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"The Apple Core" is the twenty-first webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Eli Wallace gives a tour of the Control interface room which he calls the "Apple Core".


Eli Wallace enters Destiny's Control interface room. There, he introduces the control interface hub, which he calls the "apple core". Adam Brody, who is working in the room, doesn't like the name, insisting it is a control interface hub; Eli finds the name boring. Brody attempts to get support from Dr. Lisa Park, who is working at the back of the room. When asked what the hub is called, Park replies with "you mean this apple core?", further annoying Brody. He points out they are scientists and they should call it the hub for the fact that they can interface with some control of the ship. He then attempts to get support from Dr. Dale Volker who approaches Brody, and asks him what they call the hub. Volker catches Brody out by calling it the "A.P.L.C.R" (short for "apple core"). Frustrated, Brody leaves the room, while Volker and Eli knock fists. Park laughs quietly from her work station.

Notable quotesEdit

Eli: The name's boring!
Brody: You're... boring.


  • This is the seventh Tour Webisode.
  • The crew's nickname for the Control interface hub, "Apple Core", is revealed in this webisode.
  • MGM lists this as the twenty-first webisode despite being the 19th released.
  • This is a sequel to the episode "Air, Part 1".

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