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This is a list of skirmishes that have occurred in the Milky Way galaxy between the Tau'ri and the Goa'uld during the Goa'uld dominance over the Galaxy which occurred between 1995 up until 2005 with the war ending with the Goa'uld being defeated for good.


Skirmish on Gaia[]

Apophis kills SG-1.

Looking for technologies that could help them in their fight against the Goa'uld, SG-1 travel to the planet Gaia looking to capture a Fenri, believing it has the ability to become invisible and will thus give them an advantage over the Goa'uld if they can figure out how and replicate the effect for themselves. After the Stargate disappears, SG-1 begins a search for it, but locate an invisible Fenri instead. As Colonel Jack O'Neill is about to shoot it with a tranquilizer gun, it is scared off by a staff weapon blast and they find Apophis with three Jaffa also hunting the creature. Realizing they have the element of surprise and all that they can learn if they capture him, SG-1 decide to take out the Jaffa and capture Apophis. Waiting for a moment when the group is distracted, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and Captain Samantha Carter start a firefight with the Jaffa while O'Neill goes after Apophis with his tranquilizer gun. However, while O'Neill is able to shoot at Apophis, he surprises him by using the personal shield attached to his kara kesh to block the dart and has one of his Jaffa toss him a staff weapon. After bullets also fail to penetrate Apophis' shield, O'Neill dives for cover, but Apophis shoots and kills him. When Carter goes to help O'Neill, Apophis kills her and then Jackson when he also tries to help. Teal'c manages to injure Shak'l, but his staff weapon also fails to penetrate Apophis' shield. Declaring "I die free," Teal'c prepares to die, but disappears before Apophis can shoot.

Teal'c stands guard over Shak'l.

SG-1 and Shak'l are taken by the Nox who resurrect SG-1 and try and fail to help Shak'l but take away everyone's weapons. The Nox explain what they've done, but refuse to allow SG-1 to have their weapons back or to kill Shak'l who's Goa'uld can heal his injuries and place the Nox in danger when Apophis learns of their existence. SG-1 decides to try to take Shak'l back to Earth with them to keep him from telling Apophis about the Nox, but as it will be difficult to get past Apophis even if they can find the Stargate, they decide to learn about the Nox first. After O'Neill fires at a Fenri with a bow and arrow he makes to protect Nafrayu, he learns that its actually the Nox and not the Fenri that have the ability to become invisible. The Nox make the Fenri invisible to protect them from outsiders which makes them more of a target for the Goa'uld if they learn about the Nox's existence as Apophis will try to capture the Nox or will destroy them from orbit if he can't. While this makes SG-1 more determined than ever to take Shak'l with them to protect the Nox, the Nox refuse as they know SG-1 wants to harm him.

Colonel Jack O'Neill attempts to shoot Apophis with an arrow.

However, Shak'l breaks free, injures Teal'c and kills Lya. The other Nox resurrect her, but both SG-1 and Shak'l learn that the Nox become visible during the ceremony, unable to shield themselves from view while performing a resurrection. Shak'l informs Apophis who kills Nafrayu when he comes to meet him, curious about the Goa'uld. Apophis then allows the Nox to collect the boy so he can wait until the Nox are vulnerable during the resurrection ceremony to attack. Despite the danger, the three adult Nox refuse to go to the other Nox for help or to let SG-1 fight. O'Neill pretends that the team is leaving them to their fate, but really comes up with a plan to attack at close-range with hand-to-hand combat to take down the Jaffa. O'Neill also figures out the weakness to Apophis' shield: while a fast moving object such as a staff weapon blast or a bullet can't get through, a slow-moving one such as a tossed staff weapon or an arrow can. After binding a tranquilizer dart the Nox missed to an arrow, SG-1 hides themselves and attack when Apophis and his Jaffa get close. Teal'c hits a Jaffa with a log and punches him out while Carter attacks a second Jaffa. Teal'c throws Jackson the Jaffa he took down's staff weapon and Jackson kills Shak'l and the Jaffa Carter is fighting with it before that Jaffa can kill her. Apophis tries to flee with his personal shield engaged, but O'Neill confronts him and fires his arrow at him. However, while the arrow goes through the shield, before it can take Apophis out, the Nox make him disappear.

Anteaus reveals the Floating city.

Returning to the Stargate, SG-1 find Anteaus with a resurrected Nafrayu. The two reveal the Nox have resurrected the dead Jaffa and sent them and Apophis back through the Stargate which they make reappear and promise to bury it once SG-1 is gone to keep anyone from coming back. Understanding that SG-1 worries for their safety, Anteaus reveals a giant technologically advanced Floating city, revealing that the Nox were in fact a lot more advanced than they appeared and will be safe from the Goa'uld. However, as a result of the skirmish and the Nox burying the Stargate after SG-1 leave, they can never return to Gaia. (SG1: "The Nox")

Skirmish on Cimmeria[]

Thor's Hammer.

Wanting to find possible allies against the Goa'uld, SG-1 travels to Cimmeria where something happened in the past that the Goa'uld will not speak of. Once there, the team is scanned for Goa'uld symbiotes by an obelisk and it detects Teal'c's symbiote and starts to beam him into the Labyrinth leading to Thor's Hammer, but Colonel Jack O'Neill grabs on and is beamed in as well. In order to find the two, the rest of the team has Gairwyn take them to Kendra a former Goa'uld host who was freed by Thor's Hammer so she can lead them to where she came out. Kendra is reluctant, but eventually agrees to lead Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson to the spot. As O'Neill and Teal'c make their way through the Labyrinth, they find the bones of Goa'ulds and their hosts eaten by the Unas Ruax and their presence wakes him up. He attacks the two, demanding Teal'c kill O'Neill, but O'Neill shoots him, apparently killing him, but Ruax's healing powers keep him alive and he quickly recovers. Ruax catches up and attacks again, but O'Neill and Teal'c shoot again and run, but Ruax quickly recovers.

Ruax' death.

The two reach the Hammer and O'Neill is able to leave, but the Hammer starts to kill Teal'c's symbiote so O'Neill pulls him out of the beam and the two get ready to face Ruax. The two manage to maneuver Ruax in front of the Hammer and open fire, trying to knock him into the Hammer, but while he's weakened, he manages to keep from falling in so after they run out of ammunition, Teal'c shoves him in and both are affected by the Hammer. O'Neill pulls Teal'c out of the Hammer and the Hammer kills Ruax. Ruax's host is mortally wounded by O'Neill and Teal'c's gunfire and dies without Ruax to heal it. O'Neill and Teal'c reunite with Jackson, Carter and Kendra and Teal'c is freed when Jackson uses Teal'c's Staff weapon to destroy Thor's Hammer from the outside. In order to protect the people of the planet, the team requests they seal the entrance so any Goa'uld or Jaffa who come to the planet will hopefully be trapped in the Labyrinth. (SG1: "Thor's Hammer")

Back to Chulak[]

Teal'c stops the Priest,

In order to steal a larval Goa'uld for study and to keep Teal'c's son Rya'c from being implanted, SG-1 travels back to Chulak. With Teal'c wearing his old Serpent Guard uniform and the rest of SG-1 wearing priest clothes, they manage to trick the two priests and four Jaffa guards at the Stargate and pass into Chulak undetected. After meeting Bra'tac, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and Bra'tac travel to the outcast camp where they believe Teal'c's wife and son are and find Rya'c about to be implanted. Teal'c fights with the Priest doing the ceremony and Drey'auc attempts to stop him. In the struggle, Teal'c throws the priest into a table, smashing the bowl containing the larval Goa'uld and killing it and causing the priest to impale himself on his own knife, killing him too.

Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson take a synbiote.

Teal'c is horrified to learn that Rya'c is dying of scarlet fever and needed the Goa'uld to survive. O'Neill offers to take Rya'c back to Earth to treat him with Earth medicines and Teal'c, Drey'auc, O'Neill and Bra'tac head for the Stargate with Rya'c. At the same time, Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson follow a group of priests to a monastery where they find a tank of larval Goa'uld. They steal one and Jackson kills the rest to keep them from being implanted in anyone in the future. On the way to meet with the others, they are attacked by three Jaffa, but Carter kills them with a fragmentation grenade. Rya'c proves to be too sick to make it to the Stargate and to save him, Teal'c is forced to implant him with his own Goa'uld. Jackson and Carter learn of what Teal'c did when they arrive and give him the Goa'uld they stole to save him. However, more Jaffa find the ones Carter killed and sound a horn, alerting everyone to SG-1's presence including the Jaffa at the Stargate. In response, three of the four guarding Jaffa leave the Stargate to look.

Bra'tac says farewell.

Teal'c says goodbye to Drey'auc and Rya'c planning to leave them in Bra'tac's care and tells Drey'auc to blame him for the death of the priest and claim he tried to kidnap Rya'c in order to protect herself. At the Stargate, Bra'tac pretends to have captured Jackson, Carter and O'Neill while Teal'c dresses as a Serpent Guard again. Bra'tac pretends to want to take SG-1 directly to Apophis, but the priests refuse to let him go through the Stargate until the Palace Guard arrive. Bra'tac pretends to agree and then knocks out the Jaffa and the priests. SG-1 leave through the Stargate while Bra'tac assures them that he will be fine and will look after Rya'c. (SG1: "Bloodlines")

Hathor's infiltration of Stargate Command[]

Hathor awakens.

The Goa'uld Queen, Hathor, who was revived in Mexico in 1998 found her way to the Stargate in Stargate Command. She was detained by SFs when she trespassed into the SGC. Hathor used her breath, which contained Nish'ta-like pheromones to influence her way into the personnel of the SGC, including Major General George S. Hammond, and made Colonel Jack O'Neill as her new First Prime, once she implants him with a symbiote that's one of a batch she creates with the help of Dr. Daniel Jackson. Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Janet Fraiser and the female SFs of the base try and fail to take Hathor down as they can't harm the influenced men who Hathor is controlling, having chosen to use them as a shield.

The sarcophagus explodes.

The female members of the SGC are captured, but using the fact that the men's libido has been increased by Hathor's chemical, they seduce their guards, knock them out and escape, rescuing Teal'c (who is immune) and overpowering several airmen and Hammond. They rescue O'Neill and use Hathor's sarcophagus to cure O'Neill of being a Jaffa and return him to normal, but Hathor destroys her own sarcophagus trying to kill them and injures Fraiser and Teal'c. O'Neill leads Carter to hidden tranquilizer guns and they use them to take out the SFs guarding Hathor. Hathor blasts Carter into a wall with her Kara kesh, but before she can do the same to O'Neill, Carter recovers and fires at Hathor with a pistol. Though Hathor is unharmed, the tub she is in with infant Goa'ulds catches on fire, killing the infants. Hathor survives due to her kara kesh's personal shield and defeated, escapes through the Stargate to Chulak. With Hathor gone, her influence over the men of the base is broken. (SG1: "Hathor")

Nirrti's attack on Hanka and Earth[]

SG-1 searches Hanka.

SG-1 travels to the planet Hanka to watch a black hole through an eclipse only to find the entire population and SG-7 dead. SG-1 call in a medical team led by Dr. Janet Fraiser who determine that the population was killed off by a bacterial infection. SG-1, while tagging the bodies of the villagers, locate one survivor, a little girl named Cassandra. Frasier determines that the entire planet has been infected with the bacteria, with it in both the ground and water but not the air. She also determines that SG-1 aren't infected.

