A list of skirmishes relating in a conflict between the Tau'ri and the Replicators.

Skirmish on the BilisknerEdit


Replicators attempts to take control of the Biliskner.

During a battle the Replicators manage to take control of Thor's ship the Biliskner and set course for Earth. Thor beams out the crew and disables the outbound transporter and is somehow injured. He places himself in a stasis pod although he doesn't activate it and is unable to figure out how to destroy the ship, records a message for Colonel Jack O'Neill on the ship's systems and the what has happened and beams him aboard. O'Neill manages to avoid the Replicators and finds the message and Thor and using the ship's systems, contacts Stargate Command for weapons and explosives to attempt to destroy the ship before the Replicators can land it on Earth. He refuses to beam Teal'c and Major Samantha Carter aboard as there is no way to beam off, but when he beams the supplies up, they come with it planning to use space suits to abandon ship and get picked up by a space shuttle. The Replicators, attracted by the transport, attack them but they manage to shoot enough to get away discovering that human guns are capable of destroying the Replicators.


The Biliskner burns up.

Consulting with Thor, they try to find the best places to plant explosives, but Thor knew of no places where they could be successfully implemented. Looking at the ship's design, Carter comes up with the plan to set up explosives on the ship's deceleration drive then blow it as it enters Earth's atmosphere causing the ship to have an uncontrolled entry and burn up. Teal'c exits the ship through the only active airlock and successfully plants the explosives but is unable to get back in and due to a damaged air tank, starts to run out of air. Teal'c manages to get within range of the ship's transporter and Carter beams him aboard. In order to escape they beam the Stargate on board and manually dial out to another planet to escape. The three hold off the Replicators until the ship starts to enter the atmosphere and blow the bomb, destroying the deceleration drive causing the ship to enter the atmosphere out of control and burn up, destroying the ship and all but one Replicator which managed to survive. O'Neill, Teal'c, Carter and Thor manage to escape through the Stargate before the ship's destruction and Thor is picked up soon afterwards and the other three manage to return through Earth's other Stargate a week later. (SG1: "Nemesis")

Skirmish on the BlackbirdEdit


The submarine Blackbird.

The last remaining Replicator from Thor's ship boards the Russian submarine Blackbird that was passing through the area and killed the crew and started to replicate. Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and some soldiers boarded the sub which was towed in close while Major Samantha Carter traveled with Thor to Othala to deal with a Replicator threat there and Dr. Daniel Jackson remained on shore as he was still recovering from an emergency appendectomy and was still not ready to fight yet. The attack team finds a Replicator Queen and too many Replicators for them to deal with. After Stevens is killed, O'Neill and Teal'c abandon the submarine and they plan to torpedo it until Daniel realizes that they can't afford to until they kill the original Replicator that survived the destruction of Thor's ship as its the only Replicator that could possibly survive the destruction of the sub and being released into the water as it was made of a different material than the other Replicators it had created.


The Replicator Queen.

Teal'c and O'Neill invaded the sub, created a distraction, and destroyed the Queen with a grenade and although the original Replicator reformed, O'Neill destroyed it with machine gun fire. Unfortunately, the two were chased by the Replicators and cut off from the only exit as the sub started to take off. O'Neill ordered the sub torpedoed with them still on it and as the sub was destroyed taking out the Replicators on it, O'Neill and Teal'c were beamed out by Thor who had arrived back in orbit after dealing with the threat to his homeworld with Carter's help. (SG1: "Small Victories")

Skirmish with ReeseEdit


Reese creates a Replicator.

SG-1 found a female android named Reese on a destroyed world. They learned that the Replicators had destroyed the planet and that Reese was in fact their creator. She'd created them as toys, but when the people of her planet began to fear them and wanted to destroy them, she taught them to replicate and to protect themselves. She lost control of them and they destroyed her world. She went to "sleep" before being found by SG-1. As a gift she created Dr. Daniel Jackson a Replicator which he had locked up safely. Unknown to him she'd created another. When Daniel tried to convince her of the truth about her being an android and what the Replicators had done, she became agitated and the Replicator broke free in response but was destroyed by Teal'c.

USAS12 3

Teal'c fights off the Replicators.

With help from an army of Replicators which had formed from the second Replicator she'd created, she escaped and planned to leave through the Stargate. Daniel tried to convince her to shut down the Replicators before she lost control again and Major General George S. Hammond and Major Samantha Carter activated the self-destruct to prevent the Replicators from escaping. As Daniel attempted to convince her, Reese ordered the Replicators to stop, but lost control of at least one that started to act on its own before being destroyed by Hammond. Daniel seemed to get through to Reese and she seemed about to deactivate the Replicators when Colonel Jack O'Neill shot her, damaging her beyond repair. Before she shut down for good, she ordered all of the Replicators to shut themselves down, ending the threat. (SG1: "Menace")

Skirmish on HalaEdit


SG-1 arrives on Hala.

