Tessa was a female Tau'ri and the daughter of Jennifer Hammond and the granddaughter of Major General George S. Hammond and Mary Anne Hammond.



In 2000, Tessa and her sister Kayla were taken for a drive by NID operatives as an unspoken threat to Hammond to step down as commander of Stargate Command. (SG1: "Chain Reaction")

Their home phone number was first on Hammond's speed dial at Stargate Command, above even the President of the United States (speed dial #2).

Alternate timelineEdit

  • In an alternate timeline where the Earth is destroyed when it is abandoned by its allies due to the rogue NID operation not being exposed, Tessa and Kayla are evacuated through the Stargate to the NID Alpha Site. General Hammond sees them both off and refuses their pleas to come with them. (Stargate SG-1: Apocalypse: Hostile Ground)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It has not been stated whether Tessa's surname is Hammond, it may have been her mother's maiden name.
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