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"The Long Haul" was the twenty sixth and final episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers Summary[]

Much to their surprise, a trip through a Stargate lands the team at an archaeological dig in the Yucatan, where a previously unknown Stargate has been uncovered. But an even nastier surprise comes as the officer sent to investigate the discovery is Nephestis, a shape-shifting traitor.


After being chased by creatures and visiting an ice planet, the team begins to wonder if they are on a pointless quest. Draga opens a gate to "where they wish to go" and they end up on Earth in the Yucatán, where a local professor working for a Horace Van Gelder reveals she discovered the new gate. The shape-shifter Nephestis, disguised as Grimes, is working with Van Gelder and gets word the team is present when they contact Stargate Command. Disguised as Stoneman, Nephestis welcomes them and claims he'll help them clear their names, then summons Da'kyll and his Tlak'kahn. Draga suspects something as Stoneman sends the cadets into Cancun – in fact it's an ambush but they turn around and return. Gus and Draga catch on and make their escape while the others return just in time to rescue them. The team is forced to escape through the Gate and go on the run once more before they can clear their names, and the Tlak'kahn and Nephestis depart with Van Gelder as Nephestis takes his place to further implicate the team.


Air Force; Ancient; Gus Bonner; Cancun; Da'kyll, Dial Home Device; Draga, Earth, Horace Van Gelder, Arnold Grimes; R.J. Harrison; Helicopter; Ka'an; Dr. Keri Mason; Professor Elena Marjalan; Mexico; Nephestis, Shape-shifting, Sheftu, Stargate, Stargate Command, General Stoneman, Wrist laser; Yucatan

Notable Quotes[]

Harrison: (shivering) Why didn't the Ancients put more Stargates on nice tropical beaches?

Gus: We've dealt with alien creatures before - can't you handle them?
Harrison: Well, the first couple of hundred weren't so bad, but this is getting old fast.


  • When the Tlak'kahn dial the gate, there are a number if close-ups of chevrons locking. Some of the chevrons lock while pointing in between two symbols. This should not be possible. This happens throughout the series, probably because of reuse of footage.
  • Nephestus opens the Gate and apparently the Tlak'kahn come to him. In the original series the gate is one-way from the point of origin - the Tlak'kahn would have to open the gate from their end. There is a delay between Nephestus opening the gate and the Tlak'kahn arriving, but then the question is why does Nephesus open the gate at all.

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