After the Prometheus is hijacked by Colonel Frank Simmons of the NID and taken into hyperspace, SG-1 is able to regain control but are lost. Fortunately, Thor arrived and informed them that the Asgard had used Reese to call all Replicators to the planet Hala in order to trap them in a Time dilation field but the Replicators were able to stop the time dilation device from activating. He requested SG-1 to take the Prometheus, which was less advanced and would be ignored by the Replicators, to Hala and activate the device. After Colonel Jack O'Neill got the mission approved by Major General George S. Hammond and the President of the United States, Thor towed the Prometheus to the Hala system. Once at Hala, SG-1 was scanned by a Replicator patrol ship but were allowed to pass and land on the surface. They exit the ship and discover the surface is covered in Replicator blocks and there is only one structure on the planet.

Unnatural selection (Stargate SG-1)

The Replicators are frozen in time.

They enter the structure and Major Samantha Carter attempts to reactivate the device. Before she can finish, several people enter and order them to stop. They inform SG-1 that the Replicators had managed to reverse the device so time went by much faster on the surface instead of much slower and had evolved to mimic human form. SG-1 opened fired but unlike the original Replicators, they were immune to human guns and they mind probed SG-1 for information about worlds the team had visited. After the mind probing was over, Fifth carried SG-1 back to the Prometheus and when they awoke he informed them that they were expected for dinner. After they returned to the structure, Carter was mind probed and managed to convince Fifth to help them as he had human emotions and was sympathetic to them. In return, Carter agreed to take him with them. While the others were away, Fifth reversed the device and O'Neill pretended to tell Carter to program it for five minutes while really having her set it for three so that Fifth would be trapped as well. SG-1 escaped on the Prometheus and Fifth discovered the truth too late and the Replicators were trapped in time. (SG1: "Unnatural Selection")

Replicator attack on OrillaEdit

Asgard fleet

The Replicator cruiser is destroyed.

After escaping from the black hole around Hala by using the time dilation device to counteract the effects of the black hole, the Replicators attacked the Daniel Jackson with Thor, Teal'c and Major Samantha Carter on board. The weapons fire was comprised of Replicator blocks and Carter and Teal'c went with weapons to destroy them. Once Carter was in sight of one of the Replicators, she was beamed to the Replicator cruiser by Fifth who probed her. Teal'c destroyed the remaining Replicators and Thor followed the Replicator ship into hyperspace. Thor realized the ship was headed to Orilla as it was the new Asgard homeworld and it was rich in Neutronium. One the way, they planed to self-destruct the Daniel Jackson to destroy the Replicator ship but they lost control of the ship to Replicators that evaded destruction and were unable to get in range. They contacted Aegir of the Valhalla and set up an ambush. The Replicator ship was destroyed in orbit after exiting hyperspace, but Fifth and Carter apparently beamed to the surface and Replicator blocks rained down on the planet, infesting it with Replicators.

Jakky (2)

The Daniel Jackson fires the Replicator disruptor cannon.

Thor and Teal'c headed back to Earth and beamed up Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson in order to attempt to use the Knowledge of the Ancients in O'Neill's mind to build a weapon to use against the Replicators. O'Neill built the Replicator disruptor just before the knowledge had to be erased from his mind and Thor was able to synthesis it. After beaming Eighth, a Human-form Replicator found in orbit of Orilla aboard, they found Carter's location in a new ship built on the planet. The Replicator revived but was destroyed by O'Neill with the disruptor. Thor created a ship sized version while beaming SG-1 to Orilla to rescue Carter. The team fought their way through the Replicators to reach the ship but where unable to get to it before it took off with some of the Replicators on it including Fifth, but Carter convinced him to let her go before he left. Thor used his ship's version of the weapon to destroy all of the Replicators remaining on Orilla, ending the invasion of it. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1", "New Order, Part 2")

Skirmish on the Alpha SiteEdit

Gemini (Stargate SG-1)

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter works with Replicator Carter.

Replicator Carter contacts Stargate Command claiming to want to be destroyed and to have defected from Fifth. She claims that he has created a cipher that has rendered the Replicator disruptor useless and gave it to every Replicator but her and she wants to be destroyed. As he doesn't want a Replicator in the SGC, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill allows her to be taken to the Alpha Site where Repli-Carter shows her memories to the real Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter to prove that she is telling the truth. With Repli-Carter's help, Carter attempts to recalibrate the disruptor so it will work again while having the Asgard send a Replicator disruptor satellite to help defend the Alpha Site from Fifth's inevitable attack. Its revealed through communications between Fifth and Repli-Carter that there really is no cipher, but Repli-Carter is there to study the disruptor and make one.