The Scarab miniature naquadah bomb.

Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Frasier take Cassandra back to Earth and come to believe that they may have caused the deaths on Hanka which are determined to be 1,432 by one of SG-7 possibly bringing a normally harmless bacteria to the planet, it taking on traits from some organism there and then mutating into a very deadly strain of bacteria that killed everyone. As Cassandra seems to be immune, Frasier decides to run tests in hopes of finding a cure for other deadly infections on Earth though they can't figure out why SG-7 didn't report the outbreak. After Cassandra's heart stops and they are forced to restart it with an electric shock, Frasier discovers a strange sound when she listens to the girl's heartbeat and a chest x-ray shows a mysterious object in her chest near her heart. Frasier and Dr. William Warner do a biopsy, getting samples from the object, but are forced to stop the surgery when the object stops Cassandra's heart when they get too close to it.

Singularity 1.jpg

It is determined that the object is made up of iron and potassium on one side and Naquadah on the other and that the layer between the two is slowly decaying and the two sides will eventually come together so Carter performs an experiment robotically in a lead-lined room in the SGC's subbasement to see what will happen when the two sides come together using microscopic samples of the two sides. The result is a massive explosion that leaves Gamma rays and particle radiation off the scale in the room. As a result, they realize that it's a bomb meant to destroy Stargate Command and the Stargate and the whole thing was a set-up from the beginning: the Goa'uld wiped out the people on the planet and kept SG-7 from warning Earth so that Cassandra would be brought back to Earth and designed the device so that it would create itself once on Earth with Frasier theorizing that them giving Cassandra iron supplements when she arrived may have helped create the device and that when they gave her an electric shock to restart her heart, it activated the device. After learning they have just under two hours until the bomb goes off and talking with the President, Major General George S. Hammond decides to send Cassandra back through the Stargate to Hanka so she is no longer a threat to Earth.

Nirrti's Ha'tak.

At the same time, on Hanka, while viewing the black hole, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c observe another object through the telescope that turns out to be a Goa'uld Ha'tak ship. Teal'c identifies it as belonging to the Goa'uld Nirrti and figures out the plot based on past experiences: Nirrti once sent a peace emissary to a planet that was contested between her and Apophis, but when the emissary reentered the Stargate to go home, a massive explosion happened that destroyed the Stargate. Teal'c realizes that Nirrti intends the same on Earth using Cassandra and she thus can't be allowed to go through the Stargate. Under attack from Goa'uld Death Gliders, O'Neill and Teal'c manage to dial the Stargate and make it through to Earth just as on Earth they were about to finish dialing the Stargate to Hanka and send through Cassandra who falls into a coma upon approaching the Stargate. O'Neill and Teal'c prevent Cassandra from being sent through and to protect the SGC.

A Death Glider approaches the Stargate.

SG-1 takes her to a nearby abandoned nuclear facility to safely explode. Carter takes Cassandra deep underground, but after she wakes up, can't leave her. Cassandra doesn't explode and Carter reveals she realized that Cassandra's proximity to the Stargate was causing the bomb to grow and then explode. Once she was far enough away, the bomb wouldn't detonate anymore. Eventually, the bomb dissipates and is absorbed into Cassandra's system and Frasier adopts her. Later, the SGC sends a team back to Hanka and they cremate the bodies of those who died of the infection. Four years later, when Cassandra starts to go through weird changes, SG-1 returns to Hanka to find that the bacteria is gone and that Nirrti had another reason for wiping out the population: she wanted to hide her experiments to create a hok'tar which were at risk of being exposed with the presence of SG-7. (SG1: "Singularity", "Rite of Passage")

Apophis' attack on Cartago[]

Teal'c kills Shak'l.

Returning to Cartago after Major General George S. Hammond refuses to mount a rescue mission for Teal'c who is sentenced to death by the Byrsa, Captain Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill find the Jaffa have arrived to harvest members of the population to be hosts to Goa'uld symbiotes. The Jaffa notice Carter and O'Neill who kill one and take his staff weapon. At the same time, the Jaffa have figured out where the Byrsa's hidings are and cut them off from them. The Byrsa men try to draw the Jaffa away from the children and slowest members of their people with the help of Carter and O'Neill who kills two with a staff weapon, but a few led by Shak'l find the children and Teal'c. One of the children hands Teal'c a knife and he kills Shak'l. Taking a staff weapon, Teal'c takes on the Jaffa who are going after the villagers, shooting one in the back but finding no clean shot on the other two. Seeing one is going to shoot a crowd of helpless villagers, Teal'c dives in the way and takes the shot, tackling the second Jaffa. Before Teal'c can be killed by the last Jaffa, O'Neill kills him with his stolen staff weapon. Teal'c's actions cause Hanno to accept that Teal'c is not the same man who murdered his father and he lets him go. SG-1 offer the Byrsa help in defending themselves from the Goa'uld, and the Byrsa accept this help. (SG1: "Cor-ai")

Skirmish on P4A-771[]


When SG-1 arrived on P4A-771 they came under fire from Goa'uld staff weapons. They were surrounded so Dr. Daniel Jackson quickly dialed the gate for they could retreat back to Earth. Jackson and Teal'c made it through with Colonel Jack O'Neill and Captain Samantha Carter a little behind them. Right as they were about to go through one of the staff blasts hit the Stargate. This caused Jackson and Teal'c to be launched out of the gate at Stargate Command at such a force it rendered Jackson unconscious and also caused a disruption in the Stargate which sent O'Neill and Carter to the second Stargate on Earth located in Antarctica. While they were trapped there repairs were made on the SGC side and around a day later Major General George S. Hammond sent a MALP back to the planet but there was no sign of O'Neill or Carter and the MALP was quickly destroyed by the staff blasts. Due to this, Hammond ordered they that would not attempt to return to the planet for a rescue mission. (SG1: "Solitudes")

Skirmish on Nassya[]

Nasya is attacked by the Goa'uld.

On the run from the Goa'uld Ashrak Edrekh, the Tok'ra symbiote Jolinar of Malkshur leaves her host, blending with Quinta and hides on the planet Nasya. Edrekh tracks her there and disguises himself as a Nasyan as well to search for Jolinar. When SG-1 arrives on the planet, Edrekh orders a Goa'uld attack and Edrekh is badly burned and taken to Earth. SG-1 helps a group of local Nasyans flee through the Stargate. Captain Samantha Carter stops to give CPR to Quinta. He suddenly grabs her head, and Jolinar possesses her with everyone else unaware of the possession. (SG1: "In the Line of Duty")

Skirmish with Edrekh[]

Captain Samantha Carter possessed by Jolinar of Malkshur.

Jolinar of Malkshur, now possessing Captain Samantha Carter, travels back to Stargate Command and pretends to be Carter. During an examination by Dr. Janet Fraiser, Fraiser mentions Cassandra Fraiser wanting to see her at the Air Force Academy Hospital tomorrow. The next day Jolinar visits Cassandra, who senses the Naquadah in her blood. After threatening Cassandra, Jolinar returns to Stargate Command for SG-1's next mission. Cassandra informs Colonel Jack O'Neill that Carter is a Goa'uld and he meets her in the Embarkation room and injects her with a sedative but it is not effective. After failing to use a gun to force them to let her go, Jolinar pulls a fragmentation grenade and demands to be let through the Stargate. The drugs finally take effect and she collapses and is taken to the brig.

Jolinar of Malkshur is killed.

Edrekh heals his wounds in the Air Force Academy Hospital and awakens and kills Dr. Jacobs and places him in his bed. He begins to search for Jolinar in the Nasyan patients but doesn't find her. Jolinar attempts to explain to O'Neill and Teal'c that she is a Tok'ra and not a Goa'uld,and that the System Lords have sent an Ashrak to hunt her but despite her efforts to convince SG-1 to let her go, they refuse to trust her. Edrekh uses his Hara'kesh and stolen uniform to get into the SGC and breaks into the brig. After killing two guards, he uses his hara'kesh to torture Jolinar until O'Neill and Teal'c arrive. He poses as an airman and tells O'Neill Carter is dead and leaves to pursue the killer. O'Neill takes Carter to the infirmary and Teal'c chases Edrekh to the Embarkation room where he takes Dr. Daniel Jackson hostage, trying to get Major General George S. Hammond to let him through the Stargate, but is shot twice by Teal'c with a Zat'nik'tel. Despite Frasier's best efforts, Jolinar dies, but the same Jolinar sacrifices herself to save Carter, who survives. (SG1: "In the Line of Duty")

Apophis' kidnap of Rya'c[]

Bra'tac informs Teal'c that Apophis lives.

Months after Apophis is presumed dead after his attack on Earth, Bra'tac arrives on Earth to announce that Teal'c's son, Rya'c, has been kidnapped by Apophis who is still alive. Bra'tac explains that Apophis and Klorel escaped through Klorel's Ha'tak's Stargate before the ship exploded and that his position is badly weakened as most of the Serpent Guards and warriors loyal to Apophis died on his ships, leaving him with very few loyal Jaffa left. Teal'c realizes that Apophis is trying to lure him into a trap in order to kill him and solidify his position among the Jaffa before the other Goa'uld take advantage of his weakness and send someone to eliminate him. Major General George S. Hammond agrees to allow SG-1 to rescue Rya'c and try to take out Apophis while he is vulnerable on the condition that they bring Teal'c's family back with them this time.


Returning to Chulak, SG-1 send containers of gas through the Stargate first that knock out all the Jaffa guarding it, allowing SG-1 and Bra'tac safe passage through it. Heading to the home of Drey'auc, Teal'c's wife, SG-1 is stunned to find she has divorced him and married his old friend Fro'tak. After Teal'c calms down, they make a plan to rescue Rya'c with Fro'tak's help as he knows the location where Rya'c is being held. Finding guards near Rya'c's room, Bra'tac distracts them and Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson kill all but one with Zat'nik'tels while Teal'c kills the last with his staff weapon. However, instead of being happy to be rescued, Rya'c yells for help, summoning more guards who he runs to. Teal'c kills one of the guards that arrives, but SG-1 and Bra'tac are forced to retreat.

Rya'c and Apophis.

Returning to Fro'tak's house, SG-1 realize that Rya'c has been brainwashed through Nish'ta and now believes in Apophis whole-heartedly. Apophis makes a broadcast in which he places a bounty on Teal'c and SG-1 and has Rya'c denounce Teal'c. During the broadcast, Rya'c asks for help "rescuing" Drey'auc who he says is of the "Morning Chompka Groves. As Drey'auc is really of the Cord'ai Plains, Teal'c takes this to mean that Rya'c has overcome Apophis' brainwashing and is letting them know when and where to rescue him though Bra'tac and O'Neill are suspicious of this as it seems too easy after Rya'c had betrayed them earlier. Before they can do more, Jaffa arrive to search the house and SG-1, Bra'tac and Drey'auc hide while Fro'tak keeps their presence a secret from the Jaffa who leave without finding anything, causing Teal'c to trust Fro'tak though O'Neill and Carter are more wary. After seeing Drey'auc and Teal'c kiss, Fro'tak goes to the palace to betray Teal'c, but O'Neill follows him and kills the Jaffa Fro'tak goes to tell. When Fro'tak pulls a knife on him, O'Neill zats him to try to calm him down, but when Fro'tak refuses to stop, O'Neill is forced to zat him a second time, killing him in order to stop him. In order to hide Fro'tak's presence, O'Neill disintegrates him with a third zat shot and hides as Jaffa find the dead guard and order the palace sealed. Eventually O'Neill escapes and makes it back to Drey'auc's house dressed as a Serpent Guard.

