""Lord of the Rings." "Lord of the Rings!" You know, when they light all those signal fires on the mountain tops? You saw that, right?! So, OK ..."
Bill Lee[src]

Bill Lee's drawing that he compares to The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings is a book, turned into a series of movies. Dr. Bill Lee is a self-confessed fan of it.

When The Trust infiltrated Atlantis and rigged the Zero Point Module to overload the next time that the city dialed Earth in 2005, Lee and a team planned to send a team to P4M-399, which would send a subspace communication to the Daedalus, who would then relay the warning to Atlantis. Lee cited the signal fires through the mountain tops of the saga's third movie as a comparisons. This was Lee's second choice as his first pop culture referent - the "Twilight Bark" from 101 Dalmatians - proved too obscure (or probably too passé) for the Air Force personnel in attendance. (SGA: "Critical Mass")

In 2008, while hunting Poole's Replicator, Lee suggested to send it to the "fires from whence it came", which was a phrase from the movies. (SGA: "Outcast")

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