This episode is part 2 of 2; it is preceded by "The Kindred, Part 1".
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"The Kindred, Part 2" is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of Stargate: Atlantis.


Dr. Carson Beckett, thought to have been killed a year ago, suddenly appears in front of Sheppard's team's eyes, where he is soon revealed to be a clone created by Michael Kenmore and was held as his prisoner. Cloned Beckett convinces the team to rescue Teyla Emmagan, who has also been held prisoner by Michael. Meanwhile, Teyla is finally reunited with the missing Athosians.

Previously on Stargate: Atlantis

Six months previously, Teyla Emmagan went to check up on the Athosians, only to find them all missing. She found a spy named Nabel Golan, and she and Dr. Jennifer Keller suspect he was somewhat responsible for the disappearance of the Athosians. He then escaped. Six months later, while searching for clues to find them, she was beamed away by Michael Kenmore. He revealed to Teyla that he kidnapped the Athosians, and turned some of them, including Kanaan into a Human-Wraith Hybrid. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his team attempt to find her, and uncovered a probable location on her whereabouts. However, instead of finding her, they found someone they least expected, Dr. Carson Beckett.


In Atlantis, Dr. Jennifer Keller and a medical team are examining Carson Beckett, a standard protocol Beckett helped to initialize, for people after being imprisoned by a large amount of time. From the observation area, the team; Colonel Samantha Carter and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex wonder as to who they are seeing, since the Beckett they know was killed last year. Keller then finishes every test she thinks of, and confirms the fact that this man is Carson Beckett.

McKay talks with Beckett.

McKay visits Beckett in an isolation room and they both have a talk. McKay wants to know about what he went through. Beckett tells him of the events on M8G-352, when he was taken prisoner by Michael Kenmore. He remembers being injected with something, and then remembers waking up on another planet. Michael then told him to do some work for him, in working on the Hoffan drug and combining Human and Wraith DNA. At first, he refused to help, but one day, Michael showed him a young woman no more than 20 years old, and killed her in front of him in cold blood. After promising to kill more people like her, Beckett co-operated. He worked for two years, but never gave up hope on his team finding him. McKay then confessed to him that they weren't looking for him, since he was rescued on M8G-352, and continued working for six months, until he was killed by an explosion. Beckett doesn't take this news well.

Keller discovers the mystery of the two Becketts. She reports her findings to Carter. His telomeres, which are a part of a Human's chromosome, which gradually shortens by the time the cell divides, has shrunk 30% more than they should for a man of Beckett's age. This means that Beckett's original cells have started to degenerate when they were removed from the original Beckett, meaning the one they encounter is a clone. They tell the findings to Beckett, who also doesn't take that news well, since he discovers that he came "out of a test tube".

Teyla is finally reunited with the Athosians.

Meanwhile, Teyla Emmagan is being taken by Michael and some of the other Hybrids, including Kanaan on a planet that was culled by the Wraith, and abandoned by the survivors, making it the perfect hiding place for Michael to conduct his research. Teyla is taken to a room in the facility, where she finally reunites with the Athosians after six months. She sees Halling, and the two gesture the Athosian greeting. Teyla talks with them, who tells her that the night they disappeared, 50 men armed with Wraith stunners took them by surprise during the middle of the night, and there was nothing Teyla could've done even if she was there. Teyla told them they should not give up hope in the expedition finding them, to which they reply by saying they held out the same hope in her rescuing them.

Carter and Sheppard's team discusses their plans on Beckett. Despite no matter how willing he is to help, since he was created by Michael, he could lure the team to an ambush. However, they decide to let him help them. Out of all his time as prisoner, he only saw one Gate address, since they blindfolded him every time he was moved to another one of Michael's facilities. They prepare for a mission. In the locker room, Beckett gears up, and tells Sheppard that he won't regret this. The team arrive on the planet, and enters a crowded tavern. Sheppard questions the bartender, who tells him that no-one cares what they look for, so Sheppard offers him a deal. Ronon looks up at the balcony, and sees a darkened figure, who starts firing at them with the distinctive sound of FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon fire. In the process, the assailant kills the bartender, but is stunned by Ronon, but falls, injuring him.

Beckett collapses.

They send the injured man to Atlantis to operate on him. There, Keller identifies the man, Nabel Golan. She, Beckett and a team works on operating on him. However, as Beckett gets some equipment, he suddenly collapses. As Carter and Sheppard discuss what has happened, McKay thinks that Nabel had the P90 from the weapons cache for the Athosians on New Athos. Later, they see Beckett recovering. Keller finds out that Beckett's cells has started to degenerate due to the fact he's a clone. They wonder why he is dying now and not two years ago. Beckett remembers getting an injection from Michael once a week, which stops his degeneration, and it now has been a week since his last injection, meaning his cells are degenerating. They both work on finding a way to reverse the effects, by trying to reverse engineer a drug by using the Ancient scans from his arrival. The two works together. At first, they lead to a dead end, but find a breakthrough, which leads in a dead end again. Keller suggests sending Carson into a stasis pod, which he quickly refuses.