Teal'c rescues Rya'c.

In the morning, SG-1 and Bra'tac travel to the Chompka Groves where five Jaffa guard Rya'c. O'Neill, Carter and Jackson each take out a Jaffa with zat blasts while Teal'c and Bra'tac take one out each with staff weapon blasts. Rya'c reunites with Teal'c, apparently back to normal, but the rest of SG-1 remain suspicious as the rescue seemed to easy and Carter pats down Rya'c and finds nothing. While O'Neill still remains suspicious of a trap, Teal'c is adamant that there is not one and all but Bra'tac head for the Stargate with Bra'tac going to get Drey'auc. Near the Stargate, the team finds only two Jaffa guarding it, increasing O'Neill's suspicions. Rya'c claims his earlier calling for the guards was because he hadn't broken free yet while Bra'tac admits that since they took out most of what few Jaffa Apophis had left, he may have been able to spare no one else to guard the Stargate. With no other choice, O'Neill agrees to take Rya'c back to Earth despite his suspicions. SG-1 kills one Jaffa with zat fire and stun the other one who Teal'c kills with his staff weapon. SG-1, Drey'auc and Rya'c travel to Earth though Bra'tac chooses to remain behind.

Teal'c shoots Rya'c.

While Dr. Janet Fraiser examines Rya'c, Drey'auc notices that two teeth Rya'c had previously lost are once more there. When Frasier tries to sedate him, to investigate, Rya'c goes wild, revealing he is still brainwashed though they succeed in sedating him. When Rya'c comes to and can't get out of the room he is locked in, he tries to chomp his teeth only to find the two fake ones missing. Frasier explains what was apparently Apophis' plan: after capturing Rya'c, he filled each of the two fake teeth with a separate inert biological organism that was like a virus. When the teeth were broken, the organisms would've combined and released the most deadly biological weapon Frasier had ever seen into Earth's atmosphere which he had wanted to get outside and do from the start. Within two days it would have spread across North America and then the whole world in a week. A day after the world was infected, the virus would've wiped out all life on Earth. In order to restore Rya'c's mind, Teal'c tries to remind him of his love for his family, but it fails. O'Neill suggests electroconvulsive therapy which Frasier admits could work, but might kill Rya'c's symbiote, effectively dooming him to death. In response, Teal'c suggests using a zat blast instead which has similar effects to ECT and won't harm a Jaffa of any age beyond serious pain. With no other choice, Teal'c shoots Rya'c with a zat, causing him great pain but breaking the brainwashing of which Rya'c has no memory of. Afterwards, Drey'auc and Rya'c are sent to the Land of Light to start new lives. (SG1: "Family")

Heru'ur's attack on Abydos[]

Kasuf and Sha're.

Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c return to Abydos one year after the kidnaping of Sha're and Skaara to find Sha're there and pregnant with Apophis' child. They decide to take her to Earth, but as they dial the Stargate, a Cheops class warship lands on the Temple of Ra and they are forced to flee. Heru'ur and four Jaffa, including Ryn'tak arrive via the transportation rings and set out to look for the child so Heru'ur can take him as his own. While Jackson delivers the baby, Ryn'tak interrogates Kasuf, but is caught and killed with a Zat'nik'tel by Teal'c. Teal'c dresses in Ryn'tak's Horus Guard armor and zats the returned Amaunet after telling her to tell Apophis that Heru'ur has taken the child.

Heru'ur's shield fails.

Teal'c takes Jackson to the pyramid where he offers an alliance with Heru'ur against their common enemy Apophis who he and Teal'c claim returned and took the child. Heru'ur is not convinced, planning to conquer Earth himself when he's done with Apophis, but as he goes to torture Jackson with his kara kesh, the Stargate starts to activate and Heru'ur's Jaffa and Teal'c take up positions alongside it, believing it to be Apophis returning. As the Stargate activates, Teal'c shoves one Jaffa into the unstable vortex, disintegrating him and zats the other two, though he is mildly wounded by a staff weapon blast. Colonel Jack O'Neill and Captain Samantha Carter come through the Stargate instead and Carter finishes off the stunned Jaffa with her zat, disintegrating them. Heru'ur tries to blast O'Neill and Carter as they dive for safety, but Jackson shoves his kara kesh away so they have time. O'Neill fires at Heru'ur, but he puts up his personal shield which deflects the bullets so O'Neill throws a combat knife through the shield, kara kesh and Heru'ur's hand, damaging the kara kesh and shield which flickers in and out of existence. Angry, Heru'ur has no choice but to retreat to his ship through the rings while vowing that Jack will pay for his insolence. Soon after, Apophis arrives for Amaunet and the child. Amaunet tells him Heru'ur took the child, but looks right at SG-1 and doesn't tell Apophis they are there, indicating Sha're still has some control or at least influence over Amaunet. SG-1 return to Earth and Heru'ur leaves Abydos empty-handed. (SG1: "Secrets")

Skirmish on P34-353J[]

Colonel Jack O'Neill discovers Anker in Liandra.

Captain Samantha Carter receives a vision from the memories of the Tok'ra symbiote Jolinar of Malkshur that she was briefly host to that points to P34-353J as a Tok'ra base. SG-1 travels there to make an alliance with the Tok'ra and while they are trying to convince the Tok'ra to trust them, the Goa'uld System Lords send two Ha'taks to destroy the base and the Tok'ra begin evacuating while Jacob Carter starts blending with Selmak. As the Tok'ra evacuate the base, Colonel Jack O'Neill remembers seeing the Tok'ra Cordesh with a Goa'uld long range visual communication device and alerts Garshaw, believing him to be a spy. After learning of the communications device, Garshaw investigates as the Tok'ra don't use those. They find Cordesh's host Firnan in a collapsing tunnel saying that he couldn't stop him and that he's not who he appears to be. The tunnel then collapses, killing Firnan and they believe Cordesh. However, O'Neill realizes that the symbiote, who is actually a Goa'uld named Anker and not Cordesh, jumped hosts to Liandra after he sees her with the communications device. Anker is removed from his host and left to die in the collapsing tunnels but not before proclaiming the Tok'ra, who Anker regards as "a plague", will soon be wiped out.

Martouf, Jacob Carter and Captain Samantha Carter run for the Stargate.

Eventually all that's left in the tunnels are SG-1, Garshaw and Martouf and Carter chooses to remain behind with Martouf and her father until his blending is complete while everyone else evacuates to Earth. Reaching the Stargate, O'Neill, Teal'c, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Garshaw come under attack from newly-arrived Death Gliders, but manage to get through the Stargate to Earth unharmed. The Death Gliders bombard the surface as Selmak finishes blending with Jacob and the three head to the Stargate. As they arrive at the Stargate, the Goa'uld start dialing in so Carter tries to dial out faster. Though they aren't sure who managed to open a wormhole first, as the Death Gliders are closing in on them, they have no choice and flee through the Stargate as the Gliders fire. Luckily, Carter had succeeded in opening the wormhole and they safely reach Earth where the Tok'ra travel to their new base to evacuate it for a different planet for fear that Anker revealed their new base's location as well. (SG1: "The Tok'ra, Part 1", "The Tok'ra, Part 2")

Sokar's attack on Earth[]

Colonel Jack O'Neill attacks a Death Glider.

After receiving coordinates from what is believed to be the Tok'ra, SG-1 travels to PB5-926 where a Death Glider is chased by two other Gliders and crashes. The pilot turns out to be Apophis who begs for the team's help. Chased by the Gliders, the team takes Apophis through the Stargate to Earth where he demands sanctuary. It's discovered that Apophis is not only severely injured, but the symbiote has been tortured as well and both the host and symbiote are dying as a result. Also, without a Sarcophagus to sustain him, Apophis begins to age as his body is over ten thousand years old. Apophis reveals that Sokar is the one who tortured him and offers all of his knowledge in exchange for a new host in order to survive. The Tok'ra try to get Earth to send Apophis back to where they found him, but they refuse.

Sokar's message to Earth.

Angered over losing Apophis, Sokar starts to dial in and use a Particle accelerator to heat up the Iris with the intention to melt it so he can invade Earth. The wormhole is only able to be held open for thirty-eight minutes and during that time, Stargate Command personnel use liquid nitrogen to try to cool down the iris to little use. When that time is up, the SGC tries to dial out, but Sokar dials in first and continues his attack. Knowing that even if he fails to penetrate the iris, he will likely send ships to attack, it is decided to dial back to PB5-926 when the wormhole shuts down and send Apophis back through, stopping medical intervention at the same time so that Apophis will die. As Sokar is at war with Heru'ur, this will be enough to stop the attack.

Apophis' host.

As the attack continues, Apophis' weakened condition allows his host to surface and Dr. Daniel Jackson comforts him. Apophis regains control and begs for a new host, admitting that he's afraid before dying, but the host remains alive for a little longer. Jackson promises to do the funerary rites of his culture so he can move on and the host dies too. Thanks to Captain Samantha Carter speeding up the dialing process, the SGC is able to dial out before Sokar can dial back in and Apophis' body is sent through the Stargate back to PB5-926. This is enough to make Sokar stop his attack as even though Apophis is dead, Sokar has a sarcophagus and can revive him. (SG1: "Serpent's Song")

Hathor's capture of SG-1[]

Colonel Jack O'Neill is probed for information.

On a mission to an unnamed planet, SG-1 except Teal'c, who she leaves badly wounded, are captured by the rogue Goa'uld System Lord Hathor and taken to her base where she has them placed in Stasis pods. Three weeks later, she releases them and has her First Prime Trofsky and Dr. Sarah Raully, who is really a Tok'ra operative, pretend its seventy years in the future using a mock-up of Stargate Command inside her base. Trofsky and Raully use the Memory recall device to question SG-1 on the state of the Goa'uld Empire. At the same time, Teal'c recovers from his injuries and travels to Chulak to gather reinforcements to try to rescue his team. There he finds a badly injured Bra'tac and starts the beginning of the Jaffa Rebellion. Colonel Jack O'Neill grows suspicious of what is going on and escapes, searching Hathor's base and rescuing Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson before searching for a way out. They are recaptured by Hathor who plans to implant O'Neill with a Goa'uld symbiote, but is stopped by Raully when he tries to kill it under the pretense of stopping his attempt to kill it.

Hathor implanting a Goa'uld in Colonel Jack O'Neill.

Meanwhile, SG-3 encounters the Tok'ra who give them the location of Hathor's base and Major General George S. Hammond organizes a rescue mission made up of SG-3, 5, 6 and 11. At Hathor's base, she straps O'Neill into a cryogenic tank and implants him with the Goa'uld, but Raully secretly puts him into stasis, which prevents the blending and kills the Goa'uld before Hathor discovers her and severely injures her with a Kara kesh. Carter and Jackson are rescued by the rescue team, but SG-3, who are guarding the Stargate, are captured and the rescue team is cut off from the Stargate by a giant shield and Sentry gun posts. The attack kills a few members of the rescue team, but blasts a hole into Tok'ra tunnels which the survivors escape into. Hammond, getting worried about the team, dials the planet and makes radio contact with them and after learning their situation, promises to send reinforcements in six hours while the team plans to take out the shield. Carter heads off armed with explosives to try to locate the generator while Jackson and the rest of the team are captured by Hathor's Jaffa. Carter finds Raully who tells her how to release O'Neill, which she does, but she is found by Hathor who starts to kill her with a hand device before O'Neill recovers and throws Hathor into the super-cool cryogenic fluid, killing her. The two find out from Raully that the shield generator is hidden behind the fake Stargate in the SGC mock-up and head there to plant explosives on it.

