Lineas cold fusion

Linea creating Cold Fusion with the Terra-root.

"Are we talking about organically based cold fusion?"
Samantha Carter[src]

Terra-root is a form of plant life capable of being used as an organic power source. Created by Linea, it is capable of achieving cold fusion, producing enough energy to power a Stargate.


Cold fusion is achieved when Linea's activators (a liquid substance) are dripped on the terra-root, penetrating its hard core and interacting with the organic material within at the subatomic level. The activator spirit atoms to combine within the cells of the terra-root. When new material is made, energy is released, which flows through the tendrils of the plant. The organic material the roots are made to serve as catalysts, causing the atoms of her chemical activators to fuse together.

in 1998, SG-1 and Linea used terra-root to power the Stargate to return to Earth along with samples of the plant. (SG1: "Prisoners")


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