The Tenara capital was a big city on the planet Novus in the country Tenara. The city was even more technological advanced than Earth. The city was built by the descendants of Destiny expedition. The city was populated by several million people. The Tenara capital was founded in year 9 AD and the city was the oldest on Novus.



Novus generation 1

The settlement before the city was built.

2,000 years ago, the Destiny expedition arrived at their new homeplanet Novus. They built a small village with a few hundred inhabitants, but it grew over the years in pace with the population. The village was surrounded by a large wooden fence to keep the indigenous wildlife out.

Industrial AgeEdit

Novus generation 2

The city under Industrial Age.

After several years, the entire settlement had gone from a simple village to a major industrial city. The inhabitants had built several large houses and a number of factories. The population had grown to several hundred thousand inhabitants.

Residents had begun to draw water from a large river to provide the city with clean water and started building the city on both sides of river. The city continued to grow with the generations and the population continued to increase over time. Meanwhile, the conflict between the countries Tenara and Futura began that would last for several centuries.

Information AgeEdit

After many centuries, the city has developed and achieved an advanced technological age, which corresponded to Earth and the population of the city had risen to number in the millions. The conflict between the two countries had escalated and both had developed Nuclear warheads resulting in a Cold War.

The city began to suffer from minor earthquakes and the inhabitants discovered a black hole approaching their solar system that caused the earthquakes. They started to send off several expeditions to other nearby worlds set up off-world colonies to save their people from destruction. They found a number of worlds and founded many colonies, but when their Stargate was lost in a minor eruption and most of the population was forced to evacuate.

Evacuation of the cityEdit

Both countries made peace with each other and pooled their resources and began building a factory that would produce their interstellar Evacuation ships as the rest of the population of the city was able to evacuate Novus. The Tenara capital was abandoned and several years after the evacuation order a supervolcano had an eruption and several meters of snow and ash began to cover the streets of the city and part of the city began to be destroyed after an large amount of lava reached the surface.

Destruction of the cityEdit


The city after the evacuation.

In 2010, a group of the Destiny expedition flew the Ancient shuttle through the city to look for signs of people but found no trace. They came to Novus after having agreed to bring the colonists from a Novus colony home but found it deserted. They found a bunker that they hoped to get answers to what happened to the rest of the population in the city. Inside they found a computer that told them that the inhabitants had abandoned their planet and went to another off-world colony. After several teams had salvaged some boxes of food and other supplies, the entire city was destroyed by a series of earthquakes and a river of lava. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")

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