The Needle Threader attacks.

At the same time, Hammond is unable to get authorization to send more men to rescue those already captured and travels to Chulak himself to get help from Teal'c and Bra'tac. The three uncover a Needle Threader hidden by Bra'tac to give them an advantage over Hathor's forces and prepare their attack. Near the Stargate, Trofsky uses his captives to try to draw Carter out and O'Neill decides to pretend to be possessed by the Goa'uld to trick him. Trofsky quickly sees through it and refuses to give up even when learning of Hathor's death. As soon as the Stargate starts dialing, Carter blows the C-4, taking down the shield and O'Neill shoots Trofsky. The Needle Threader comes through first, piloted by Teal'c and Hammond and destroys one of the Sentry gun posts. Bra'tac and several rebel Jaffa arrives and Bra'tac kills Trofsky, who survived O'Neill's attack thanks to his armor, with a staff weapon blast. After Hammond destroys the other attack tower with the Needle Threader's cannons, Bra'tac gets Hathor's few remaining Jaffa to surrender, ending the fight. (SG1: "Out of Mind", "Into the Fire")

Setesh's infiltration of Earth[]

A Tok'ra hologram of the System Lords.

After Earth rebelled against the Goa'uld and buried the Stargate, the Goa'uld Setesh was left trapped on Earth with no way off of the planet. Over the next several thousand years, Seth survived by using a sarcophagus or changing his hosts every four hundred years or so and started a cult in his name throughout various parts of history, controlling the members with the drug Nish'ta and forcing them all to commit suicide or murdering them when the authorities got too close, hiding also from the System Lords and the Tok'ra, both of whom wanted him dead. In 1999, the Tok'ra mapped out where all of the known Goa'ulds were and realized since they had no record of Seth after the burial of the Earth Stargate, that he was likely hiding out on Earth. Selmak, wanting to push his host Jacob Carter to fix his relationship with his son Mark Carter, volunteers for the mission and the two enlist the help of SG-1. Dr. Daniel Jackson searches Earth history for false religions in the name of Seth, figuring that he would create one to have power and followers and found his cults throughout history. After running a search on the United States Government classified net to see if the CIA had anything on Seth, he located Seth's current cult just north of Seattle, Washington on the ATF page as the ATF were investigating him because of his massive compound and all of his weapons. His current cult had about fifty members and deprogrammed members described him having Goa'uld abilities including the signature glowing eyes.

SG-1 joins the Cult of Setesh.

SG-1 and Jacob investigate the compound, getting close thanks to the help of Jason Levinson whose son Tommy Levinson is a member of the cult. There they find out that among other powerful weapons, the followers carry Zat'nik'tels, confirming their suspicions of there being a Goa'uld there. However, the group is captured by ATF agents led by Special Agent James Hamner. Hamner reveals that he plans to try to force Seth to surrender and is annoyed when the team refuses to cooperate and tell him anything, although he does allow them to call Major General George S. Hammond. Hammond gets the President of the United States involved and the President personally calls Hamner and puts Colonel Jack O'Neill in charge of the operation. Going by Seth and other Goa'ulds mode of operation, the group realizes that there must be an emergency escape tunnel and with the help of the ATF forces, locate the entrance. Having figured out that Seth must be using Nish'ta to control his followers and knowing that an electric shock will break the Nish'ta's hold, Captain Samantha Carter sets herself, Jackson and O'Neill up with earpieces that can deliver and electric shock while leaving Jacob and Teal'c behind as Seth will be able to sense their symbiotes.

Setesh attacks Jacob Carter with his Kara kesh.

The three enter the tunnels and are brought into the compound by Transportation rings where Seth gives them Nish'ta. After they wake up, he detects that Carter used to be blended to a Tok'ra and starts questioning them, forcing Jacob and Teal'c to shock them before they're sure it's been enough time. Hamner, believing them to be compromised, surrounds the compound with his men while Seth orders SG-1 to be killed. The three manage to overpower the disciple ordered to kill them and shoot him with his own Zat, freeing him from the Nish'ta. He reveals that he is Tommy Levinson and helps the three find more Zats which SG-1 is able to use to free Seth's followers who are preparing to blow themselves and the compound up. Tommy is able to transport Carter and the disciples down to the escape tunnels where they make their way out to be met by Hamner and his men, but Seth and his remaining followers corner Jackson and O'Neill. The two Zat the followers, but Seth's Kara kesh protects him with an energy shield and he knocks the two out before setting a bomb near them and escaping wearing one of his follower's cloaks. The two recover in time to escape while Jacob, armed with a Kara kesh of his own, enters the tunnels to confront Seth. Selmak finds Seth, but is injured by him before he can kill him. Selmak, who is able to heal his injuries but needs time, gives Carter his hand device, telling her she needs to use it to stop Seth. Carter confronts Seth, and despite having never used it before, manages to blast Seth down before he can blast her. Carter then blasts Seth with it again, crushing his midsection into the ground hard enough to create a small crater and killing Seth once and for all. (SG1: "Seth")

Skirmish on Medieval planet[]

Demon in service to Sokar.

SG-1 travel to a Medieval planet where they find an ill young woman named Mary chained up. Believing they are demons come to take her, a young man named Simon begs them not to take her and to take him instead. As they treat Mary for what they believe is chickenpox, what the villagers believe to be a Demon shows up and is revealed to be a Goa'ulded Unas in service to Sokar who demands five sacrifices for Sokar to use as hosts. SG-1 decides to kill the Unas and then have the villagers bury their Stargate, believing that as the planet is seemingly years away from any known Goa'uld homeworld by ship, they won't bother to come back that way for revenge. When the Canon returns, he uses his ring to knock out SG-1 believing them to be evil. Teal'c is subjected to The Tests and when he fails, he is drowned. As a result of Teal'c's passing the test, the Canon decides to let SG-1 go and they convince Mary and Simon to come with them. However, Teal'c comes back to life having been sustained by his symbiote and the Canon declares the team evil and makes them and Mary the next sacrifices.

The Goa'ulded Canon.

When the Unas returns, SG-1 and Mary are taken but briefly escape. The Unas catches them again, but Simon arrives with their gear and Teal'c's staff weapon. Simon shoots the Unas three times with the staff weapon but fails to kill it and is forced to run. SG-1 are able to use the staff to free themselves from the chain. While the others head to the Stargate, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c go after Simon who is knocked out after running into the Canon who the Unas goes after next. When O'Neill and Teal'c arrive, they find the Unas dead, the Canon unharmed and Simon knocked out. The Canon claims that the Unas died before it could harm him and Teal'c realizes that the Unas' wounds were too severe for even its Goa'uld to heal. O'Neill, Teal'c, Simon and the Canon meet up with the others at the Stargate where Major Samantha Carter starts to dial Earth but, due to being a former host to Jolinar of Malkshur, she is able to sense that the Unas' Goa'uld went into the Canon when its old host was dying. The possessed Canon attacks and O'Neill is forced to shoot him. The Goa'uld dies and the Canon lives long enough to beg forgiveness. Afterwards SG-1 return to Earth and Simon and Mary agree to bury the Stargate, thus permanently cutting off any and all contact with the SGC and the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy. (SG1: "Demons")

Skirmish with SG-X[]

SG-1 inspects SG-X.

Arriving at Apophis' training planet searching for a downed UAV, SG-1 finds an unidentified SG team pinned by Jaffa and wonder if it could be the missing SG-11 who disappeared months before on P89-534. Unable to raise the team on the radio, SG-1 decides to lay down covering fire and help them escape, but instead of being grateful, the captain in charge demands to know who they are and then has them stunned when SG-1 just tells them to run. Waking up, SG-1 is approached by a soldier named Lt. J. Hibbard who confuses them with claims that they are dead and are not supposed to be talking and then leads them to the leader of the soldiers, Captain Kyle Rogers. SG-1 is further confused as Hibbard's patch says SG-X which doesn't actually exist. To Colonel Jack O'Neill's confusion, Rogers doesn't show him the respect a captain should a colonel and mentions the Rules of Engagement which neither O'Neill or Major Samantha Carter are familiar with. Teal'c recognizes it however and when he addresses Rogers in Goa'uld, Rogers starts listening to him, believing Teal'c and SG-1's presence to be a challenge and refers to the Stargate as the Chapa'ai, the Goa'uld name for it, showing he isn't from Earth. Rogers explains that he and his men's orders are to practice exercises of battle under the Rules of Engagement until Apophis, who they worship as a god, returns to have them infiltrate Earth. The Jaffa they were fighting were really more Humans who were practicing for their infiltration led by Captain Nelson, Rogers' second-in-command who Teal'c orders to be fetched while Rogers leads SG-1 to the armory tent to get their weapons. Along the way, they notice that none of the young men training in the camp are Jaffa and Teal'c explains that Apophis was using Humans as after his failed attack on Earth, he had very few Jaffa left loyal to him.

The vo'cume projector.

At the armory, SG-1 finds their GDOs, but not Carter's H&K MP5A3 submachine gun or Teal'c's staff weapon. Teal'c explains that the other weapons they do find are intars, stun weapons meant for training that can take on any form including MP5s, pistols and staff weapons. While Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson search the tent to try to find the missing weapons, O'Neill asks Teal'c to gather everyone to make sure they don't have SG-1's weapons with which they can actually get hurt. Teal'c has Rogers assemble the warriors with a vo'cume that projects a message from Apophis, but find that none of the assembled warriors possess the missing weapons but most of the warriors are engaging in the day's war games. O'Neill tries to convince the assembled warriors that the infiltration of Earth has been cancelled by Apophis, but none believe him. At the same time, Carter and Jackson only find one pistol and MP5 which means that the rest of SG-1's weapons are actually being used during the games. O'Neill and Teal'c fail to get Rogers and Nelson to call in the rest of the warriors or get them to believe that Apophis is dead and they go back to fighting. After finding out that one MP5, Teal'c's staff weapon and two pistols are missing, O'Neill stuns Hibbard with an intar and has SG-1 join the war games to try to stop any bloodshed with the real weapons. They arrive too late to stop one of the warriors from being killed with Teal'c's staff weapon and Rogers is hit and wounded before O'Neill can take out the "Jaffa" that has the weapon. Rogers' injury brings an end to the games, but as blood has been shed, it causes the young warriors to believe that the day of the Final Challenge has come where the war games become real. Rogers orders the Final Challenge to begin at dawn. SG-1's weapons are returned to the armory tent when the games end and they decide to take Rogers back to Earth with them to treat his wound. Rogers initially refuses as the rules say he no one can leave before the Final Challenge, but Jackson convinces him by telling him they'll take him to see Apophis himself.

Captain Kyle Rogers arrives at Stargate Command.

