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"The Illustrated Stacey" was the twenty fifth episode of Stargate Infinity.

Punlishers Summary[edit | edit source]

After Stacey allows aliens to paint a beautiful design on her skin, she learns the horrifying truth: they haven't used paint, but rather, an alien microbe that's spreading over her entire body, causing it to change.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The team arrives on a planet and helps the native Ner'alds against an energized dragon-creature – a late arriving Harrison manages to knock it out. Stacey and Seattle admire the locals' markings and the guys end up teasing Stacey into getting a marking. It turns out that the paint is made of microbes and they start spreading on Stacey. They're not toxic, but will cover her entire body. They need a stream with mud to make a removal salve but another energy-resistant creature attacks – Gus takes Stacey while the others hold off the monster. Avoiding a variety of dangers, Gus and Stacey make it just in time but the stream has dried up. A persistent bug creature that has been following them finally latches on to Stacey and sucks off the microbe.

References[edit | edit source]

Zatso, Seefa plant, Stacey Bonner, Ner'ald, Ner'ald planet, Dragon Serpent, Giant Bee, R.J. Harrison, Seefa microbe, Gus Bonner

Notable quotes[edit | edit source]

Gus: I'm not losing my niece to a tattoo.

Harrison: Why can't aliens ever cook cheeseburgers?

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