Temple of the Gods is the largest and most opulent building of the Chulak Temple of Gods resides Goa'uld during visits there. "Temple" is actually more akin to a palace, with outstanding staff of 250 Jaffa, 42 bedrooms and accouterments ornately crafted in gold and jewels. In every way decadence Goa'uld is in sharp contrast to the primitive society Jaffa, Goa'uld including private bath large enough to allow whole villages Jaffa to bathe at once.

Here Goa'uld wants for nothing, System Lord and Queens both have stayed at this palace, waited on by thousands of adoring worshipers. Potential hosts can also find themselves brought to the temple until Goa'uld may determine their suitability for implantation. Recently mature larval Goa'uld swim in specially designed tanks lining the walls of the private chambers. The lower levels of the temple contains holding cells for prisoners and potential hosts. Goa'uld to travel to Chulak can view the assembled prisoners - typical of those of the abducted from other worlds - for use as hosts. Most prisoners are not selected then killed afterwards.

In the upper levels of the temple Room of the Recording, where larval Goa'uld implanted in their unwilling hosts. Jaffa treat space as a sacred place, only priests and favored slaves can witness what transpires within. The process of transfer - implantion - is fast but the priests bless the event and register events with hused awe. The registry then go to the hall to record entered in the stories of the gods. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game")

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