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"The Kindred, Part 1" is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Stargate: Atlantis.


While the Atlantis expedition investigates a mysterious plague across completely random worlds, Teyla Emmagan receives visions on some clues about the whereabouts of the Athosians, and who took them.

Previously on Stargate: Atlantis

A Wraith named Todd came to Atlantis to help the Atlantis expedition to fight with the Asurans, when they start attacking Human worlds. They stopped the Asurans, and the expedition and Todd go their own ways. Also, Teyla Emmagan went on a routine mission to check up on the Athosians. However, she found the entire settlement abandoned. She confided in Dr. Jennifer Keller that she was seeing a fellow Athosian named Kanaan, and later told everyone that she will find her people, and whoever took them will pay for their lives.


Teyla prepares to burn Kanaan's pyre.

Teyla Emmagan is in a forested world with Colonel Samantha Carter and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex, with a group of other people. There is also a pyre, with her baby's father, Kanaan, who died of some unknown cause. Carter emphasizes that he would have made a good father. Teyla grabs a torch and starts to burn the pyre. However, as it is set on fire, Kanaan suddenly opens his eyes, and yells for Teyla to help him. Teyla attempts to save him, but is stopped by Carter, who tells her that it is too late to do anything. Teyla watches in horror as Kanaan is being burned alive. Fortunately, these events did not happen, as it was just a nightmare. Teyla wakes up in shock.

Dr. Jennifer Keller is investigating a mysterious plague that has spread through seven planets. Sheppard then arrives and tells her and Carter that they just visited a world also hit by the plague, making the grand total of eight planets. Keller says that the plague is mysterious, as the planets hit by it has no contact with any other planets that are affected, and the infected worlds made contact with other planets that has not been hit with the plague, meaning that it is so random, Keller can't determine the planet of origin. It also has a mortality rate of 30% after the sickness has run its course on M1R-992. Keller predicts that if this is representative then around 200,000 people would still die from the affected planets.

Meanwhile, in the mess hall, McKay joins Teyla, who wonders about Keller's progress in the plague. Teyla then notices McKay holding something behind his back. He reveals it to her as a pre-baby present; an MP3 player, which contains some of McKay's scientific theories, since he knows that on Earth, a company specializes on sound recordings for pregnant mothers listen to teach the fetus on certain areas, so if Teyla's unborn son learns McKay's theories, he could become a brilliant scientist. Teyla is grateful, but McKay couldn't help notice Teyla is also hiding something. She confides in him that she had a dream last night, and thought it was a vision. A sceptical McKay tells her that he believes her, citing his time in the Battle of the Void, the Lt. Laura Cadman incident, and seeing himself from a Alternate reality. He then talks with Sheppard, and tells him that he doubts she had a vision, thinking that the thought that the Athosians are gone for six months is really starting to get to her.

Teyla has another vision with Kanaan.

That evening, Teyla has another dream. She wakes up in a forest, and sees Kanaan materialize in front of her eyes. After a happy reunion, Kanaan asks her for help in finding him and the other Athosians. Teyla does not know where to begin, until Kanaan shows her a pendant she gave him once in the village of Croya, which gives her a clue on finding them. Teyla then wakes up, sitting up on her bed, with her hand out and open, as if she was living the dream.

After telling her team, the team, except for Teyla has a meeting with Carter. They tell her of M2S-181, a peaceful trading settlement, which they will find surprising if they had anything to do with the Athosians. But since it's Teyla, and that they owe her one, they decide to send Teyla with them to the planet, since the rest of the teams are stretched thin with the plague. The team arrives in the village of Croya, where they warn Teyla that if anything happens, she will run for the gate, leaving the team to deal with the problem. However, as they enter the village to meet with the same artisan the Athosians bought the pendants and jewelry, they discover that he died during the "great sickness" (possibly the plague). After they search the village twice for any answers, the team has to leave and go back to Atlantis, disappointing Teyla.

