The Beast is a carnivorous mammal of the unnamed planet in a distant galaxy. They appear to live in caves amongst their families.


The beast is a large animal that is quick, strong, and shows signs of intelligence. It has six legs with strong hydrochloric on each foot and four smaller horns projecting from its face. The beast strikes its prey until they are unconscious and moves it back to its nest to save them for later.

The beast has also shown signs of cooperating with others of its kind in coordinated attacks on their prey. (SGU: "The Hunt")


In 2010, its world was explored by a group from the Destiny expedition, possibly to collect medicinal plants and hunt Space deer. One of the beasts attacked the camp, injured several people, and took Tamara Johansen and Reynolds. A rescue expedition, assisted by Lucian Alliance members, then tried to save TJ and Reynolds before it was too late.

The creature then attacked the rescue team and managed to kill almost everyone. However, even those that survived were left wounded. Young and James then left, and the others went on until the monster killed Marsden and Tasia. Varro and Greer managed to get a radio signal from TJ, who explained her position. Greer was taken to the lair and Varro initiated ​​an evasive maneuver to lure away some of the monster's offspring. They managed to save TJ and Reynolds by taking advantage of fire, which the beast recognized as a sign of intelligence, allowing the team to safely return to Destiny.(SGU: "The Hunt")


The Beast's appearance is reminiscent of a hexapuma in David Weber's Honorverse series of novels. Both are large, powerful, vaguely feline predators with six legs.