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The Tomb is the eighth episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 must reluctantly join a fellow Russian team (headed by Col. Zukhov) in a daring mission to uncover the fate of a lost Russian team and a powerful Goa'uld device, the Eye of Tiamat. After entering the tomb, SG-1 and the Russians split up to search. SG-1 discovers the remains of a previous Russian team member that has apparently been gnawed upon, and the Russians find an ancient Goa'uld Sarcophagus. O'Neill orders Zukhov to hold his ground, but Zukhov moves to investigate the sarcophagus. In so doing, he sets off a trap that shuts the door to the temple, and Lt. Marchenko is crushed by the door trying to keep it open.

Trapped inside, the teams force open the sarcophagus and find a skeleton inside with similar gnawing marks. With a little research of the carvings in the room, Daniel determines Marduk was trapped inside the sarcophagus with another creature by his priests. The teams split up into pairs to find this creature, while Daniel stays behind to study the room. After a short amount of time in the search, Sam and Lt. Tolinev are attacked, and Tolinev is bitten, apparently poisoned. Whatever the creature is, it killed the Russians and, worst of all, Sam senses a Goa'uld symbiote inside it. When Sam and Teal'c encounter the creature later, it drops dead from wounds from its previous encounter with Sam, and Teal'c concludes that the symbiote is no longer present in the creature (by cutting open the creature's neck). Teal'c and Sam inform the rest of the team that there is a Goa'uld in their midst.

Colonels O'Neill and Zukhov are stuck in a standoff, each suspecting each other of being hosts, and refusing to lower their weapons. The real Goa'uld (in Vallarin) confronts them and attacks Jack with an earlier retrieved hand device. It demands the Eye of Tiamat, an allegedly powerful piece of Goa'uld technology of unknown function. Zukhov found it earlier with the journal, and pretends to give it to the Goa'uld. Instead, he arms a grenade and tosses it to him. The Goa'uld realizes too late and the explosion buries the host, Zukhov and the Eye. Jack manages to avoid the cave-in and escape unharmed.

Meanwhile, Daniel studies the writings on the walls of the tomb to realize that there is a ring transporter in the temple, and Teal'c locates a secret panel that exposes Goa'uld control crystals, which would allow SG-1 to activate the ring transporter. As they get ready to leave, the Goa'uld shows up to threaten his revenge. As the ring transporter dematerializes the four members of SG-1 and Tolinev, Major Carter activates a ten second timer on a large quantity of C4, killing the host Goa'uld and collapsing the already very unstable tomb. If the Goa'uld survived the initial explosion, he would probably soon suffocate under the tons of stone and dust that would subsequently bury him. Back on Earth, in the SGC briefing room, the surviving Russian backs up O'Neill's account to her superior, but the debriefing Russian Colonel suspects that the SGC is hiding something, and they are clearly disappointed at the failure to recover the Eye of Tiamat. Jack tells the Russian not to expect another joint mission, since their priority should have been the rescue part of the rescue mission, not the Eye of Tiamat part.




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  • Colonel Chekov appears for the first time in this episode, returning in later seasons to deal with the SGC on behalf of the Russian government.
  • The line right before the introduction of Russian team said by Major Vallarin translates as "The strongest country in the world... and they can't make a decent coffee".
  • Lieutenant Marchenkos surname and facial traits suggests his Ukrainian heritage. This marks the second time in the show that (first being Small Victories) an officer of Ukrainian ancestry is portrayed in Russian military.
  • In Full Circle, Daniel says that the Eye of Tiamat is one of the Eyes that Anubis is using to power his new super weapon.
  • Marduk was first mentioned in "Thor's Hammer", as the Goa'uld who took Kendra from her home world.
  • Lieutenant Tolinev's surname is in the incorrect (masculine) form. Since she is female, it should have been Tolineva. This error was corrected in the Russian, Spanish and German dubs of Stargate SG-1.(Actually, she is referred to as Tolineva by both SGC and the Russian teams in the original/English version as well. It seems that the 'va' at the end of her name is being eaten up by the actors sometimes.)


At one point, Colonel Zukhov makes a comment about preferring the Zastava M85 over SG-1's P90s. O'Neill responds by pointing out that the M85 is manufactured by Yugoslavia. However, the P90 itself was designed and is manufactured by Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal, a Belgian company.


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