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"The Decision" is the first episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers Summary

Veteran gate traveler Major Gus Bonner leads a group of trainees on a mission to rescue an alien worm creature, Draga, from bounty hunters, in hopes that she can unlock the mysteries of the Ancients.


The episode begins with cadets R. J. Harrison and Stacy Bonner being taken to a morph trail test in Cheyenne Mountain. Their vehicle is suddenly blasted when they stop to make a decision. A Major tells them that sometimes one should just make a choice and deal with the consequences, rather than doing nothing in a moment of indecisiveness.

Meanwhile, Major Gus Bonner, who happens to be Stacy's uncle, has been put on trial for disobeying orders and sending his patrol into a Tlak'kahn ambush. After the trial, Nephestis, who, as a Sheftu, has the ability to alter his appearance, opens the Stargate so Tlak'kahn warriors can attack Stargate Command.

In the meantime, a foreign alien is discovered in an Egyptian sarcophagus and it is discovered the Tlak'kahn were contacted by Nephestis to capture it. Major Bonner, Stacy, Echo, Seattle, Harrison and the creature manage to escape through the Stargate to the Tlak'kahns' home planet.

The Tlak'kahn retreat to the cover of a doorway and start blasting, but the cadets manage to hold off the warriors while Major Bonner dials an address into the DHD. In order to prevent the Tlak'kahn warriors from following them of them through the gate, Bonner places a bomb on the DHD.

Notable Quotes

R.J.: So what do we do now?
Major Bonner: Head 'em off at the pass! (blank looks) Okay, forget it. They used to say that in Westerns. Cowboy movies? Before your time.


  • In this episode, Major Bonner references the Western genre, but then tells his confused teenaged cadets that Westerns were before their time. However, Infinity is set thirty or forty years after "Children of the Gods," so it must take place in either 2027 or 2037. This means Bonner would have been born in either 1977 or 1987 and that would make the era of Westerns well before his time as well, though many other Westerns were made during what would have been his childhood.



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