Tau'ri outposts are military, research or mining bases used and operated by the Tau'ri in both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies. Three of the known outposts operated by the Tau'ri were built by the Ancients in the past, two were jointly shared and built with the Tau'ri's allies, among them the Asgard and the Unas, and the rest were build by the Tau'ri themselves. Most were powered by a Naquadah generator, however there have been some exceptions where the outposts were powered by the Zero Point Modules, Solar power, radioactive core of a planet or any other available power source. Like the Ancient outposts, most of the Tau'ri outposts were equipped with defensive systems, sensor systems, shield systems, communications and any special technology like a Cloak, Stargates and F-302 fighter-interceptor's. Also some of the outpost built by the Tau'ri were also equipped with dialing computer systems even though the outposts has a Dial Home Device. This is to ensure the safety of the outpost.

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