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This episode is part 2 of 2; it is preceded by "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1".
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"The Fourth Horseman, Part 2" is the eleventh episode of the ninth season of Stargate SG-1.


With the plague rapidly spreading to the corners of Earth, SG-1 plan on using a new disruptor device to capture a Prior on the Sodan world, the same Prior who started the plague. Gerak, leader of the Jaffa, has been turned into a Prior to give the Jaffa the chance to accept Origin.

Previously on Stargate SG-1Edit

SG-6 returns from offworld infected with a plague from a Prior. Orlin returns to human form to help find a cure but needs a sample of the Prior's blood. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Dr. Daniel Jackson plan to capture the Prior using the Prior disruptor. Gerak converts to Origin and is turned into a Prior.


Gerak tries to convince the Jaffa High Council to follow the Ori as a Prior now. However Teal'c plans to fight against him on Chulak. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and his team prepare to stop the Prior on the Sodan's homeworld. There, Lord Haikon reveals that he and the rest of the Sodan have renounced Origin, having been ordered to slaughter a community of simple farmers who rejected the Ori, and having found that another civilization who rejected the Ori was wiped out by a plague. The Sodan agree to help SG-1 capture the Prior, who was the one to start the plague on Earth, by using the Prior disruptor Dr. Bill Lee and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter constructed. Once the Prior arrives, SG-1 and SG-22 manage to find the right frequency, stunning the Prior who is surprised that his powers are gone and extracting the blood sample Orlin needs to finish the cure.

Meanwhile, Teal'c tries to stop Gerak by amassing a fleet of those who are not willing to follow the Ori. When Gerak encounters them with a larger fleet, they both teleport to Chulak where Teal'c manages to appeal to Gerak's still-Jaffa side to stop following the Ori, as the two of them visit the site of the battle where Gerak's father fell in the fight to free all Jaffa. At the same time, Major General Henry Landry visits the planet where the Prior was captured, with Orlin - who reveals to him the true nature of the Ori and supports his assertions by revealing parts of the Prior's past: his name Damaris and the names of his family: his wife Adina and his two sons Jadin and Allon. The Prior however, cannot be convinced to abandon the Ori. He begins quoting the Book of Origin and tries to capture Landry using his telekenetic powers only to be shot by Mitchell. However, the Prior was able to infect Landry with the plague. Orlin also tells them that the Prior has revealed why the Ori are coming to the Milky Way: they're coming to destroy the Ancients.

Back on Earth, Gerak goes into the Stargate Command infirmary, but hesitates to use his powers. When Teal'c asks him why he hesitates, he admits that he shall die for helping them, but proclaims that he shall die free. Using his powers, Gerak heals all infected with the plague in the SGC, but then instantly bursts into flames; evidently, the Ori include a 'fail safe' in their Priors should the Prior turn against them. Dr. Carolyn Lam is able to isolate an antibody from those healed and synthesizes a vaccine with the help of Orlin's previous work. The plague that has reached most of the world at this point is successfully stopped, with casualties estimated at about 3000 people.

Unfortunately, the effect has taken its toll on Orlin who soon becomes a normal human being with possible brain damage and with no memories at all. He is confined to a mental hospital with Sam later visiting him and helping him work on a puzzle.


Adina; Africa; Allon; Amsterdam; Ancients; Andras; Athens; Ascension; Avocado; Ba'al; Battle of Tazek'sur; Bonn; The Blues Brothers; Book of Origin; Canada; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Charles de Gaulle Airport; Cheese; Chicago; China; Chulak; Dakara; DNA; Europe; France; Free Jaffa Nation; Gerak's Ha'tak; Goa'uld; Ha'tak; Hazmat suit; IWN news network; Influenza; International Oversight Advisory; Jaden; Jaffa High Council; Kim Lam; London; Madrid; Martial law; Mexico; Omelet; Ori; Ori plague outbreak on Earth; Others; P2X-885; P9G-844; Paris; Peterson Air Force Base; Pie; Prior; Prior disruptor; Prior staff; PRIOR2 virus; Rome; Russia; SG-6; SG-22; Salt Lake City; Skirmish on P9G-844; Slavery; Stargate Command infirmary; Tazek'sur; Telekinesis; United Kingdom; Washington D.C.; Richard Woolsey; World Health Organization; Zat'nik'tel

Notable QuotesEdit

Haikon: How will we know when it is working?
Mitchell: We'll know when the Prior is no longer able to use his powers.
Jolan: How will we know when he will be no longer able to use his powers?
Mitchell: Well. Someone is just going to have to test it and find out. (silence all around.) Don't worry, fellas. That someone is me.

Mitchell: Here Jackson, you're driving. (Hands Jackson the Remote.)
Jackson: Ooo Yay!

Jackson: That warm, fuzzy feeling you're experiencing may be the effects of a device that's inhibiting your ability to concentrate and focus your powers.
Mitchell: Symptoms may include: dizziness, irritability—
Jackson: Nausea—
Mitchell: Mild nausea. And a condition known as "hot dog fingers."

Damaris: We are beacons on the road to enlightenment.
Mitchell: No, you're dark-side intergalactic encyclopedia salesmen. Unfortunately, the home office hasn't been quite up front with you.
Jackson: Nice work on the metaphor.
Mitchell: Thank you.