On Earth, Rogers realizes he's been tricked and is taken for treatment while Teal'c explains in debriefing with Major General George S. Hammond that the Final Challenge is when a warrior receives his first real weapon and the two opposing camps in the war games then engage in battle until one side is victorious and the other is dead. Even though they don't think the warriors have real weapons, SG-1 recognizes that they are determined to continue on as their Jaffa masters had long ago abandoned them and they still continued their games. Needing more information on what's happening, O'Neill decides to talk to Rogers, who wasn't seriously injured, about everything. Rogers refuses to listen until O'Neill shows him a video of Apophis' death and then Rogers finally believes him but says he can't go home as many of his men will die because of the now-useless Final Challenge. Rogers then meets with SG-1 and Hammond and explains what's going on: shortly after SG-1 blew up Apophis' Ha'taks over Earth, he took all of the young men involved in the war games from a number of worlds and set Jaffa to train them. Apophis captured SG-11 and his Jaffa forced them to teach the warriors about Earth though they didn't reveal all he wanted to know and were eventually killed and put on display. As Apophis' power weakened more and more, the Jaffa masters all left one by one until the warriors were alone to continue their war games. Having revealed all that he knows, Rogers asks for SG-1's aid in stopping the Final Challenge, revealing that Master Gar'toc, the last Jaffa master to leave showed him and Nelson a cave full of real weapons that will be used in the Challenge. Carter comes up with the idea to upload the recording of Apophis' death to the vo'cume and show it to the warriors to get them to understand that Apophis is dead and to stop fighting. As they took some of the intars from the camp, SG-1 can shoot anyone who tries to stop them and Hammond agrees. Rogers explains the Final Challenge scenario which is his SG squad will defend the camp from other attacking SG teams led by Nelson as it would be like when they fight real SG teams when attacking Earth. In the scenario, the attackers have better numbers but the defenders have greater firepower. The plan is for SG-1 to take the camp and then while Carter sets up the vo'cume, Teal'c, O'Neill and Jackson will take over as the defenders of the camp to buy her time.

Captain Kyle Rogers and Colonel Jack O'Neill defend the camp.

On the way to the camp, SG-1 and Rogers encounters two warriors who Carter and O'Neill stun them after Rogers uses himself to draw fire against orders to stay with Carter and do nothing. Upon arriving at the camp, Rogers distracts one of his men manning a M2 Browning, allowing SG-1 to sneak in and stun the other defenders. Rogers then stuns the man he distracted and leads SG-1 to the vo'cume. O'Neill, Jackson and Rogers defend against enemy warriors while Carter, guarded by Teal'c, works to upload the video of Apophis' death to the vo'cume. As Carter needs time to set the vo'cume up properly, Teal'c joins the others as they come under M224 mortar attack which luckily misses. To O'Neill's anger, Rogers reveals that the enemy warriors have a bunch of other powerful Earth weapons at their disposal including FIM-92 Stinger missiles, M60 machine guns and M72 LAWs. After a few more mortar attacks, Carter manages to upload the video to the vo'cume and activates it in the middle of the camp. Seeing the image from Apophis' usual message causes the warriors to stop fighting though Nelson insists on continuing the battle to the death. However, before the Challenge can restart, the image on the vo'cume changes to the video of Apophis' death, stunning the warriors. Seeing that SG-1 were telling the truth about Apophis being dead causes the warriors to lose the will to fight and decide to go home instead. (SG1: "Rules of Engagement")

Zipacna's attack on Tollana[]

Tollana is attacked.

Using the Triad of Klorel as a pretense, the Goa'uld Underlord Zipacna has his Jaffa paint the Tollans Ion cannons as targets for a Ha'tak he claims is there to pick him and Klorel up once the Triad is over. After the Triad doesn't go in the Goa'uld's favor with Klorel being ordered to be removed from Skaara by the Tok'ra, Zipacna uses a Goa'uld Long range visual communication device to signal the Ha'tak to attack before escaping through the Stargate himself. The Ha'tak destroys all of the Ion cannons and it and Death Gliders attack the defenseless Tollan, but Teal'c had been suspicions of Zipacna and had Lya of the Nox hide one of the Ion cannons. Using the hidden cannon, Teal'c destroys the Death Gliders and Ha'tak, ending the attack. Soon afterwards, Klorel is extracted from Skaara who is finally set free. (SG1: "Pretense")

Apophis' attack on Kheb[]

The Ha'tak lands.

In his search for the Harcesis child Shifu, which Sha're hid on the legendary planet Kheb, Apophis sent a team of eight Jaffa to retrieve him and the priestess carrying him but they are killed by the Ascended Ancient Oma Desala. After they didn't return, Apophis sends a Ha'tak to the planet to continue the search. At the same time, after Apophis announces his return and powerful new forces with an attack on Chulak looking for the Harcesis, SG-1, SG-2 and Bra'tac manage to figure out the Stargate address to the planet and head there to find the child for themselves with SG-2 remaining behind to protect the Stargate. While Dr. Daniel Jackson is learning about Ascension from the Kheb Monk, Teal'c and Bra'tac discover the Ha'tak landed nearby with many troops massing after witnessing two Death Gliders fly overhead. They quickly return to the temple and inform the rest of SG-1 that around 2,000 Jaffa are on their way to the temple to get the Harcesis child.

The Jaffa are struck down by Oma Desala.

However, as Jackson doesn't want to leave, believing that the monk is teaching him how to harness powers such as telekinesis and pyrokinesis which will allow him to protect the child, the rest of the team and Bra'tac take up defending positions and set up A-M18A1 Claymore mines to take out the Jaffa as they get close. When the Jaffa arrive, reluctant to get into a fight, SG-1, Bra'tac and the Jaffa enter a standoff which the monk tries to break only to be killed with a staff weapon blast. Before things can degenerate further, Jackson realizes that Oma Desala is actually the one with all the power and has been trying to communicate to him that she is best suited to look after the child. Jackson accepts this and convinces his friends to lay down their weapons so that Oma will not attack them. They reluctantly do so and the Jaffa fire on them, but Oma blocks the blasts then kills all of the Jaffa with lightning and also destroys two Death Gliders. With the Jaffa dead, Oma Ascends the monk and leaves Kheb through the Stargate as she knows the Jaffa will never stop coming as long as Apophis knows the child is on the planet. With the Jaffa gone, SG-1 and SG-2 are able to safely return home. (SG1: "Maternal Instinct")

Skirmish with Tanith[]

Shan'auc overcome.

Shan'auc is sent to Stargate Command by Bra'tac where she asks to be taken to the Tok'ra claiming that she has information that could destroy the Goa'uld. Shan'auc explains that through a deep state of kelno'reem she has been able to communicate with her symbiote and convince it that the Goa'uld are evil. The symbiote wishes to join the Tok'ra and reveal all the secrets of the Goa'uld, but can only do so by taking a host as it communicates only through images and feelings with Shan'auc. However, the symbiote has reached beyond the point that it must take a host and when Major General George S. Hammond refuses to take Shan'auc to the Tok'ra, the symbiote briefly emerges before she calms it and passes out. In the infirmary, Dr. Janet Fraiser confirms that the symbiote is fully mature and will soon have to take a host and that Shan'auc's immune system is breaking down as a result. After Teal'c is allowed to speak to Shan'auc alone, she explains that one day as she meditated with other temple priestesses, she heard her symbiote's thoughts and reached out to it, getting grotesque images of pain in return at which time she realized that it was a powerful mind but not that of a god as the Goa'uld led their followers to believe. She then dedicated her life to convincing the symbiote that the Goa'uld are an abomination and believes that she has succeeded in that. However, Teal'c, SG-1 and Hammond are reluctant to trust her despite the fact that the symbiote's knowledge could be very valuable to them.

Ronac the father of Teal'c.

In order to test Shan'auc's story, Teal'c enters a deep state of kelno'reem himself and his symbiote shares with him a vision of his father's death at Cronus' hands, proving that Shan'auc is telling the truth about being able to communicate with her symbiote in such a way. As a result, SG-1 summons Anise to the SGC to discuss letting Shan'auc's symbiote join the Tok'ra. Anise explains that with the Tok'ra Queen Egeria dead, the offer is appealing as there are no new Tok'ra being born and she promises to discuss it with the Tok'ra High Council. Freya also promises to try and find a new symbiote for Shan'auc so that she doesn't have to die. While they wait for the Tok'ra's decision, Shan'auc tries to convince Teal'c to keep trying the same method with his own symbiote in order to continue her work. Teal'c becomes excited at the idea of turning Goa'uld symbiotes against their race this way and later tells Dr. Daniel Jackson that he plans to aid Shan'auc in teaching others to turn their symbiotes on the Goa'uld and take up her work if she dies.

Tanith kills Shan'auc.

The Tok'ra decide to allow Shan'auc's symbiote to join them and SG-1 and Shan'auc travel to Vorash for the implantation to take place. There Anise leads them to the chosen host, Hebron, after telling them that one of the Tok'ra operatives secured Shan'auc a new symbiote. As Shan'auc and SG-1 meet Hebron, the symbiote emerges and they are forced to allow the implantation immediately despite the fact that the Tok'ra aren't ready yet. The symbiote enters Hebron through the neck and has Anise take Shan'auc to get her new symbiote before introducing himself as Tanith and pledging his loyalty to the Tok'ra. Later, Anise informs SG-1 that the implantation of Shan'auc's new symbiote was successful and while she is still very weak, she will likely survive. When Tanith enters, a suspicious Colonel Jack O'Neill asks to speak to Hebron to prove that Tanith is telling the truth and Tanith gives control to Hebron who tells them that Shan'auc was right about Tanith who is willing to undertake any test necessary to prove that Hebron is able to freely speak. However, when SG-1 asks Tanith for some of his knowledge on the Goa'uld, Anise stops them, saying that Tanith joined the Tok'ra and not the SGC but that the Tok'ra will only share the knowledge they feel is useful to their alliance with Earth. As a furious O'Neill confronts Anise over this, Shan'auc is able to meet Tanith in person for the first time and is excited to actually speak to him face-to-face. As SG-1 leaves, Teal'c makes plans to leave with Shan'auc and return to Chulak to spread word of what Shan'auc had done to all Jaffa. As SG-1 leave the base, Shan'auc visits Tanith who reveals he tricked her to infiltrate the Tok'ra and is still loyal to the Goa'uld. He then proceeds to kill Shan'auc by crushing her new symbiote.

Teal'c is restrained.

Teal'c later informs SG-1 of his intention to leave Earth to help Shan'auc with her efforts to turn more Goa'uld symbiotes against their species. However, as they discuss it, the Tok'ra come to Earth with Shan'auc's body and Anise explains that she was found outside her quarters that apparently her symbiote was too young when it was implanted and died, killing her as well. As Teal'c is in kelno'reem later, his symbiote once again shares with him the memory of his father's murder at Cronus' hands to demonstrate Goa'uld superiority and hatred and he realizes Shan'auc was murdered the same way. Following Teal'c's vision, tests are performed on Shan'auc and Goa'uld blood is found on her hands and in her bloodstream, confirming Teal'c's vision. SG-1 returns to Vorash to reveal to Anise what he has discovered and so he can kill Tanith in revenge. Anise refuses to let Teal'c get his revenge and has five Tok'ra restrain him when he tries anyway. When O'Neill suggests extracting Tanith from Hebron, Anise refuses, telling them that Tanith will be more valuable to them if he is left alone. O'Neill realizes that the Tok'ra knew and Freya confirms it, saying they'd suspected but only after Shan'auc's death, having truly hoped her efforts were successful before that. Freya explains that the Tok'ra hope to let Tanith believe he has succeeded in fooling them and then use him to spread disinformation to the Goa'uld, believing that if they control what Tanith sees and hears, they can use it to their advantage in the war with the Goa'uld for months. When Tanith is no longer of any value, the Tok'ra will extract Goa'uld secrets from him in other ways and then extract Tanith from Hebron. While Teal'c agrees not to kill Tanith, he visits him to see Tanith for himself and know that Shan'auc's death wouldn't be in vain, promising an oblivious Tanith that they would meet again. (SG1: "Crossroads")

Skirmish on P3X-888[]

Dr. Daniel Jackson is chased by a primordial Goa'uld.

