"For our father."
―Teal'c (android) before he died.[src]

Teal'c was an android created by Harlan on Altair to have the physical appearance and consciousness of the original Teal'c of Chulak.


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The first attempt at making a robot Teal'c, however, was a failure. Harlan did not adapt the process he used for the Tau'ri when making the first robot Teal'c, thus copying the personalities of both Teal'c and Junior, his symbiote, into the robot. This caused the robot to act erratically and violently, necessitating Harlan to destroy it. The second attempt, after he corrected his mistake, was a success. After the original SG-1 discovered that they had been duplicated, Teal'c appeared to feel left out at the fact that he did not have a double of himself, before Harlan disclosed the previous events to him. The duplicate Teal'c, along with doubles of the rest of SG-1, were left stranded on Altair with the duplicate O'Neill's promise that they would bury their Stargate. (SG1: "Tin Man")


Instead, however, they went on their own missions to fight the Goa'uld. It was on a mission to Juna where the duplicates of Teal'c, Daniel, and Carter were captured by Cronus. Upon learning SG-1 was not human when Daniel was executed, Cronus had them taken to his ship to be studied. Later, Teal'c tried to kill Cronus, but was prevented when he was shot in the back by a Jaffa. The real Teal'c also attempted to kill Cronus, but was prevented by Cronus himself. When Cronus was about to kill the real Teal'c, he was shot in the back by the duplicate Teal'c. The duplicate Teal'c died from his wound knowing he had avenged their father. (SG1: "Double Jeopardy")


The NID acquire the android construction equipment from Altair, along with the readings taken of SG-1, and use them to create their own duplicates of SG-1, in an attempt to create their own offworld teams that will do what needs to be done. Although the original, 'Alpha' team is essentially SG-1 with certain crucial information - such as the address for Earth - deleted from their memories, later teams were created to increasingly diverge from the original to create a team that would do the job the NID wanted- initially using the Goa'uld programming acquired from 'Junior', culminating in the creation of the 'theta team', a team consisting of ruthless versions of SG-1, the theta versions of Carter, O'Neill and Teal'c being described as psychopaths interested in nothing more than their own survival. Other Teal'c swiftly grew to loath their new roles, the epsilon Teal'c even allowing himself to be destroyed by the unstable vortex of an activating Stargate, his last words being to proclaim that he would die free. Theta Teal'c was destroyed when his original self shot him in the back of the head. (SG1: "Hydra")


Android Teal'c was shown equipped with an AA-12 shotgun, a close Earth parallel to his usual staff weapon, in that it fires large deadly blasts at a relatively high rate of fire, only firing buckshot projectiles instead of energy blasts. It is possible there is also technology on Altair to replicate weapons, since it is quite possible for humans, a much more difficult task. Teal'c was shown using a similar automatic shotgun on the Biliskner to defend from the Replicators, it is possible that he gained a preference for them and without his staff weapon it became his go-to choice. The rest of the team retain their MP-5's from when they were duplicated, one of the first signs they are not the true SG-1, who had since upgraded to P-90's.

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