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This is a list of skirmishes that have occurred in the Pegasus galaxy between the Tau'ri and other races.

Skirmish with the Shadow creatureEdit

(SGA: "Hide and Seek")

Standoff on M7G-677Edit

Believing that the arrival of the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team on M7G-677 threatened the safety of its inhabitants, Aries pushed to force the team to leave and escorted them at arrow point to their Puddle Jumper where Dr. Rodney McKay was supposedly waiting. In reality, McKay was attempted to restore the electromagnetic field generator he'd shut off earlier to restore the shield that protected the planet from Wraith attack. Due to a distress call sent by a dead Wraith warrior's bracelet after the shield went down, a Wraith probe arrives and scans the Jumper before flying off to the nearby ruins where McKay is working on restoring the shield. Due to his people's belief that the existence of people over the age of twenty-four on the planet will draw the Wraith, Aries becomes convinced that it is the team's presence that has caused the arrival of the probe and sends Neleus and another hunter to get McKay and prepares to kill Sheppard, Teyla and Ford despite their threats to use their FN P90 Personal Defense Weapons to defend themselves. When one of the hunters takes a shot at Sheppard, Keras moves in the way and is hit in the shoulder. As the standoff continues, Neleus and the other hunter locate McKay who holds them at gunpoint and asks for a chance to fix the shield. The Wraith probe arrives in the ruins and the two hunters engage it ineffectually. As the probe is distracted by the two hunters, McKay manages to restore the shield, causing the probe to fall out of the sky in front of the two hunters. Seeing that McKay and the others were telling the truth, Neleus rushes back to the Jumper's location and defuses the standoff by telling Aries of the development. (SGA: "Childhood's End")

Skirmish on M5S-224Edit

(SGA: "Home")

Skirmish with the Sanctuary BeastEdit

(SGA: "Epiphany")

Skirmish on the Lord Protector's planetEdit

During a mission, the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team visit the Lord Protector's Planet where they discover the Tower, a sister city-ship to Atlantis ruled by the Lord Protector and his nobles who possess the ATA gene. While intervening in an attempted whipping by the Lord Protector's Guard, the team is scanned by Chamberlin Otho with an Ancient scanner. Detecting the strength of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's ATA gene, Otho forces Sheppard to come with him to the Tower, with the Lord Protector using a drone weapon attack to compel Sheppard's compliance. Inside of the Tower, Sheppard learns of the fact that the Lord Protector is dying as well as the fact that he has promised his daughter Mara the throne if she marries Sheppard who has the strongest ATA gene seen on the planet in 300 years. In an attempt to save the Lord Protector's life, Sheppard brings in Doctor Carson Beckett who determines that the Lord Protector has been fatally poisoned. Sheppard suspects the Lord Protector's son Tavius of being the killer, aware of the tension between the two and Tavius' obvious desire for power. Sheppard brings this information and the ATA gene therapy to Otho as an alternative to the current system of government, but the Lord Protector dies and Ronon Dex kills the Lord Protector's Guard while stopping Petra from being raped. As Sheppard and Beckett attempt to leave with Mara, they are arrested by Otho who has arrested Tavius as well and taken the gene therapy, making him the new Lord Protector. Otho announces his plan to destroy the village with a drone attack in retaliation for the rebellion Ronon and Teyla Emmagan are mounting and he and Tavius reveal that they were conspiring together to assassinate the Lord Protector, with Otho being his true killer, having "a fair knowledge of poisons." As Otho prepares to destroy the village, Mara returns Sheppard's radio to him and he contacts Doctor Rodney McKay to pull the Tower's ZPM, however, McKay is unable to reach the ZPM. McKay eventually determines that the ZPM is nearly depleted and if he activates a big enough system from the Auxiliary Control Room, he can drain the ZPM completely and thus render the drones inert. At Sheppard's suggestion, McKay reluctantly charges the Stardrive despite the dangers that it will collapse the unstable lower levels of the city. As the drones approach the village, the Stardrive drains the last of the ZPM's power, leaving the Tower and thus the drones, powerless. Using the distraction of the shaking caused by the Stardrive powering up, Sheppard and Beckett escape, with Beckett locking Tavius up once more as he escapes. Reaching the Throne Room, Sheppard informs everyone that without the ability to control the Control Chair, Otho holds no power as Lord Protector and they have no more need to bow down to Otho or anyone else. Enraged, Otho attacks Sheppard with a knife, but Sheppard quickly disarms him, cutting Otho across the palm with his knife as he does so. Otho comments that he does indeed have a fair knowledge of poisons before dying of the fast-acting poison he'd coated his knife with. Following the death of Otho, Sheppard makes a deal where the Atlantis expedition supplies the Lord Protector's people with medicines and a GDO in case they need Atlantis' help in exchange for the Tower's drones and powerless Puddle Jumpers. They also promise to help come up with a new system of government. (SGA: "The Tower")