While being taken on a rite of passage by the Unas Chaka on P3X-888, Dr. Daniel Jackson enters a river filled with primordial Goa'uld and one gives chase to him, trying to take him as a host. Jackson reaches the shore where Chaka catches the Goa'uld as it flies at Jackson and breaks it in half, killing it.

Teal'c kills a primordial Goa'uld.

Soon afterwards, SG-1, SG-2 and Major Gil Hawkins and Dr. Robert Rothman of SG-11 camp near the river, not knowing its infested with Goa'uld as the Goa'uld have no Naquadah in their systems, preventing Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c from sensing them. In the morning, a primordial Goa'uld attacks Teal'c, but he realizes its coming and kills it with a blast from his Staff weapon. Realizing that one or more of the others may now be a host to a Goa'uld, Teal'c ties them up and leaves them for Major Michael Patrick Coburn to find.

Major Gil Hawkins' eyes flash, revealing that he has been possessed by a Goa'uld.

Soon afterwards, Hawkins breaks free of the restraints, revealing himself to be a Goa'uld and goes to shoot Colonel Jack O'Neill with an FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon only to be shot twice in the back with a staff weapon by Teal'c and killed. Teal'c reveals that the whole thing was a test to see who was a Goa'uld and who wasn't as a Goa'uld could've easily broken free, but as he goes to free Rothman, Rothman reveals himself to be a Goa'uld, breaks free, overpowers Teal'c and wounds Captain Michael Griff with his staff weapon. However, before he can do more, O'Neill shoots Rothman dead with a P90. While the rest of SG-1 carry on to rescue Jackson, Griff and Major Ben Pierce remain behind to bury Hawkins and Rothman. (SG1: "The First Ones")

X-301 Interceptor Incident[]

(SG1: "Tangent")

Osiris' return on Earth[]

Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Sarah Gardner meet at the Funeral.

For an unknown reason, possibly in a hurry to find out what's inside before it has to be returned to the Egyptian government, Dr. Sarah Gardner opens a stasis jar and releases Osiris who takes her as a host. Osiris kills Dr. David Jordan and creates a lab explosion to cover it up, erasing all of his emails and lab results on the Osiris jar to cover up his existence on Earth. While at Jordan's funeral, Osiris meets Dr. Daniel Jackson, Sarah's ex-boyfriend who works for the Stargate Program. Determining that Jackson may know much about the state of the Goa'uld Empire from his radical and correct theories on alien intervention on Earth, Osiris pretends to be Sarah to get close to him, finding that he is in fact able to read the Goa'uld language and apparently knows more than he lets on despite "Sarah's" pleas for him to tell "her" more. Looking for the jar containing his queen Isis, Osiris kills the Curator of the museum Sarah worked in, but is unable to find the jar as Jackson had taken it back to Stargate Command.

Osiris attacks.

After finding out that a missing amulet had been carbon-dated to being over 10,000 years old, Osiris tried to use this to further push Jackson into telling him about his work and failed. Wanting to eliminate the possible proof, Osiris killed the technician who did the carbon-dating and traveled to the Temple of Osiris in Egypt where the artifacts were found where he encountered Dr. Steven Rayner and beat him badly. Osiris then waited for Jackson, Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Janet Fraiser to arrive, following Rayner who they believed was his host and confronted them, revealing the truth. Osiris blasts Frasier and Carter into a wall with his Kara kesh and blocks a dart from a Tranquilizer gun from Jackson. Osiris demands to know the location of the Stargate and where his brother Seth is. Jackson refuses to tell Osiris about the Stargate but, Osiris is pleased when Jackson reveals that the Tau'ri have killed off Ra, Hathor, Seth and Sokar as he believes it will allow him to rule without opposition. However, when Jackson refuses to tell him anymore about Isis other than they have her jar, not including the fact that she is dead, Osiris tortures him with his kara kesh. Jackson manages to stick Osiris with a tranquilizer dart, causing him to stop the torture and rapidly weaken.

Osiris escapes.

Realizing the position he's in, Osiris uses his Kara kesh to activate his Archaic Tel'tak and a set of Transportation rings, swearing that he will return and get revenge. Carter shoots at him, but the rings block the bullets and Osiris boards the ship and escapes Earth. Frasier checks on Rayner and believes he will survive if they get him to a hospital immediately. (SG1: "The Curse")

Nirrti's infiltration of Stargate Command[]

On Cassandra Fraiser's birthday, she suddenly emits an Electromagnetic field that causes a porch light to blow out before passing out and running a fever. At the Stargate Command infirmary, Dr. Janet Fraiser can't get the fever to come down and detects the presence of a retrovirus in Cassandra's blood that she believes has a connection to the EM field Cassandra emanated. She continues to emanate it with periodic spikes happening, causing the incident with the porch light and preventing Fraiser from performing an MRI to determine any further effects from the retrovirus. When Cassandra wakes up, she claims she needs to go into the forest before passing out. As Major Samantha Carter and Fraiser show no signs of the retrovirus and there are no similar retroviruses on record, Fraiser suspects Cassandra got it on her home planet of Hanka. While Fraiser is briefing Major General George S. Hammond on Cassandra's condition, Dr. Daniel Jackson arrives with the news that during their time on Hanka, SG-7 witnessed two instances of high fever and hallucinations in teenagers Cassandra's age, what the people called Mind fire. The Hankans rejected SG-7's help, believing it was the will of the gods and letting SG-7 interfere would tempt their retribution. Instead, the children were sent into the forest which they returned from cured several days later. SG-7 were not allowed to follow the children into the forest for religious reasons so they were unable to learn what had happened there to cure them. As Cassandra had talked of going into the forest, Fraiser and Carter realize it might be worth it to check out the Mind fire. Remembering that Hanka was contaminated with a virus by the Goa'uld System Lord Nirrti, the SGC sends a MALP to check to find if the virus is still present and after finding it clear, SG-1 travels to the planet to investigate.

In the forest on Hanka, SG-1 finds a glowing handprint that they realize is where the children go during the initiation rite and the remains of a fire. Jackson touches the handprint, causing a fire to appear and while Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c are investigating it, Transportation rings activate and transport them to a secret lab belonging to Nirrti. There they are quickly joined by Carter and Jackson and realize from a Goa'uld tablet that the initiation rite led to the handprint and fire which drew the children to the rings. In the lab, Nirrti would then cure the children as part of an experiment she was conducting. However, as Nirrti is now a prisoner of the other System Lords, she couldn't help them even if she wanted to. After Jackson causes a series of crystal rods to rise from a table, O'Neill decides to pack up what they can of the lab to take to the SGC to be examined. On Earth, Cassandra continues to be drawn to the forest and after an attempt at escaping the infirmary during which she had to be forcibly restrained and because of the problems her increasing EM field is causing, Fraiser is forced to move her to an isolation room. When Carter returns to report in, she and Fraiser explain what is happening to Cassandra and postulate that the retrovirus, which her body shows no sign of fighting is part of the experiment. However, beyond that its changing the way Cassandra's cells generate electrical fields causing her to generate heat and increased brain activity, they don't know what its doing and without Nirrti, they have no immediate cure. In the lab, as O'Neill and Teal'c collect Nirrti's instruments, Jackson learns from the tablet that the experiments were conducted for the purpose of the evolution of a Hok'tar, but the rings are apparently activated by Jackson before Teal'c can explain what it means and O'Neill decides its time to leave. Unknown to them, the rings were actually activated by a cloaked Nirrti who watches them go.

On Earth, Cassandra tells Carter she is changing into something and it can't be stopped. She demonstrates this by using her electrical field to manipulate a chess piece through the magnets on the bottom to move it with her mind, shocking Carter. Later, Jackson explains what he's figured out is going on: Nirrti experimented on the children of Hanka to create Hok'tars or advanced humans and the retrovirus is the catalyst for the changes. Nirrti believed the children of Hanka were becoming Hok'tar, or an advanced human which she was interested in as one would act as powerful new host for her. Nirrti wiped out the population of Hanka when SG-7 arrived because she didn't want her experiment exposed. As the population of the planet displayed no such abilities before or while SG-7 was there, they realize that the Hok'tars were all being created as a result of Nirrti's experiments, but the efforts failed as the children would come back cured with no sign of any abilities. Fraiser suggests that Nirrti cured the children so their altered genes could be passed down through the generations with each one getting closer to becoming a true Hok'tar and Nirrti's next host. While Cassandra believes she is truly transforming into something else, the team are left worried as her fever is still rising, albeit more slowly. However, Cassandra, who helps fight the fever by transferring the heat into a chess piece she spins with her new powers, doesn't want the change to end, still believing that she is becoming something else and it shouldn't be stopped even if it kills her. Fraiser discovers that there has been a 25% increase in brain activity which Cassandra is able to regulate somewhat through channeling the heat, however, Fraiser doesn't believe she'll be able to keep it up forever. Unknown to them, when Fraiser and Carter leave Carter's lab, Nirrti, having secretly followed SG-1 home looks at Cassandra's test results. When Carter visits her, Cassandra still insists she will be alright and says she feels it instinctually like when Carter knew that the bomb Nirrti implanted in her wouldn't detonate. Before going to sleep, she requests Carter be there if she does die. Later, after Fraiser leaves her lab, Nirrti decloaks to take a look for herself but is interrupted by Fraiser though she escapes unnoticed. As Fraiser desperately asks Carter about the possibility of finding bone fragments from one of the cured children on Hanka in the hope of finding antibodies, they are interrupted by an alarm and find an unconscious Airman outside the isolation room where Cassandra explains that she sensed a Goa'uld who fled when she did. Carter quickly calls for zat'nik'tels and Transphase Eradication Rods after hearing about the Goa'uld's ability to cloak which causes Teal'c to realize that it was Nirrti who was known to have that technology. Jackson realizes that Cronus, the System Lord holding Nirrti prisoner is now dead so she escaped. When they found the lab, they apparently triggered something that alerted Nirrti who followed them back to Earth. Needing Nirrti alive, teams start sweeping the SGC for her, locking down corridors that they have cleared. Cassandra realizes Nirrti waited so long to act because she wanted to know if her experiment worked and as a result, Cassandra believes it did. At that moment, Cassandra senses Nirrti who blasts O'Neill with a Kara kesh. As an airman makes her visible with his TER, O'Neill shoots her with a zat, knocking her out and capturing her. However, at that moment, Cassandra's condition works as she has a seizure.

