SG-1 in the tavern on Osric's planet

Taverns are places of businesses on many planets in the Milky Way, Pegasus and Alteran Home galaxies. They are usually places who serve locals, and interplanetary visitors on those planets ale and food.

In Pegasus, the Atlantis expedition has met several planets with taverns, since most Pegasus races are similar to the Middle Ages, technologically. In the Milky Way, SG-1 visited several taverns, including one in 2006, before setting off on a quest to find the Sangraal before Adria and the Ori get their first. In the Alteran Home Galaxy, one such tavern in Ver Isca was used as a front for the Anti-Ori underground. (SGA: "Instinct", "Irresponsible", "The Kindred, Part 2", "Broken Ties") (SG1: "Crusade", "The Quest, Part 1")

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