Keller finds out the origins of the "plague".

Meanwhile, Keller informs Carter that she found something for investigation; they have encountered something like this before. The protein markers are almost an exact match to the same drug created by the Hoffans, but a new and improved version, with a lesser mortality rate than 50%, like last time. When she reports the findings to the team, she tells them that the Hoffans must have distributed the drug without the expedition's consent. However, the Hoffans are not responsible, McKay tells them that when the Wraith found out what they were doing, the Hoffans were wiped out. Whoever was responsible, laced the drug into the planets' food and water supply, and due to the random nature of it, the Wraith would have no idea which "meal" would become their last. Carter orders the team on a mission to Hoff to find what they can.

Teyla is in her quarters, meditating, where she has the dream again, only this time, she isn't asleep. She sees Kanaan again, and tells her that she was so close to finding a clue, and wondered why she left too soon. He urges her to go back to Croya. Teyla later confronts Carter, and wants her to send her back to M2S-181, and this time, she won't take no for an answer. She tells her that she and Kanaan both have the Gift, which they are able to communicate each other over a distance. Carter is convinced and has Major Evan Lorne and his team assist her, since she doesn't want Teyla going alone. Carter tells Teyla to call her Sam.

The ruins of Hoff.

Meanwhile, Sheppard and McKay arrive in the city on Hoff, except this time, the city is heavily damaged from a Wraith bombardment. McKay searches through a room which used to hold the repository of Hoffan knowledge, except the room has been ransacked, and there is no information on the Hoffan research. McKay then finds a group of scared children, running away. McKay stops one of them and wants an answer on what happened. The kid tells him that they found the place empty when they got here, before running away again. With nothing more to report, they return to Atlantis.

Lorne's team and Teyla arrive on M2S-181 and starts searching for clues. This time, however, Teyla spots a merchant holding a necklace that looks familiar to her, Kanaan's pendant. She confronts the merchant, and demands to know what else he received from the trader who gave her the pendant. She sees a box, containing a necklace from Balera, and a ring from Halling. The merchant tells her that the trader is more than likely going to pay him a visit today. Meanwhile, back in Atlantis, the team returns, where they find an activated Wraith tracker, and that it is from their "friend", "Todd", who wants to meet them, or just draw them to an ambush, so they Gate to the planet, much to McKay's chargin, since he hasn't had lunch yet.

On M2S-181, after waiting for some time, the merchant signals Lorne from a distance that the Trader has arrived. The trader shows the merchant some more valuable merchandise. Lorne confronts the trader on the whereabouts of the merchandise. The trader attempts to flee, only to have Teyla hit him in the head with a log. They send him to a room and wake him up. They press him for an answer on the whereabouts of his merchandise. He doesn't co-operate, but decides to help after Teyla threatens him that she will tell the village that he is a Wraith worshipper, which they won't take kindly to. The trader admits that he got the merchandise from a planet with a mass burial ground. He tells them that he didn't take them from dead bodies, since he found a box instead with all the merchandise. He agrees to send the team to the planet.

Teyla is beamed away.

McKay, Ronon and Sheppard finds "Todd" in a Wraith lab, where he tells them of the drug that makes the Wraith die if they feed on Humans. At first, "Todd" accuses them of unleashing the drug, until they tell him that they think he did it himself. If neither are responsible, "Todd" explains that there could only be "one other" who would be responsible, but he wants a price for the information, the research into the Hoffan drug. Meanwhile, Lorne plans to Gate Atlantis first to inform them of the situation. However, a Wraith Dart approaches. As Teyla tries to run, the trader grabs Teyla and holds her in the path of the Dart's culling beam which captures her. The Dart then flies away before Lorne's team can attack.

Teyla awakens on a Wraith cruiser and is met by the person responsible for the Hoffan plague and her kidnapping: Michael Kenmore.