Skirmish with Phoebus and ThalanEdit

(SGA: "The Long Goodbye")

Evacuation of TaranisEdit

(SGA: "Inferno")

Skirmish with Lucius LavinEdit

(SGA: "Irresistible")

Skirmish on M4D-058Edit

After discovering the Society research lab, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Doctor Rodney McKay began influencing the lives of the people on M4D-058, believing it to be a game. McKay influenced the lives of the people of Geldar technologically while Sheppard pushed the people of Hallona to build up their military. The two countries, who had been at peace for a long time, developed tensions due to the machinations of Sheppard and McKay who were unaware that they were playing with real people's lives.

In 2007, Major Evan Lorne's team visited M4D-058 on a reconnaissance mission and discovered the Lantean observation satellites in orbit as well as McKay on the Geldar flag. This brought the truth about "the game" to light to the Atlantis expedition who intervened and attempted to prevent a war between the two sides. To this end, the Geldaran and Hallonan leaders, Nola and Baden were brought to Atlantis in an attempt to negotiate a peace. When this failed and with Geldar digging a mine that infringed upon Hallona's border, Baden used the lab console to order his army to attack the mine which the Geldarans gave up without a fight.

With the situation degenerating, McKay, Sheppard, Ronon Dex and Teyla Emmagan returned to M4D-058 to attempt to keep the two sides from going to war. With Ronon accompanying McKay in Geldar and Teyla accompanying Sheppard in Hallona, they tried to defuse the situation with no luck as Baden sent his army to attack Geldar's villages. In response, Nola attempted to send a dirigible armed with a bomb to destroy a Hallonan village, but Sheppard and Teyla managed to harmlessly shoot it down with a Puddle Jumper. The situation only escalated with Baden ordering his army to advance and Nola ordering more dirigibles armed with bombs.

At the same time, worried about the situation, Doctor Elizabeth Weir diverts the Daedalus to M4D-058 on its way back to Earth to check up on things. As the situation deteriorates, Colonel Steven Caldwell grows concerned that the team will become casualties of war and has them beamed to the Daedalus for their safety. Instead of giving up, Sheppard convinces Caldwell to help them enact a plan to prevent a war from happening. While on the Daedalus, McKay hacks into the portal computer terminals in Geldar and Hallona and uploads a doomsday scenario for each country into them before the Daedalus beams the team back. With the Daedalus firing pinpoint shots in both countries to add explosive realism, scenarios play out where the Geldar villages are overrun and destroyed by the Hallonan army while the Hallonans see their villages being bombed to destruction by the Geldar dirigibles. In both scenarios, hundreds of people die. Afterwards, the team reveals the truth to Nola and Baden, telling them that they needed the two leaders to see the terrible truth about what war is really like. The experience causes both sides to return to the negotiating table and begin working on building a peace with the help of Weir. (SGA: "The Game")

Skirmish on the Moon BaseEdit

(SGA: "The Ark")

Skirmish with the Crystal of M3X-387Edit

(SGA: "Doppelganger")

Skirmish on New AthosEdit

(SGA: "Missing")

Vanir raid on AtlantisEdit

(SGA: "First Contact")

Coalition of Planets TrialEdit

(SGA: "Inquisition")

Skirmish with the Sekkari artificial intelligenceEdit

(SGA: "Remnants")

Skirmish with Neeva CasolEdit

(SGA: "Identity")

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