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This is a list of skirmishes that have occurred in the Milky Way galaxy between the Tau'ri and other races.

Skirmish on SimarkaEdit

Captain Samantha Carter fights the Turghan to show that women are as good as men at anything. (SG1: "Emancipation")

Skirmish with the TouchedEdit

Teal'c is forced to fight several Guards to collect a blood sample that could save his friends lives from the Touch virus. (SG1: "The Broca Divide")

Skirmish on AvnilEdit

SG-1 battle the rogue SG-9 leader Captain Jonas Hanson in order to stop them from ruling over a culture that cannot defense themselves and portraying as gods. (SG1: "The First Commandment")

Skirmish on OannesEdit

(SG1: "Fire and Water")

Rescue of the TollanEdit

(SG1: "Enigma")

Skirmish on AltairEdit

(SG1: "Tin Man")

Skirmish on HadanteEdit

After the Rillaanian Taldor send SG-1 to the alien prison Hadante, they must fight to survive. (SG1: "Prisoners")

Skirmish on P7J-989Edit

(SG1: "The Gamekeeper")

Skirmish on TerellaEdit

SG-1 must fight their way out of the Naquadah mine, but not to much success. (SG1: "Need")

Skirmish with the Virus OrbEdit

(SG1: "Message in a Bottle")

Skirmish with the SalishEdit

After attempting to decide those the Salish protect, the Salish take action and attempt to destroy Stargate Command. (SG1: "Spirits")

Skirmish with the NIDEdit

After the NID steal the Touchstone from Madrona, SG-1 must find them and return the device before a planet's population is destroyed. (SG1: "Touchstone")

Skirmish with Ma'chelloEdit

(SG1: "Holiday")

Skirmish on PJ2-445Edit

(SG1: "One False Step")

Skirmish with the Rebel RetouEdit

After the Reetou Rebels plan to destroy all human life, Earth is in grave danger, But with the help of the Tok'ra the rebels plan is thwarted. (SG1: "Show and Tell")

Skirmish with Ma'chello's inventionsEdit

(SG1: "Legacy")

Skirmish on PJ6-877Edit

SG-1 is captured by Aris Boch and must escape, whatever the cost. (SG1: "Deadman Switch")

Skirmish with Ke'raEdit

(SG1: "Past and Present")

Stragoth's takeover of Stargate CommandEdit

When Stargate Command is overrun and replaced by an advanced alien race, it is up to SG-1 to stop them. (SG1: "Foothold")

Skirmish with TogarEdit

(SG1: "Urgo")

Jack O'Neill's NID StingEdit

(SG1: "Shades of Grey")

Skirmish on BedrosiaEdit

When SG-1 is captured by the Bedrosians who believe they are spies, it is up to Teal'c and his new friend Nyan to save the rest of the team and escape. (SG1: "New Ground")

Skirmish on P7X-377Edit

(SG1: "Crystal Skull")

Skirmish on EurondaEdit

When SG-1 is sent into war to recover advanced technology they fight a foe that is misunderstood. When SG-1 find out their new allies are not what they believed they must fight to survive. (SG1: "The Other Side")

Skirmish with MalakaiEdit

(SG1: "Window of Opportunity")

Skirmish with the Water-based life formEdit

(SG1: "Watergate")

Skirmish with ChakaEdit

(SG1: "The First Ones")

Skirmish on P5S-381Edit

(SG1: "Scorched Earth")

Skirmish on P3R-118Edit

When SG-1 are captured and their memories altered they must remember and escape to return to their planet and help their new companions. (SG1: "Beneath the Surface")

Skirmish with Martin's peopleEdit

(SG1: "Point of No Return")

NID's blackmail of George S. HammondEdit

(SG1: "Chain Reaction")

Skirmish in the alternate timelineEdit

(SG1: "2010")

Skirmish on M4C-862Edit

An alien being threatened SG-1 and a science team and must device a plan to escape before being burned alive. (SG1: "Prodigy")

Skirmish with the EntityEdit

When Carter is taken over by an alien computer virus, she reaps havoc on the base and its up to the SGC to save her and the base. (SG1: "Entity")

Skirmish with OrlinEdit

(SG1: "Ascension")

Skirmish on K'TauEdit

(SG1: "Red Sky")

Skirmish on Burrock's WorldEdit

After Chaka is captured, Daniel and SG-1 must help rescue him and after being captured themselves, escape. (SG1: "Beast of Burden")

Skirmish with the AschenEdit

When SG-1 make contact with an advanced alien race willing to share their technology they realize that the alliance could endanger their whole world. (SG1: "2001")

Adrian Conrad's kidnapping of Samantha CarterEdit

(SG1: "Desperate Measures")

Arrival of Martin's shipEdit

(SG1: "Wormhole X-Treme!")

