This episode is part 1 of 2; it is followed by "The Tok'ra, Part 2".

"The Tok'ra, Part 1" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Stargate SG-1.


Captain Samantha Carter's visions from Jolinar of Malkshur lead her and SG-1 to a planet where several Tok'ra are hiding. They attempt to form an alliance, which isn't going well. Meanwhile, her father, Jacob Carter, is dying from his lymphoma.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

During a mission to Nasya, Captain Samantha Carter becomes host to the Tok'ra Jolinar of Malkshur. The Ashrak Edrekh tracks Jolinar to Stargate Command and kills the symbiote but Jolinar is able to save Carter's life. During a trip to Washington D.C., Carter runs into her father, Major General Jacob Carter. Jacob explains that he has cancer but plans to stick around for a while.


Captain Samantha Carter has a vision from Jolinar of Malkshur, the Tok'ra with whom she was temporarily joined. She gets a glimpse at the coordinates of the planet to which the Tok'ra in her vision are fleeing. After waking, she discusses with Major General George S. Hammond and SG-1 whether or not they should go to the planet. They agree to go there, hoping to form an alliance with the Tok'ra to destroy the System Lords. Just before they leave, Carter calls Jacob Carter to see how he is doing.

The Tok'ra, Part 1 1

SG-1 surrounded by members of the Tok'ra

SG-1 arrives in a desert with no apparent footsteps or any sign that people have been around for some time. They make their way towards a dune when they are ambushed and surrounded by several people with Staff weapons. Carter recognizes one of the people as Martouf and says she recognizes them all as Tok'ra.

Meanwhile, at Stargate Command, General Hammond receives a phone call from Jacob Carter. Things are not going so well, and General Hammond goes to the hospital to visit him. It seems that despite the fact that they have cleaned out all of the lymph nodes, 'a squadron of those little buggers got themselves reassigned to his liver'. It doesn't look like he has long to live. He asks Hammond to tell him the truth about what his daughter is doing. Unfortunately, Hammond has to refuse because it is classified. However, things start to go wrong, and Jacob even flatlines; the doctors tell Hammond to get his family here ASAP.

SG-1 is taken underground with Transportation rings into a compound which looks exactly the same as the one from Carter's vision. They are taken through the compound, which is made entirely out of grown crystals, to meet the leader of the Tok'ra, Garshaw of Belote, the most wanted Tok'ra of all. On their way, they see Selmak, a dying Tok'ra. All members of SG-1 are asked whether they want to be the new host for Selmak, but they all refuse, especially Carter, who feels that once was enough.

SG-1 explains that they want an alliance with the Tok'ra and also the way in which they found the base and what happened to Jolinar. After a rusty start, SG-1 is asked to wait until the Tok'ra High Council will meet to discuss their proposal of an alliance. While waiting, Carter takes a walk with Martouf, hoping to understand Jolinar better and maybe order her thoughts from Jolinar.

Carter is beginning to understand Jolinar a lot better when Dr. Daniel Jackson shows up, informing her that the council is ready to meet. In a newly grown chamber, SG-1 meets the council and starts negotiating about the alliance, specifically on how the Tau'ri would be of use to the Tok'ra and whether they could be trusted or not. They are interrupted by the arrival of SG-3, who have orders to extract Carter.

However, before they can leave, the council reaches a decision: the Tau'ri are no use to them, and as they are a security risk to the Tok'ra because of their knowledge of their base location, they cannot leave until a new base can be established. Worse still, Carter is not allowed to leave either because, according to the Tok'ra, she is the highest security risk of all since she contains the memories of Jolinar of Malkshur.



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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: You don't think it was just a dream?
Carter: No, sir. It was real. I could tell.
Hammond: You could tell.
Carter: Yes, sir. I don't know how, exactly, but I can tell.
O'Neill: So we're supposed to buy into this... ESP or whatever it is?

Teal'c: According to Jaffa legend, the Tok'ra are the Goa'uld resistance. Their stated goal is the destruction of the System Lords and a change in the ways of the Empire. They are hunted and despised by the Goa'uld.
O'Neill: Yes. My kind of guys.

O'Neill: Assuming, of course, you are the Tok'ra.
Cordesh: And if we're not?
O'Neill: Well, I guess we all start shooting. There's blood, death, hard feelings; it'd suck.

O'Neill: (after the Tok'ra ask SG-1 to relinquish their weapons) Okay, but I want it understood that we're doing this in the spirit of future relations. I expect us to be treated as such. (everybody thinks on this)

Jacob: There is one thing you could do for me, George.
Hammond: Anything.
Jacob: Tell me what my little girl's doing.
Hammond: Except that. You know it's classified.
Jacob: George, they're telling me I don't have much time left. Who am I gonna tell? God?
Hammond: I'm sorry, Jacob.

O'Neill: We've done nothing but get interrogated here. Now are we prisoners and are you Goa'ulds?
Jackson: Jack—
Garshaw: You are not, and I have told you, we are not Goa'uld.
O'Neill: Alright, then why do you talk like that? And what's with the glowing eyes? Huh? Might it have something to do with a little reptilian activity in your heads?
Garshaw: We have symbiotic creatures within us, yes.
O'Neill: Well then?
Jackson: Well then you can see how we might think you'd be a danger to humans. You take humans as hosts.
Garshaw: Goa'uld take hosts. Tok'ra do not. Ours wish to be so.
Martouf: We have a truly symbiotic relationship.

O'Neill: You have to let her go home.
Garshaw: I'm afraid we cannot do that.
Carter: Why?
Garshaw: We have made our decision. We have decided not to accept your request for an alliance.
Cordesh: Therefore, you shall be our guests. Until such time as we decide to move to another planet.


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  • When Jackson confirms he knows what Martouf is talking about when he said that a Sarcophagus drains the good out of their hearts, he is talking about the events in "Need".
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Tok'ra Martouf.
  • This episode features the new CGI for the transport rings. Before this episode, footage from the original movie was used.
  • The exterior scenes on P34-353J were filmed at the Richmond Sand Dunes.


  • When Martouf and Captain Samantha Carter are talking about Carter having been a host to Jolinar of Malkshur, Carter makes a comment about how that must be what it feels like to have schizophrenia. However, the symptom of "having more than one person [in one's head]" is characteristic of dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder), which is a condition distinct from and unrelated to schizophrenia. Schizophrenia instead mainly has the symptoms of delusion, hallucination, paranoia, fugue-like episodes, or some combination thereof. This confusion is a common one; it probably arose from the word schizophrenia meaning, literally, "split mind" (from Gr. skhizein, to split + phren, mind). However, the use of this word refers to the splitting of mental functions that characterizes schizophrenia on a neurobiological level, not the splitting of personality, which is in some form present in dissociative identity disorder.

Other languages[]

  • French: La Tokra - 1ère partie (The Tokra - Part 1)
  • German: Die Tok'ra, Teil 1 (The Tok'ra, Part 1)
  • Italian: Simbiosi (Parte 1) (Symbiosis (Part 1))
  • Spanish: La Tok'ra (Parte 1) (The Tok'ra (Part 1))
  • Czech: Tokrové (1. část) (The Tok'ra (Part 1))
  • Hungarian: A Tok'ra (The Tok'ra)

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