Gerak: You were not the one who was chosen. You did not witness the wonders I beheld.
Teal'c: Did they raise the dead? Heal the sick and wounded? Destroy their enemy with but a wave of their hand?
Gerak: The Goa'uld deceived us. The Ori's powers are pure.
Teal'c: And what is the measure of a god, Gerak? Is it the scope of their power, or how they choose to wield that power? Would a god who is prepared to lead us on the path of enlightenment so contradict this divine benevolence by destroying all those who refuse to believe in him?
Gerak: Those who refuse to believe must die.
Teal'c: I understand how difficult this must be for you, Gerak. Nearing your final years, you so desperately long for the enlightenment we all seek. This is not the way to save yourself.
Gerak: I only wanted to avoid bloodshed.
Teal'c: Stay this course, and you will have no choice but to spill the blood of your brothers. And you may start with me. For if I have a choice between resistance or returning to a life of slavery, then I choose to die free.

Hammond: It's always darkest before the dawn. My uncle used to say that all the time; he was a wedding planner.

Gerak: If I help you, I am done. But I will die free!


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  • The 60-second openings sequences of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis were restored (for the United States) in the second part of this episode and "The Hive", respectively. The 60-second opening credits had already appeared in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland from "Avalon, Part 2" onwards before. Don S. Davis made it to the Opening.
  • The episode title refers to the Fourth of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Death or Plague), who brings sickness and death over the world, as described in the Bible (Revelation 6).
  • This episode marks the final appearance of the "real" Lt. General George S. Hammond before his death in 2008. However, he appears in later episodes as a puppet version of himself ("200"), within an alternate reality ("The Road Not Taken") and in an alternate timeline (Stargate: Continuum).
  • In one of the alternate realities featured in the subsequent Season 9 episode "Ripple Effect", the events of this episodes proceeded differently than in our reality as the cure to the plague was not obtained and the outbreak continued unabated. SG-1 - which consisted of Daniel Jackson, Cameron Mitchell, Janet Fraiser and Martouf/Lantash - began searching the galaxy for a cure, as did the other SG teams. In the process of their search, this version of SG-1 were accidentally transported to our reality, where they were given the cure by the Major General Henry Landry of our reality. In this reality, Stargate Command was still under the command of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill.
  • Dawn Chubai and Dagmar Midcap are real life news reporters in the Vancouver area.
  • This is the first time that a Prior has been killed by gunshot.
  • This is the first episode in which General Landry travels through the Stargate.
  • Bra'tac refers to the events of "Reckoning, Part 1" and "Reckoning, Part 2".
  • The Norwegian cheese Mitchell is talking about, when he gives the prior his omelette recipe is most likely Gjetost (actually pronounced more like "yay-toast"). It is, as it was stated when this was originally added, Jarlsberg. Gjetost (or geitost) is a brown cheese made by reused whey, and is soft and very sweet, to the point where it resembles caramel. It is in no way suited for any kind of omelette. Jarlsberg, on the other hand, is a standard table cheese made from cow's milk, and is a very common ingredient in omelettes made in Norwegian households.
  • The "Previously on Stargate:SG-1" is missing from the Region 2 and Region 4 DVDs.
  • It seems odd that despite the fact the US and several other countries are under quarantine due to the Prior Plague it can be clearly seen that they remain at DEFCON 5 which is the lowest state of readiness for the US military.


  • Visible (not removed in post-production) greenbox markers in some scenes e.g. from 0:17:22 to 0:17:26.
  • When Gerak walks down the platform leading to the Stargate he can be seen wearing tennis shoes.
    • (It is not an impossibility that Jaffa would use items from Earth in the same way SG-1 uses the Zat', etc. Especially considering that Gerak is old, he may find Earth footwear with orthotics more comfortable.)
  • The device was buried by Lt. Col. Mitchell and the ground was flat. When the prior comes to the meeting place, the camera shows a little mount of gravel at his feet, supposedly where it was buried.
  • Lt. Col. Carter spoke of pre-programmed frequency settings in the device, yet Daniel Jackson pressed many buttons as if to program the frequency himself. He should have to press but two buttons: one to chose the pre-programmed frequency, another to activate the device.

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In other languagesEdit

  • German (DVD/TV): Der Apokalyptische Reiter, Teil 2 (Horseman of the Apocalypse, Part 2) / Die Rückkehr Von Orlin, Teil 2 (The Return of Orlin, Part 2)
  • Portuguese: O Quarto Cavaleiro, Parte 2 (The Fourth Horseman)
  • French: Le Quatrième Cavalier De l'Apocalypse - 2ème partie (The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse)
  • Italian: Virus Mortale (Parte 2) (Lethal Virus)
  • Spanish: El Cuarto Jinete (Parte 2) (The Fourth Horseman)
  • Czech: Čtvrtý jezdec apokalypsy (část 2.) (The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse)
  • Polish: Czwarty Jeździec Apokalipsy (część 2) (The Fourth Horseman)
  • Hungarian: A negyedik lovas II. (The Fourth Horseman II.)

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