Gemini 1

Teal'c fights Replicator Carter.

Eventually, she claims to have succeeded and as the modification to the disruptor is uploaded to the satellite, Fifth arrives. Unable to finish the program in time everyone prepares to abandon the Alpha Site and set the self-destruct, but Repli-Carter fires the satellite and destroys Fifth and his Replicator cruiser surprising everyone. She knocks out TSgt. Joel Brecker and proves to be immune to the disruptor and after knocking out Teal'c pulls Carter into her mind for the two to talk. She reveals that she was really planning to get the cipher she needed and lure Fifth there to destroy him with the only weapon capable of doing that and then upload the cipher to the rest of the Replicators. She did all of this as she plans to rule everything herself. She stops Carter from activating the self-destruct then makes her way to the Gate Room where she attempts to escape through the Stargate, but is stopped by Teal'c who grabs onto and holds her arm. Ultimately she detaches her arm from her body and deactivates the cells in it and then escapes through the Stargate to take over the Replicator army. (SG1: "Gemini")

Replicator attack on Stargate CommandEdit


Replicators invade Stargate Command.

As part of her invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy, Replicator Carter sent an invasion force of Replicators through the Stargate to Earth, somehow remotely overriding the iris. Unable to hold the Embarkation room, the base personnel abandon it and abandon the base through escape hatches. Unable to reach the self-destruct, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill orders the base nuked. He remains behind with Colonel Albert Reynolds in order to rescue MSgt. Sylvester Siler and several personnel trapped behind a blast door on Level 8. After using C-4 to blow the door and freeing Siler, the Replicators cut off their escape route and start heading to the surface. Realizing that this leaves the Stargate open to escape through, O'Neill and his men try to hold off the Replicators as Siler tries to get the Stargate Operations room's computers working so he can dial the Stargate. As O'Neill and his men desperately try to hold off the Replicators they suddenly freeze, confusing the men, but allowing them time to reload. Eventually, the Replicators start to move again but as Siler desperately tries to get the computers working, the Stargate activates and an energy wave comes through the Stargate as the superweapon on Dakara activates and the energy wave destroys all of the Replicators leaving the men fighting them somewhat confused as to what happened. (SG1: "Reckoning, Part 2")

Skirmish with Poole's ReplicatorEdit


Poole's Replicator.

As part of a government project called Project Archetype, Dr. Richard Poole creates two Human-form Replicators, one that he programs to be able to interact socially which he models after a woman that used to work for him named Ava Dixon and acts as his assistant and a military model that isn't given a name. After the kidnapping of Dr. Rodney McKay and the International Oversight Advisory's investigation into Devlin Medical Technologies, Poole tries to shut down the military model Replicator but it kills two guards and escapes. Ava, realizing that he needs to be stopped, approaches Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Ronon Dex at Sheppard's father's funeral for help in tracking down and stopping the Replicator. They capture Poole and beam him to the Apollo to help but he refuses so with Ava's help they devise a way of tracking the Replicator with the Apollo's sensors and set Dr. Bill Lee at cracking the encryption on the files from Poole's lab. Sheppard manages to get Poole to agree to help by threatening Ava and he reveals that while Anti-Replicator guns won't work on the Replicator, he has a limited self-repair ability so enough firepower would be able to kill him.


Poole's Replicator burns up.

When Poole and Agent Bates find the Replicator, Poole knocks Bates out and tries to convince the Replicator to shut down, but it refuses and kills him. It also kills one marine and injures another before escaping, but not before being damaged by Sheppard and Ronon. Sheppard turns to his ex-wife Nancy Sheppard for help in finding anything on Project Archetype but she refuses and the Replicator manages to hide himself from the Apollo's sensors. Lee cracks the encryption and they learn the truth about Ava who runs when she realizes that that was going to happen and also hides herself from detection. Nancy changes her mind and gives Sheppard everything she can find on Archetype which leads them to finding a warehouse that holds Neutronium which the Replicator needs to repair itself. They set a trap there and in the fight that follows, Ava returns to help fight. Sheppard manages to stab a switchblade knife equipped with a locator beacon on it into the Replicator allowing the Apollo to beam him into low Earth orbit causing him to burn up in the atmosphere, destroying him. Later Ava's mind is downloaded into a virtual reality while her body is destroyed as she was too much of a security risk. (SGA: "Outcast")

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