Tech Con Group, or just Tech Con for short, is a major corporate conglomerate on the planet Hebridan to which seems to nearly dominated every aspect, which monopolizes much of the products and air time on its broadcast network, TCNN. The organization's slogan: "Progress and people working in total harmony."

Tech Con awards a very lucrative contract to the winner of the annual Loop of Kon Garat race. The winner receives a contract with Tech Con's deep space exploration project. The company philosophy encourages mutual trust. Its president is Miles Hagan. (SG1: "Space Race")

Tech Con businesses[edit | edit source]

  • Tech Con Ultra Sport Beverage
  • Tech Con Gaming Kiosks ("If you don't play, you definitely won't win")
  • Tech Con Deep Space Exploration
  • Tech Con Cosmetics
  • Tech Con family outlets
  • Tech Con Funeral Services ("Helping you make peace with death")
  • Tech Con Propulsion Systems ("Your system-wide experts in ion-drive technology")
  • Tech Con Group Restaurant Family
    • Corso's Temporal Eatery
  • Food services division, including garbage disposal units
  • While not a business, the company has a prototype division for developing new products and possibly new technologies. One project was a spaceship booster.

Tech Con Products[edit | edit source]

Employees[edit | edit source]

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