Back in Atlantis, the team, Carter and Keller discuss the situation and Sheppard tells them that it has to be Michael who hates both humans and Wraith and for whom the Hoffan drug is the perfect weapon. Carter decides whether to give "Todd" the information. McKay says that it's a good idea since Michael would likely weaponise the virus into something that could be used on the Wraiths directly without going through humans first. It would lead to the Wraiths' downfall. The Gate activates, with Lorne's team. They tell Carter that Teyla has been taken.

On the cruiser, Michael admits to have been behind the plague the whole time, and that he rewrote his DNA to eliminate his feeding need, meaning he has turned into a Hybrid. He is also the one that kidnapped the Athosians and assures Teyla that they are alive and working towards the common cause of eliminating the Wraith. He intends to create an army of Hybrids who will become the dominant race in the Pegasus galacy. He also admits to being responsible for the kidnapping of the Athosians, and turned Kanaan into a Hybrid. He also has plans for Teyla's child. Before he leaves her, he explains that he had "help" in locating and perfecting the Hoffan drug but doesn't explain further. When Teyla tries to get through to Kanaan, he merely says that their child would serve the cause. Teyla tells Kanaan she came to find him just as he asked her to in her visions, but Michael interrupts and says it was he who contacted her through the visions, "appropriately disguised, of course." He says that he and Teyla share a connection that will become even stronger once her child is born.

Sheppard's team approaches "Todd" and tells him that they already know who's responsible. When he asks why they are there and they give him part of the Hoffan research, and promise the rest in exchange for information on Teyla's whereabouts. They also give him the gate address to a relay outpost that he can use to communicate with them if he finds something. After they return to Atlantis, McKay finally eats some food in the Mess, where the team learns that Todd has sent word that there is a rumor from Wraith worshipers of one of their people being held on another planet. Having gotten the coordinates, Sheppard and Lorne's team travel to the planet on the Daedalus to rescue Teyla.

Arriving in orbit, the Daedalus is unable to detect Teyla's subcutaneous locator beacon, presumably removed by Michael, so the two teams are beamed to the facility to rescue Teyla "the old fashioned way." Splitting up, the teams are engaged by a Wraith worshipper each with Sheppard and Ronon mortally wounding one. Sheppard questions him to learn that they have arrived too early and the worshipers are expecting Michael back soon. Sheppard warns the Daedalus and Ronon takes out the other guard.

Meanwhile, Michael's cruiser emerges from hyperspace in orbit of the planet and attacks the Daedalus which returns fire with its railguns. The Wraith cruiser proves to be no match for the Daedalus which is able to inflict heavy damage before Sheppard learns that Teyla is on board and warns the Daedalus not to destroy the Wraith ship. As the Daedalus attempts to cripple Michael's cruiser, Michael makes a run for hyperspace. Despite the Daedalus attempting to use its Asgard plasma beam weapons to disable the cruiser's hyperdrive, it is able to escape into hyperspace with Teyla. Colonel Caldwell then passes on the bad news to Sheppard.

Beckett is alive.

Following Michael's escape, Sheppard and Lorne wonder what the Wraith worshipers were guarding so heavily if Michael hadn't yet arrived. Opening a locked door, the rescue team stares in shock at the prisoner inside. "Finally! Its about bloody time! What took you so long?!" asks Doctor Carson Beckett who has been dead for over a year.



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  • Rat (Mentioned)



Notable quotes

McKay: Something wrong?
Teyla: Er...I was debating whether or not to tell anyone.
McKay: Tell anyone what?
Teyla: I believe I had a vision, last night.
McKay: A vision?
Teyla: I saw Kanaan, the father of my son. I believe that he was trying to...send me a message, that he's alive, and that I must not abandon the search for him and the rest of my people.
McKay: And this was while you were sleeping?
Teyla: You think it was a dream?
McKay: Well, I, I...
Teyla: I believe it was more than that. It did not feel like a dream. (McKay looks skeptical)
Teyla: I knew you would doubt me. I should not have said anything.
McKay: Hey, I've been cocooned inside an alien spacecraft, I've had another person living inside me, I've encountered not one, but two different versions of myself, so who am I to judge? If you say it was a vision, then I believe it was a vision.
(Shot cuts to McKay walking through a corridor with Sheppard)
McKay: I seriously doubt it was a vision.

