for fences.
  • In the beginning of the episode Bra'tac says that a warrior should stay balanced and centered and not overcommit. K'tano's philosophy is to commit fully and completely, and be willing to die. When Teal'c later challenges K'tano, it is K'tano's over commitment that allows him to be killed.
  • Peter DeLuise can be heard telling K'tano "An army has weapons! An army has food!".


  • In the final battle, Teal'c is shown with his training staff already broken immediately before his training staff is actually broken.
  • In the scene where K'tano steps onto the battlefield against Nirrti's Jaffa, one of the enemy Jaffa challenges him. The Jaffa proceeds to place his Staff weapon against K'tano's chest, but when the camera switches to an angle behind K'tano, he is standing with the staff pointing at him from further away. The shot changes again, and the staff is immediately up against K'tano's chest again.
  • Imhotep calls the Tau'ri slayers of Apophis, Cronus, Hathor, Heru'ur, Ra, Setesh and Sokar. While Ra, Hathor and Setesh were killed by members of SG-1, the others were not.
    • Apophis' 1st death was technically not caused by the Tau'ri, but merely allowed to happen by voluntary negligence.
    • Apophis' 2nd and final death and Heru'ur's and Sokar's deaths were only indirectly caused or facilitated by Tau'ri actions.
    • Cronus was killed by android Teal'c.


Other languages[]

  • French: Le Guerrier (The Warrior)
  • Italian: Il Guerriero (The Warrior)
  • Spanish: El Guerrero (The Warrior)
  • Czech: Bojovník (The Warrior)
  • Hungarian: A harcos (The Warrior)
  • German: Die Jaffa-Rebellion (The Jaffa-Rebellion)
  • Catalan: El guerrer (The Warrior)

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