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"The Illustrated Stacey" was the twenty fifth episode of Stargate Infinity.

Punlishers Summary[]

After Stacey allows aliens to paint a beautiful design on her skin, she learns the horrifying truth: they haven't used paint, but rather, an alien microbe that's spreading over her entire body, causing it to change.


The team arrives on a planet and helps the native Ner'alds against an energized dragon-creature – a late arriving Harrison manages to knock it out. Stacey and Seattle admire the locals' markings and the guys end up teasing Stacey into getting a marking. It turns out that the paint is made of microbes and they start spreading on Stacey. They're not toxic, but will cover her entire body. They need a stream with mud to make a removal salve but another energy-resistant creature attacks – Gus takes Stacey while the others hold off the monster. Avoiding a variety of dangers, Gus and Stacey make it just in time but the stream has dried up. A persistent bug creature that has been following them finally latches on to Stacey and sucks off the microbe.


Zatso, Seefa plant, Stacey Bonner, Ner'ald, Ner'ald planet, Dragon Serpent, Giant Bee, R.J. Harrison, Seefa microbe, Gus Bonner

Notable quotes[]

Gus: I'm not losing my niece to a tattoo.

Harrison: Why can't aliens ever cook cheeseburgers?

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