O'Neill and Hammond confront Nirrti who tells them that Cassandra is very near death after hearing that she has lost consciousness. Nirrti offers to cure Cassandra but demands her freedom with her cloak and a sample of Cassandra's blood in exchange. While Hammond considers the deal, Fraiser continues to try to treat Cassandra who still wants the change to happen despite the fact that it will kill her. She has another seizure and though Fraiser is able to stop it, her temperature reaches 106 degrees and medication isn't dropping it causing Fraiser to decide to take drastic measures. Fraiser forcibly sedates Nirrti's guard and demands at gunpoint the Goa'uld save her daughter. At the same time, SG-1 and Hammond discuss Nirrti's terms which Hammond is reluctant to comply with as letting Nirrti leave with a sample of Cassandra's blood could result in her experiment working and they may never capture another Goa'uld which Teal'c agrees with while Carter and O'Neill vehemently fight against. Before Hammond can come to a decision, they are called to Nirrti's cell where they try to talk Fraiser down. Hammond tells Nirrti he has decided to agree to release her in exchange for saving Cassandra but that's it. Nirrti demands to know how she can trust him and when Hammond's word isn't enough, he reminds her that Fraiser is Cassandra's mother and is still holding a gun on her at which point Nirrti finally agrees to help. In the isolation room, Nirrti uses a Goa'uld healing device and one of her instruments on Cassandra but fails to cure her, saying they waited too long. Fraiser insists Nirrti try again and she does. This time she manages to save Cassandra's life. Afterwards Hammond keeps his word and has O'Neill escort Nirrti to the Stargate to leave. Nirrti warns O'Neill that without Cassandra's blood she will have to start her experiment over again from the beginning and in his place she wouldn't have honored the deal like he did. She then leaves through the Stargate. (SG1: "Rite of Passage")

Skirmish with Marduk[]

SG-1 investigates a ziggurat on P2X-338 where they find a Russian pack of cigarettes. Traveling back to Earth, they learn that Major Valentine Kirensky, while acting under orders from hard-line elements of Russian Army Intelligence disappeared six days before SG-1 was called in to shut down the Russian Stargate. The Russians believe that Kerensky went off-world with two other officers and an archaeologist named Dr. Alexander Britski and that they could possibly be on the planet. The team speculates that they were acting like the Rogue NID and collecting alien technology at any cost. They also speculate that if the team survived on the hot planet, they were likely in the ziggurat and couldn't return without exposing their operation. Major General George S. Hammond informs SG-1 that a Russian team is being sent to join them on the mission to the protest of Colonel Jack O'Neill. Soon after Dr. Daniel Jackson determines that the temple was dedicated to the Babylonian God Marduk who was presumably a Goa'uld, the Russian team arrives made up of Colonel Alexi Zukhov, Lt. Marchenko, Major Sergei Vallarin and Lt. Tolinev. After they get settled, Jackson reports on what he discovered from Bratsky's report which the Russians had e-mailed to him: two years before in southern Iraq near Rafha while doing an excavation, Bratsky came upon several tablets containing Babylonian cuneiform and a set of Stargate coordinates leading to P2X-338 and while he had no idea what they were, someone apparently recognized the significance, possibly because of the Russian Dial Home Device and prevented the findings from being published and classified it. When the Russian Stargate program was started, P2X-338 was added to the list of addresses given to the Russians by Colonel Harold Maybourne but a secret team was sent instead as the tablets mentioned the Eye of Tiamat, a large jewel that supposedly granted Marduk great power. As Jackson has figured out how to open the ziggurat, Hammond sends the two teams to the planet to find the missing Russian team.

Awhile after arriving on the planet, Jackson manages to open the door of the ziggurat and the teams enter, splitting up with Teal'c going with the Russians and Marchenko going with the rest of SG-1. Soon after entry, SG-1 and Marchenko find the body of one of the Russian team members who has been eaten by a creature. At the same time, the Russian team and Teal'c locate a Goa'uld sarcophagus. Disobeying orders from O'Neill, Zhukov goes to open the sarcophagus but sets off a booby-trap that causes the entrance to the ziggurat to start to close. Marchenko tries to prevent it but fails and gets crushed by the closing door and falling stones that seal the door further. Trapped, they check out the sarcophagus which was sealed from the outside but Kerensky and his team cut open. Inside, they find Marduk's dead body which surprises them as the sarcophagus should've kept him alive. They also discover that whatever killed the Russian soldier killed Marduk meaning a living creature somehow got into the sarcophagus and could still be around. While trying to figure out how to get out, Jackson examines writing on the walls and discovers it tells of Marduk's final fate: he was such an evil tyrant that his own priests rebelled against him. They sealed him in his sarcophagus with a creature that ate him which, given the sarcophagus' healing powers, would have taken a very long time. However, while Marduk is dead, the creature is not and as they only found one body, all but Jackson head out in pairs to search for the rest of Kerensky's team and a way out.

Searching through the ziggurat, Zhukov and Teal'c find Bratsky's remains and take with them Bratsky's journal. Zhukov also secretly locates the Eye of Tiamat among Bratsky's things and takes it with him. At the same time, Major Samantha Carter and Tolinev come under attack from the creature. Carter wounds it but not before it seriously injures Tolinev. When all but Jackson find Carter and Tolinev, Carter reveals that she sensed the presence of Marduk inside the creature, the symbiote having jumped hosts to survive. In the sarcophagus room, the team does their best to treat Tolinev, but the creature injected her with venom and she will die if she doesn't get back to Stargate Command for proper medical treatment. From Bratsky's journal, Jackson determines that the same thing happened to Kerensky: he was bitten by the creature when the original team let it out by opening the sarcophagus and died within two hours. Two of the other three members died in a passageway collapse and out of options, Bratsky committed suicide with a cyanide pill. Now that he has the Eye, Zhukov advocates using C-4 to escape despite the danger it presents to them and denies having seen the Eye of Tiamat after Jackson asks if it was found among Bratsky's things as he found a sketch of the artifact which Bratsky found inside the sarcophagus. All but Jackson and Vallarin continue searching the ziggurat for a way out and Carter and Teal'c find traces of blood indicating that Carter injured the creature badly, possibly badly enough that the Goa'uld couldn't heal it. After hearing a noise, Vallarin leaves Jackson alone to investigate while Zhukov continues to insist on trying to use C-4 to escape despite the grave danger it could pose to the team. While continuing the search, Carter and Teal'c have the dead creature drop on them. However, examining it, they find no sign of a symbiote meaning Marduk abandoned the creature when he couldn't heal its injuries and found a new host. After Carter informs O'Neill and Zhukov of this, the two instantly grow suspicious of each other and enter a standoff while, unknown to them, Marduk is actually in the body of Vallarin and retrieves a Kara kesh. The standoff between Zhukov and O'Neill is interrupted when Marduk arrives in Vallarin's body and sends O'Neill flying with a blast from the kara kesh, deflecting Zhukov's bullets with its personal shield at the same time. Marduk demands the Eye of Tiamat from Zhukov, having learned of his secret orders to collect it from Vallarin's mind, threatening O'Neill's life to get it. Zhukov pretends to agree, but actually tosses Marduk a live Fragmentation grenade. The grenade buries Zhukov and Marduk, apparently killing them both while O'Neill manages to get out of the way in time and leaves to meet up with the others. Unknown to him, a badly injured Marduk survives. At the same time, Jackson finds writing detailing Marduk emerging from his temple to walk among his people on a beam of light. He, Carter and Teal'c realize that this likely means there is a ring transporter in the temple and find one that leads to a temple a few miles away in the sarcophagus room. After O'Neill joins them and is proven not to be a Goa'uld, they set C-4 to blow up the temple. Marduk arrives just as they prepare to leave and threatens them with revenge, but Carter activates the C-4 just before they use the rings to escape, causing an explosion that destroys the ziggurat and buries Marduk in tons of rock and debris, killing him.

At the SGC, Tolinev recovers from her injuries and tells the true story to Colonel Chekov before leaving. However, Chekov states she will be debriefed once again in Moscow and O'Neill realizes the Russians will probably make her lie about what happened there. Despite the fact that Zhukov's secret orders put both teams in jeopardy, Chekov blames O'Neill for the disaster as he was in command and only one Russian soldier survived, barely while all of SG-1 made it out unharmed. Despite the way things turned out, Chekov is sure there will be future participation by the Russians in the Stargate Program despite O'Neill's belief to the contrary. (SG1: "The Tomb")

While its unknown how, by around a year and a half later, the System Lord Anubis somehow managed to retrieve the Eye of Tiamat to power his superweapon in conjunction with the other Eyes of the Goa'uld though it is unknown how. The Eye was later destroyed with the superweapon's power core during the Battle to destroy Anubis' mothership. (SG1: "Full Circle", "Fallen")

Skirmish on Memphis[]

During a mission to Memphis to check out intelligence received from the Tok'ra on the Goa'uld building a base there, SG-1 comes across Tanith and are forced to flee to the Stargate chased by Death Gliders and Tanith himself in an Al'kesh.

Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c (armed with a Staff cannon) guard Dr. Daniel Jackson as he dials the Stargate and everyone but Teal'c rush through it after it opens. Teal'c, upon seeing Tanith in the cockpit of the Al'kesh, waits until it gets closer and then uses his staff cannon to destroy the cockpit, killing Tanith and causing the ship to crash into the Dial Home Device as Teal'c escapes through the Stargate, cutting the wormhole off in transit.

Knowing that Teal'c's energy signature will be permanently erased if a new wormhole is formed, Carter suggests that the Iris be moved to stop incoming wormholes from be activated. While Jackson and Major Paul Davis head to Russia to talk to Colonel Chekov in the hope of getting a DHD, Carter finds herself working alongside Dr. Rodney McKay who arrogantly insists that Teal'c is long dead.

However, it's soon revealed that Colonel Frank Simmons is guilty of treason, having taken the Goa'uld possessing Adrian Conrad to an NID safehouse. As such, Simmons is arrested while McKay is sent to Russia as a part of a deal that Jackson and Davis forged with the Russians while Teal'c is rescued from the Stargate and shares the good news of Tanith's death with the team although the DHD is destroyed in the process. (SG1: "48 Hours")

Anubis' Naquadah asteroid attack[]

(SG1: "Fail Safe")

Skirmish with Imhotep[]

Teal'c and Bra'tac visit Cal Mah where the Jaffa K'tano, First Prime of the minor Goa'uld Imhotep who he killed addresses a large gathering of Rebel Jaffa about their desire for freedom. The gathering intrigues them as K'tano is able to gather a powerful following and they bring the idea of an alliance with K'tano to SG-1 and General George S. Hammond. K'tano needs help with weapons and supplies and Bra'tac and Teal'c want Earth to supply it to him, believing that with as large a following as he is gathering, he will be seen as a threat by the System Lords and will be attacked. K'tano's army is growing, culled from many different System Lords with more warriors joining with each raid he inflicts. Doctor Daniel Jackson explains that instead of being a powerful Goa'uld System Lord, Imhotep was actually a minor Goa'uld who never gained any real power meaning that K'tano took out a nobody which is why he has survived so long. However, K'tano is proving to be a great leader and Bra'tac feels that he could lead his rebel army to victory over the System Lords. While Hammond is ready to send food and other supplies, he hesitates to send weapons especially after learning that K'tano needs weapons for several hundred warriors. However, Teal'c convinces Hammond to send a small shipment of weapons as a gesture of good intentions.

