Teal'c's Revenge is an iOS and Android app released on December 13 2012 by Arkalis Interactive. It is available through the Stargate Command app on iOS devices. Players control Teal'c in two modes by use of the device's touchscreen.

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Stargate Command is under attack and only Teal’c's fabled combat skills can save Earth from total destruction. Reflexes are critical as you parry, block and unleash powerful attacks to earn XP, improve your skills and save Stargate Command from enemy Goa’uld, Jaffa and Replicators that plagued SG-1 through 10 seasons of the TV franchise.


The SGC is under attack by the Goa'uld, and Teal'c is the only one left to defend it.


Teal'c's Revenge is available on iOS as well as Android devices and was released by Arkalis Interactive on December 13 2012. Players take the role of Teal'c and swipe their fingers across the touchscreen to simulate combat. There are two modes, Normal mode, which feature "missions" which take the form of combat against increasing waves of enemy characters, and Survival mode, where players try to last as long as possible against one enemy at a time.

There are also bonus missions where the player must survive against Replicators coming out of the Stargate.

The game is accessed through the Stargate Command app on iOS devices.



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