This episode is part 2 of 2; it is preceded by "Jolinar's Memories".

"The Devil You Know" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 discovers that Apophis is a prisoner on Netu and is planning a revolt against Sokar. Meanwhile, Teal'c goes to Vorash to seek assistance from the Tok'ra, but they have plans other than rescuing the teams to stop Apophis.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

While on a mission, Jacob Carter is captured by Sokar and sent to Netu. Martouf travels to Stargate Command to enlist the help of SG-1, particularly Major Samantha Carter who has the memories of Jolinar of Malkshur, the only person to escape Netu. During the trip to Netu in the Tok'ra Tel'tak, Carter uses the Memory recall device to search Jolinar's memories. After arriving at Netu, Martouf and SG-1 minus Teal'c use escape pods to reach the surface. They are captured and taken to a cell where they find Jacob. Carter is taken in front of Bynarr, the lord of Netu, who was ordered to kill the prisoners by Sokar. Before Bynarr is able to kill Carter, he is killed by his First Prime who returns Carter to her cell. SG-1 manages to escape and head for the Transportation rings but are surrounded by the other prisoners and the First Prime reveals himself to be Apophis which leaves SG-1, Jacob and Martouf all stunned.


SG-1 once again meet Apophis. He throws them in the pit and brings Major Samantha Carter up for interrogation. Using the Tok'ra Memory recall device and a drug called "The Blood of Sokar", he plunges Sam into a dream made up of old memories. She sees herself on the day of her mother's funeral, with Jacob asking for her forgiveness. Confused, Sam remembers that she forgave her father years ago, and if she didn't, she wouldn't have joined the Stargate Program. Out of the blue, Jacob Carter starts asking her how to get to Earth, and what her IDC is. Sam refuses to give in, and Apophis puts her back in the pit.

Meanwhile, Teal'c escapes the Death Gliders and returns to the Tok'ra. The Council decides to launch a device that would burrow to the center of Netu and destroy the moon within twelve minutes, while Sokar is in his ship and unable to escape the blast.

Back on Netu, Apophis interrogates Colonel Jack O'Neill as he did with Sam, plunging him into a dream-memory of his son. Charlie O'Neill accuses Jack of never playing with him, saying that if they'd played ball together, Charlie would never have shot himself. He refuses to play ball unless Jack tells him where the Asgard homeworld is. Jack manages to break out of the memory, and is thrown back into the pit. Afterwards Apophis has Martouf and Sam brought in together, threatening to kill Jolinar of Malkshur's last host if Martouf doesn't tell him where the Tok'ra are. Martouf lies convincingly, and Apophis uses the information to gain an audience with Sokar. Dr. Daniel Jackson is tortured next with a memory in which Jack asks him where the Harcesis child is.

Despite Teal'c's protests, the Tok'ra launches the device into Netu. Apophis is grabbed by Sokar's men. Sokar explains that he already conquered Entac, and his Jaffa starts to torture Apophis to death.

At a moment of distraction, Apophis draws a concealed blade and kills Sokar's First Prime by stabbing his chest before using the blade to slit the throat of a second Jaffa guard who has appeared to inform Sokar of the moon erupting.

Taking the Jaffa's staff weapon, Apophis fires it at Sokar, but Sokar activates his personal shield device. Apophis is forced to flee while Sokar roars, angry over what has happened.

Trapped on Netu, SG-1 and Martouf can only escape by using the Transportation rings, but these will take them to Sokar's ship, which is about to be destroyed. Teal'c solves this by flying the cargo ship into the path of the beam while it is being activated, intercepting them in the ship's own set of transport rings.

Moments after SG-1's escape, a matter stream sends someone from Sokar's ship to Delmak. Netu explodes, destroying Sokar's ship and killing Sokar as SG-1's ship flies safely away.

The Devil You Know 1

Apophis as the new ruler of Sokar's power base.

A while later, Apophis stands in Sokar's power base, having gained Sokar's army and as a result, establishing himself as a liberator who freed them from a tyrant and an unjust god, making him now the strongest Goa'uld among the System Lords.


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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: You do understand we're not too happy to see you.
Apophis: (in a normal voice) Your insolence is music to my ears.

Jackson: Your mate, Amaunet, is dead. Sorry to ruin your day. No, actually I'm, I'm wrong about that... I'm not sorry.
Apophis: Sokar sent word to me about Amaunet's death. I did not believe it.
Jackson: Well, believe it. It's true.
Apophis: Then it must also be true that Teal'c is the murderer.
O'Neill: Oh, that'd wrap up things real nice for you, wouldn't it?

Apophis: You used this to access the memories of Jolinar left in your mind. That is the only way you could have known how to escape. I will use it to get you to tell me everything you want to know.
Carter: It doesn't work that way.
Apophis: I know how it works. When it's fully activated it makes your memories easily accessible to your conscious mind.

(After Colonel O'Neill's torture)
O'Neill: They put that damn memory thing on me. Then they gave me something... that reminded me of the 70s.
Jackson: The Blood of Sokar.
O'Neill: Daniel?
Daniel: Yeah?
O'Neill: I'm gonna pass out again.

Sokar: Why do you try my patience? Tell me what I wish to know and I will brand you lord of the underworld.
Apophis: The Tok'ra are based on the planet Entak.
[Sokar leans back on his throne before flashing a gaze to his Demon Guard. The Demon Guard strides up behind Apophis and lays a rough hold on his shoulder]
Apophis: What is the meaning of this?
Sokar: I recently conquered Entac. There are no Tok'ra there. [grinning] Kill him... slowly.

Demon Guard: The fires of Netu are erupting, my lord!
Sokar: What?!
Demon Guard: Sensor indicate the core of the moon is becoming unstable.
Sokar: Impossible! I control Netu!

(After they made their escape)
Aldwin: I'm sorry I doubted you.
Teal'c: I am as surprised as you that we survived.

Jacob: (after just having escaped from Netu) Why don't we take a father-daughter vacation? I hear Alaska's cold this time of year.


Main Characters

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  • This episode marks the death of Sokar, the fourth powerful Goa'uld who is killed by SG-1 (even if in this occasion, technically, the main credit for the killing goes to the Tok'ra). Apophis survives the destruction of Sokar's Ha'tak and takes control of his forces.


  • When Teal'c locks the Tok'ra Aldwin in the cargo compartment, he slams his fist on the middle and bottom right buttons on the keypad and both buttons light up, but when the camera angle changes, he is holding his fist on only the bottom right button and it is not lit. (37:37 mark)


  • Nominated Leo for "Best Production Design in a Dramatic Series" (Richard Hudolin)

Other languages[]

  • French: Les Flammes de l'enfer (2ème) (Flames of Hell (Part 2))
  • Italian: Dominazioni (Dominations)
  • Spanish: La mala hierba nunca muere (A Bad Weed Never Dies) (This is a Spanish saying meaning "Bad people last longer" or simply "A bad penny always turns up")
  • Czech: Vyhánění čerta ďáblem (Exorcism of a Demon by a Devil)
  • Hungarian: Az elkárhozott ördög (The Damned Devil)
  • German: Apophis' Rückkehr (Apophis' Return)

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