In Michael's facility, Teyla tries to talk with Kanaan to reach to him, but is unsuccessful, when he leaves. The next morning, Michael's worshippers enters the Athosian room, and takes Teyla away. They take her to a table and restrain her. She notices several chambers where several people are undergoing the process of converting to Hybrids. There, Kanaan guards her again. Teyla again attempts to reach out to him, and tells her that she will take all her people, and him out of the facility and into safety. Teyla successfully reaches out to him, as he now recognizes her. After an emotional reunion, Kanaan tries to break her out. However, just as he continues, he stops, because Michael has entered the room. He excuses Kanaan, and starts to experiment on her. Teyla begs him not to harm her baby, which Michael says he wouldn't dream of doing. Since the baby has the gift, like Kanaan and Teyla, but stronger. With the baby, he can perfect the Hybrids.

In Atlantis, Nabel regains consciousness, and notices Keller, which she doesn't hide the fact that she originally didn't want to save him. Nabel tells them that they know he's been captured, since Michael has spies all over the galaxy, and would be killed if he talks. However, Sheppard suggests to give him asylum in another galaxy. He gives the team the location of where they're keeping Teyla.

The team discuss their strike plan.

Beckett knows the layout of the facility, and shows it to the team. He volunteers to join them and storm the place. After he leaves, the rest of the team agrees that it wouldn't matter if he leads them to an ambush or not. McKay chases Beckett, who collapses again, but regains his posture. McKay tells him that he doesn't have to this and prove himself, but Beckett insists on staying with the team.

The teams arrive at the facility, and reads several lifesigns all over the facility, from both the Athosians, and mercenaries. Meanwhile, Michael closes down the conversion process of the people in chambers, which kills them. Teyla senses his fear, which he merely tells her that it is just concern. They plan to leave aboard his cruiser. As Sheppard's team searches for the Athosians, they're under fire from mercenaries, with Earth machine guns. Halling and the Athosians hear the gunfire, and after Sheppard's team kills the two mercenaries, shouts out for help. Sheppard finally finds what is left of the Athosians, and lets them escape to the Stargate.

Beckett tries to shoot Michael, but can't.

The teams search for Teyla and find a chamber where she was held. They are then pinned by more mercenaries. McKay then notices that a cruiser is charging its engines. Suddenly, Beckett leaves the team to try to rescue Teyla on his own. He finds the two men escorting Teyla, and kills them. Although she is surprised to see Beckett, she refuses to leave without Kanaan. Beckett attempts to convince her to come with him but is ultimately stopped by Michael. Beckett aims his weapon at Michael, where Teyla urges him to shoot Michael. However, Michael tells her that no matter how much Carson wants to kill him, his is unable to, due to the ability Michael has to mind-control any of his clones or hybrids. As Teyla reaches for the gun, Michael stops her and takes it. He tells Beckett that doesn't have an injection for him, but tells him he served his purpose, before stunning him. Teyla is taken away.

McKay, Ronon and Sheppard discover gas canister behind the mercenaries, and shoots them, where they explode, so the team can kill them. They run towards Beckett's direction and finds him, where he tells them that Michael has escaped with her. They hear his cruiser activates, and they rush to the outdoors, where they helplessly watches Michael's cruiser taking off and escapes into space. Teyla is gone.

However, they don't give up hope, since they have prisoners that will talk eventually. They also discover that Beckett has weakened so much, that any other collapses can be fatal. They talk him into going to stasis. They take him to a stasis room on a wheel chair, where a pod is ready. The entire team watches him pass them. Keller assures him that she has a whole team working on fixing him. He tells Carter to send his mother a message for him, with random thoughts. He passes Sheppard, who tells him that they'll get him out in no time. Beckett tells him to find Teyla, which he will. He passes Ronon, who finally talks with him, saying he is afraid of this, and the two embrace.

Carson is placed in a stasis pod.

Last, but not least, he talks with McKay, who tells him that he programmed dreams into stasis, where he can go fishing in the Scottish Highlands, with "blonde massage therapists", which Beckett says he'll do fine. McKay and Beckett agree that this is not goodbye, but merely, a "see you later". He steps into the pod, where the field activates. Beckett is now in stasis, where the entire team still stays for a moment to say goodbye to him.


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Notable quotes

McKay: (about Beckett) Look, so we ruled out advanced robotics. That still leaves us a, a half a dozen possible other explanations.
Ronon: Like?
McKay: Well, like alternate timeline, parallel universe, cloning. You know, take your pick.
Sheppard: Just another day in outer space.