Carter: Anything?
Sheppard: Nope. The place is cleared out.
McKay: Is that what I think it is?
Carter: It's getting to be a familiar sight.
Ronon: What is it?
Carter: A Wraith subspace tracking device. It's our old friend.
McKay: Oh, Todd!
Carter: Maybe he wants to talk, and maybe he just wants to lead us into an ambush. There is always that possibility.
Sheppard: Well, there's only one way to find out.
McKay: Oh, come on! We just got back!
Carter: Sorry, Rodney.
McKay: I haven't had lunch yet.

Sheppard: (seeing corpses) Well, let me guess: something they ate.
Todd: Many of my fellow Wraith have fallen victim to this attack on our food supply.
Sheppard: Yeah, it's a shame; but it's not really our problem.
Todd: From what we have been able to surmise, this blow against us has been delivered at great cost to human lives – something you would have made your problem in the past. Unless, of course, you're responsible for the dispersal of this plague – in which case you may well consider the human lives sacrificed acceptable losses.
Sheppard: Actually, when we were putting the list together of the most likely suspects, you were at the top.

Keller: Wait – you're not seriously thinking of giving him our research on the Hoffan protein?
McKay: Well, why not?
Keller: Because we'd effectively be giving the Wraith the means to reproduce the drug and potentially infect and kill millions.
McKay: Theoretically, yes, but practically it really wouldn't be in their best interest to poison their own food supply, regardless of whether our research helped them to come up with an antidote or not. No, I think the more likely scenario is that they find an antidote that works as a short-term solution to the existing threat, then they work on weaponizing the protein – you know, coming up with a more effective delivery system, one that cuts out the middle man – in this case, the human victims. No, what we're doing is giving them the means to kill each other off.
Sheppard: So, when you put it that way, giving them our research could be a good thing.

(Ronon and Sheppard sees McKay shoveling down food after a mission)
Ronon: How can you eat right now?
McKay: You kidding? It's the first decent meal I've had all day. Besides, we're not gonna help Teyla at all starving ourselves. I'm just trying to keep my strength up. I suggest you two do the same.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • The working titles of the episode, as with the second part was "Rise of the Googlions", which really meant nothing in particular, as it was just a title invented by Carl Binder.
  • This episode takes place approximately six months since the events of "Missing".
  • This episode reveals that the planet Hoff, first seen in the season 1 episode "Poisoning the Well," was destroyed by the Wraith after they discovered they were immune to the feeding process.
  • McKay references the events of "Midway" when accusing Todd of being responsible for the Wraith attack on the Midway space station and Earth. Todd appears genuinely surprised by the accusation and while he admits to stealing the information from McKay's computer, he claims that the Wraith Commander responsible for the attack stole the information from him in turn.
  • When Todd mentions that he knows of who is behind the spreading of the new Hoffan drug he states "There can be only one." which may be a reference to the 80's movie Highlander which had a plot where immortal beings living in secret among mortals hunt one another to take their immortality energy and power by decapitating their victim. Tangentially, this makes them energy vampires on other immortals in the same way that the Wraith are in how they feed on humans.


  • During the briefing on the virus Colonel Samantha Carter says "The random nature of this drug's distribution is clear and calculated." This statement is a contradiction in itself. Executive Producer/Writer Joseph Mallozzi took the blame for this mistake as the line was supposed to be about "the seemingly random nature".

Other languages

  • Hungarian: A kötelék I. (The Bond I.)
  • German: Verwandte (1) (Kindred (1))
  • French: Hybrides (1) (Hybrids (1))

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