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"The Best World" is the third episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers Summary[edit | edit source]

Arriving on a planet with a "Guide" stone, the team is attacked by the Tlak'khan, ultimately falling into a hellworld trap set by the Ancients where the Stargate has no controls, leaving them stranded.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The team arrives with a planet with a mysterious "Guide" stone which is immediately endangered by an earthquake. The team helps the natives, the Mou'a'dash, to recover it. While Harrison deals with being "owned" by a local native that rescued him, the Tlak'khan launch an attack. Gus, Draga, and Seattle get captured and taken through the Stargate along with the Guide, which they use to travel to the Ancients' home planet. They end up in a hellworld trap set by the Ancients, where the Stargate has no controls and they are stuck. Draga manages to use her powers to open the Stargate, leaving the Tlak'khan stranded. Gus realizes the Tlak'khan must have access to his travel record through the traitor and heads off to a planet he hasn't been on before.

Notable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Tlak'khan: No creature could survive for long in a place like this.
Gus: Don't be so sure. I once spent a whole summer in Phoenix.

Seattle: How can you stand to eat that slop?
Ec'co: It tastes just like my mother's creamed spinach. Of course, no one liked that, either.

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References[edit | edit source]

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