McKay: (About the team searching for Beckett) You see, the thing is: we weren't.
Beckett: Weren't what?
McKay: We weren't looking for you. We didn't even know you were missing.
Beckett: Excuse me?
McKay: We went back to M8G-352. We rescued you from Michael. I mean, he got away, but we got you back to Atlantis safe and sound.
Beckett: What in the hell are you talking about?
McKay: Well, obviously not you you, but another you – another Carson Beckett.
Beckett: Is this a joke?!

McKay: I know this is a lot for you to take in.
Beckett: Aye, you're damned right it is! First you tell me I'm not the only Carson Beckett, and then you tell me the other one died in a horrible explosion! Oh my God! My mother! You didn't tell her, did you?
McKay: Well, yeah.
Beckett: Good Lord!
McKay: You were dead! I mean, I'm sorry to be blunt, but we buried you! I mean, there was a memorial service at her church. I was there!
Beckett: This can't be happening! I have to get back there! I have to talk to her!
McKay: No no, you can't! I mean, do you have any idea what kind of effect that could have? Besides, what are you going to say to her?
Beckett: I'll say the Air Force made a bloody mistake, that's what I'll say!

Sheppard: I'm tired of getting shot at with our own guns!
Beckett: I'm generally not fond of it regardless of the weapon.

Carter: So what do you think?
Ronon: Well, if he is leading us into a trap, it's not gonna make much difference whether he's there or not.
Sheppard: But if he isn't, he could be pretty useful.
McKay: Whoa... wait a second. If he goes on this mission, it could kill him. We can't ask him to do this.
Carter: We didn't ask him. He volunteered.
McKay: Oh, give me a break!
Sheppard: Easy, Rodney.
McKay: I'm sorry – I'm just a little concerned that we're willing to be so cavalier with his life 'cause we think of him as some kind of a cheap copy.

(Beckett's final moments before entering stasis)
Beckett: I want you all to know that seeing you again these last few days, it was all worth it, no matter what happens.
McKay: You know, I was toying with the idea of programming dreams into these things. Interested? I could have you fishing in the Highlands... with a couple of tall blonde massage therapists?
Beckett: No, Rodney. I'll be fine.
McKay: That's right, you will be, you know? Cause this is not "Goodbye", this is, this is, uh... this is "See you later". That's what we agreed.
Beckett: Did we?
McKay: It's how I remember it.
Beckett: All right, then. See you all later. (puts into stasis)


Main Characters

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  • In the beginning of a scene where Dr. Carson Beckett is lying in bed, he says, "No wonder I've felt like a dog's breakfast since I got here." This may be a reference to the movie Paul McGillion starred in with David Hewlett and several other actors from the Stargate series titled, A Dog's Breakfast with the movie serving as Hewlett's directional debut. It is, however, also a common British expression for feeling ill. It is natural that he would be using such expressions. However, the common British phrase actually refers to a "dog's dinner", not breakfast. Although some northern regions of the UK (i.e. Scotland) do use the phrase "dog's breakfast" to refer to a hangover.
  • Originally, the Beckett found in these episodes was supposed to be the original and the one appearing during season 3 was to be the clone but the writers were unable to explain how Michael Kenmore would have been able to manufacture a perfect clone and how that clone could have matured fast enough given the limited medical resources available on M8G-352.
  • Michael apparently kept the cloned Beckett informed about some of the events occurring in the Pegasus galaxy, as Carson seemed to recognize the Replicator term, even though the Atlantis expedition and the real Dr. Carson Beckett weren't even aware of their existence, at the time of the cloning.
  • This episode takes place nearly two years after "Misbegotten".
  • Two of Joe Flanigan's sons played cameo roles as Athosian children escaping from Michael's facility.


  • During the bar scene the team takes cover behind the wooden bar when they are taking FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon fire. The P90 is well known for its armor penetrating properties. It would offer only concealment.
  • When Teyla Emmagan is lying restrained on the table (24:18) the restraining cuffs are so big that she could easily pull her hands free and escape.
  • When they are at Michael Kenmore's facility McKay says "I'm reading a bunch of life signs ahead" to which Ronon Dex replies "Maybe it's the Anthosians." Mispronouncing Athosians.
  • Despite the episode picking up a short time after the previous one, no mention of the Daedalus is made despite the team utilizing the ship in the previous episode and the advantage it could've given them against Michael. An example of this is the fact that if the team took the Daedalus to rescue Teyla, Michael would've been unable to escape in his ship.
  • They were also aware of the presence of Michael's ship, so they should have sent another team to the ship to prevent Michael's escape. Alternatively a single Puddle Jumper could have been used to disable the ship's engines with Drone weapons, as the ship was not powered when they arrived.

Other languages

  • Hungarian: A kötelék II. (The Bond II.)
  • German: Verwandte (2) (Kindred (2))
  • French: Hybrides (2) (Hybrids (2))

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