Hijack of PrometheusEdit

(SG1: "Prometheus")

Kinsey's attempted assassinationEdit

(SG1: "Smoke and Mirrors")

Skirmish on P2X-005Edit

When an advanced race persuade SG-1 to help them return home but they are being attacked by another alien race with their weapons. When an advanced alien race is found out to be alien prisoners, with the help of another alien race SG-1 is able to capture them and send them to their rightful place, prison. (SG1: "Forsaken")

Skirmish on TagreaEdit

(SG1: "Memento")

Loki's kidnapping of Jack O'NeillEdit

(SG1: "Fragile Balance")

Skirmish on P3X-289Edit

when an advance culture is taken over by their own technology SG-1 must save them or either be killed by them or with them. (SG1: "Revisions")

Skirmish on P2A-347Edit

(SG1: "Lifeboat")

Skirmish on P3X-403Edit

when a mining team disturbs a Unas tribe all hell breaks loose. (SG1: "Enemy Mine")

Skirmish in the NebulaEdit

The Prometheus gets attacked by an advanced hostile alien race and is forced to hide in a nebula. But the Prometheus' crew is taken hostage except Sam and she must find a way to escape the nebula she has become trapped in and save her crewmates. (SG1: "Grace")

Skirmish on LangaraEdit

(SG1: "Fallout")

Skirmish on TegalusEdit

When Daniel Jackson is stranded on a planet at war, it is up to the SGC to mount a plot to rescue him, and to do so will cost many lives. (SG1: "Icon")

Skirmish with the TrustEdit

(SG1: "Affinity")

The Trust theft of the StargateEdit

When the trust get their hands on Osiris' Al'kesh and steals the Stargate it is up to SG-1 and the Prometheus to find the ship and stop them from launching attacks on the Goa'uld with symbiote poison. (SG1: "Endgame")

Skirmish with Avalon's KnightEdit

Colonel Mitchell fights a Holographic knight protecting Merlin's treasure. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 2")

Retrieving Caius' Tel'takEdit

(SG1: "The Ties That Bind")

Skirmish with JolanEdit

(SG1: "Babylon")

Murder of Reya VarrickEdit

(SG1: "Collateral Damage")

Skirmish with Alternate SG-1Edit

(SG1: "Ripple Effect")

Skirmish on the Gamma SiteEdit

When SG-1 and the IOA delegates become trapped on the Gamma Site, they become hunted by a carnivorous insect bent on devouring them, but with the help of the SGC and the Odyssey, they are rescued. (SG1: "The Scourge")

Skirmish with VolnekEdit

(SG1: "Arthur's Mantle")

Skirmish with the Black KnightEdit

Cameron Mitchell again fights a holographic knight that is killing the local towns people, and with the help of the town leader's daughter, he procures the sword to defeat it. (SG1: "Camelot")

Skirmish with the Sleep parasiteEdit

(SG1: "Morpheus")

Skirmish with the MutantsEdit

Earth engages with an extra dimensional beings that are converting local wildlife into aggressive monsters. (SG1: "Uninvited")

Skirmish with the Free Jaffa NationEdit

(SG1: "Counterstrike")

Bounty on SG-1Edit

(SG1: "Bounty")

Stand-off on P4M-328Edit

When SG-1 becomes trapped off-world in a museum which culture is similar to Earths, they get mistaken for terrorists and in order to escape must pretend to be what they are thought to be. (SG1: "Bad Guys")

Skirmish with Henry WallaceEdit

(SGA: "Miller's Crossing")

Lucian Alliance's kidnapping of Nicholas RushEdit

(SGU: "Subversion")

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