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The Look was the twenty first episode of Stargate Infinity

Publishers SummaryEdit

The SG team arrives on an alien world where fashion rules - literally - since females risk their lives in order to obtain a rare type of luminous fern headdress.


The team arrives on a resort-type planet where the locals are obsessed with fashion accessories to the point of endangering themselves. They befriend Rikell and the women and Harrison helps her to gather some ferns to make a fashion statement and run afoul of the local wildlife. Meanwhile, a mercenary attacks the team up above and grabs Draga. The others get clear with Harrison's scientific knowledge and catch up to rescue Draga. The team gets enough of the ferns from the merchant that helped out the mercenary to let Rikell make an outfit but she realizes she doesn't need a fancy outfit.


Fern, Rikell, Omsock, Ro'malg, Cabby, Kalimarian, Draga, R.J. Harrison, Stacey Bonner, Gus Bonner, Umay, Una

Notable QuotesEdit

Stacey: Thanks, Major. You always were my favorite uncle.
Gus: Hey, uh - I'm your only uncle!

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