On Cal Mah, the team and Bra'tac are greeted by Rak'nor who is disappointed to learn that the weapons SG-1 brings are FN P90 Personal Defense Weapons rather than what they see as true weapons such as staff weapons and zat'nik'tels. Rak'nor shows them to the camp where he explains that the Jaffa are learning the Mastaba method of fighting and Bra'tac has to correct a young warrior, Tara'c's method, learning that K'tano teaches that one has to strike with single-minded purpose towards victory without regards for their own survival. When asked to demonstrate this, Tara'c brutally beats his opponent even after winning before Colonel Jack O'Neill stops him, causing Rak'nor to further explain that K'tano teaches that they have to be willing to die if they wish to be free which O'Neill disagrees with. Tara'c challenges O'Neill for disrespecting the Jaffa ways, but is interrupted by the return of K'tano who reports that three of the Jaffa fell in battle with the forces of Zipacna but they managed to collect some cases of weapons. K'tano is excited to meet SG-1 as they have killed Ra, Hathor, Setesh, Heru'ur, Sokar, Cronus and Apophis and is happy to discuss an alliance, but doesn't like the idea of using Earth weapons as he sees them as primitive. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the P-90, O'Neill has Rak'nor and Major Samantha Carter enter into a shooting contest in which the P-90 proves superior. O'Neill explains that a staff weapon is a weapon of terror made to intimidate the enemy while a P-90 is a weapon of war made to kill the enemy. SG-1, Bra'tac and K'tano later gather to discuss the alliance and K'tano is wary as Earth will be able to control how much ammunition the rebels get while O'Neill worries that K'tano will use the rebel army to seize power for himself. K'tano reassures them that he wants no such thing and that any member of the army can challenge him to joma secu for leadership. In order for them to bond in battle, K'tano invites SG-1 to join him in raiding a shipment meant for a battalion of the System Lord Nirrti's Jaffa and promises them a share of the spoils in return which O'Neill agrees to. That night, Rak'nor and Teal'c discuss the alliance with Rak'nor trying to get Teal'c to join the rebel army, pointing out his role in the growing Jaffa Rebellion. Teal'c sees the conflict between the ways of the Tau'ri and rebels as a possible issue, but K'tano refuses to change his ways for either humans or the Goa'uld. Meanwhile, the rest of SG-1 discuss the alliance and O'Neill is wary of K'tano given the fact that his Jaffa are nearly fanatical and are willing to die for their cause on K'tano's say-so.

The next day, SG-1, K'tano and a group of rebel Jaffa ambush Nirrti's Jaffa as they make their way to a Tel'tak with a shipment. The Jaffa refuse to surrender when ordered by K'tano and a firefight breaks out. K'tano ends up walking out into the line of fire and orders both sides to hold fire and then asks Nirrti's Jaffa to join the rebellion, telling them to kill him if they don't believe in freedom from the Goa'uld. The Jaffa decide to lower their weapons and join K'tano's army. However, while Teal'c is impressed, O'Neill is not, believing that K'tano could've gotten them all killed and that he believes he can do anything. K'tano shows them that the shipment contains staff weapons and weapons-grade naquadah. K'tano promises Earth a fair share of the naquadah, but can't spare any of the weapons though he informs them he will be able to supply them with much more soon as some Jaffa loyal to him are leading a mutiny on board a Ha'tak and will bring it to join the rebellion. O'Neill is dubious, knowing that if the mutiny fails the Jaffa will be killed, but K'tano believes it will succeed either because their cause is just or through the strength of their resolve. In order to keep Nirrti from learning of their raid, K'tano sends a squad led by Tara'c on a suicide mission to get as deep into Nirrti's forces as possible and then bomb them. O'Neill attempts to stop them but is stopped by Rak'nor, leaving O'Neill angry as he sees K'tano's actions as arrogance rather than resolve. K'tano insists on continuing to do things this way and demands that if O'Neill can't accept them then not to make an alliance and leaves with Teal'c and Bra'tac. K'tano then plans an attack on Lord Yu who survived an attack by Osiris at the System Lord Summit due to his sarcophagus but was left severely weakened. K'tano believes that if Lord Yu was assassinated, many of his Jaffa would then join the rebellion and they could then commandeer Lord Yu's fleet. O'Neill approaches and asks Teal'c to come with them when they leave, but Teal'c decides to stay in order to attack Lord Yu. However, O'Neill sees this as K'tano trying to get rid of a possible rival for leadership of the army and challenges K'tano, pointing out how K'tano plans to assassinate the System Lords one by one and take their ships and armies who will die for him for him and how its similar to how things are now. K'tano dodges the accusation and prepares to send Teal'c through with the assassination squad. O'Neill tries to convince Teal'c not to go, having decided not to support the alliance, but Teal'c believes he will succeed and goes anyway with a promise from K'tano to be made his second-in-command when he returns.

On P3X-042, Teal'c is captured and brought before Lord Yu who was not as weak as Teal'c was led to believe. However, Lord Yu possesses some respect for Teal'c and his lack of blind faith and reveals to a stunned Teal'c that he plans to release Teal'c to return to the rebels but tells him there is something he must know first. As SG-1 prepares to depart Cal Mah, Teal'c returns, calling K'tano a deceiver. He reveals that Lord Yu told him that the mutiny on the Ha'tak has failed and the System Lords bided their time to root out all of the rebel Jaffa. When the Ha'tak arrives, it will destroy the rebels. K'tano refuses to listen so Teal'c challenges him to joma secu. The two fight with Bashaak staffs in a fight to the death, but K'tano has the upper hand with the Mastaba technique and due to the fact that Teal'c is still injured and weakened from his torture at the hands of Lord Yu's Jaffa. Teal'c loses the fight with his Bashaak breaking. K'tano demands he beg for mercy and when Teal'c announces that he dies free, K'tano secretly reveals himself as Imhotep to Teal'c before moving in for a killing blow. However, as he moves in, Teal'c impales Imhotep with the broken end of his Bashaak, killing him. Rak'nor examines Imhotep's abdomen and discovers he was not a Jaffa with Teal'c explaining that K'tano was actually Imhotep all along. Jackson realizes that Imhotep, who had been a powerless minor Goa'uld, had been using the Jaffa desire for freedom against them by using it to gather an army loyal to him in order to finally gain power. Teal'c tells the rebels that while K'tano was a lie, their desire for freedom was not and begs them to leave with him and the rest of SG-1 as Lord Yu's Ha'tak will be attacking at any moment. Bra'tac and Rak'nor support this, pointing out that Teal'c is now their rightful leader as he won the right of joma secu. As Cal Mah comes under attack, the Jaffa decide to follow Teal'c and flee through the Stargate, following SG-1 to safety with Bra'tac telling Teal'c that the Jaffa's day for freedom will eventually come. (SG1: "The Warrior")

Svarog's attack on Latona[]

(SG1: "The Sentinel")

Anubis' attack on the Stargate[]

During a talk with Colonel Chekov, the Stargate came online yet according to Carter, there was no radio signal or anything being sent through.

It was originally thought that the Stargate would shut down after the thirty-eight minute limit but after the limit had been reached, the Stargate remained active and worse still, readings showed that the energy stored inside the Stargate was rapidly growing and at an alarming rate with Carter soon informing Hammond and Jack that once the limit had been reached, the Stargate would explode, ultimately destroying Earth.

Dr. Rodney McKay was recalled from Russia and sent to the SGC under the orders of the Pentagon. He and Carter later began working together to come up with a new plan.

With the Stargate still active yet unable to be used, leaving everyone stranded, Carter and Jack attempted to use the X-302's hyperdrive to get to Abydos where they could hopefully contact the Asgard for assistance but the hyperspace window created by the generator collapsed, resulting in the mission failing.

McKay later suggested an Electromagnetic pulse that could shut down the Stargate with Carter strongly disagreeing. Carter's misgivings were later proven right as the EM Pulse cut the time limit they had down to 25 hours.

Eventually, Jonas Quinn gave Carter an idea and despite the scientists protesting that they had less than 24 hours, Hammond authorized the plan.

As such, the still-active Stargate was brought topside via a crane and eventually loaded onto the X-302. Various equipment was also removed from the X-302 to help make up for the weight that the Stargate had.

With the X-302 attached to a plane, Jack embarked on a mission to fly it through hyperspace but the engines began malfunctioning, forcing Jack to use the rocket boosters too early.

With little options remaining, Jonas, Carter and McKay eventually came up with a plan with the plan being to open a hyperspace window for about one second which would be long enough to transport the X-302 far enough away from the Earth while saving Earth from the Stargate blowing up.

When they were ready, Carter contacted Jack with Jack preparing to eject.

Seconds later, Jack ejected while both the Stargate and the X-302 flew into the hyperspace window created by the X-302's generator.

It was later reported that the Stargate had detonated about three million light years from Earth and Jack had survived with Teal'c later reporting that he, Bra'tac and Ry'ac had managed to destroy Anubis's weapon that had been sending the energy to the Stargate.

In the aftermath, the Russian Stargate was installed at Stargate Command while Jonas Quinn joined SG-1, officially replacing Daniel Jackson. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 1", "Redemption, Part 2")

Crash of Anubis' Ha'tak[]

(SG1: "Descent")

Goa'uld invasion of Steveston, Oregon[]

After Dr. Richard Flemming and Dr. Peter Stofer of Immunitech Research cloned a Goa'uld, there was a lab accident and Flemming was taken as a host and Stofer disappeared. Because the symbiote was immature they were only able to control the host while they were asleep. Flemming proceeded to infest the majority of the population of Steveston, Oregon and began building a ship to escape the planet. Flemming realized what was happening and contacted Major Samantha Carter but was run off the road and killed in a car crash. His body was removed and never found to cover it up. SG-1 minus Colonel Jack O'Neill traveled to Steveston and began investigating. They searched Flemming's house and accepted a package containing a syringe that was sent from Flemming. The next day, Jonas Quinn noticed several of the residents behaving strangely and that the shipyard had seen recent activity despite it's closure two years before. After breaking into the shipyard, they discovered the ship and realized the townspeople were infested with Goa'uld. SG-1 retrieved computer discs from the shipyard and Carter worked on decoding them, eventually discovering the truth about what was going on after breaking the encryption. That night, while Carter worked on the decryption, Teal'c and Jonas staked out the warehouse and were detained by NID Agents Cross and Singer. They explained that they have been monitoring the situation for three months and are waiting for the Goa'uld to complete the ship. At the hotel, Carter discovered the syringe contained an antibiotic designed to kill the symbiote and injected herself before the townspeople kidnapped her and implanted her with a symbiote. When Cross realized the situation was out of control he radioed a containment team, but Singer had been taken as a host and shot the three of them with a Zat'nik'tel. Luckily, Carter's symbiote died shortly after implantation and she was able to pretend to be a Goa'uld, learning that the townspeople, who infected Cross, intended to have him and Singer infect the NID with more symbiotes. Carter told Cross and Singer that she had been writing a report on her computer and sent them to get it before the containment team could arrive. She then claimed that Jonas and Teal'c needed to be killed, but actually used the zat she threatened them with to stun the townspeople holding them captive and left them for the containment team. Still pretending to be a Goa'uld, Carter confronted Cross and Singer with the idea that she infect the SGC with the symbiotes and then stunned them with her zat. Afterwards, the townspeople were treated with the antibiotic, killing the Goa'uld who would harmlessly break down in their bodies afterwards. The townspeople were told they were treated for a meningitis outbreak and the incomplete ship was taken to Area 51 for study. (SG1: "Nightwalkers")

Ba'al's capture of Jack O'Neill[]

After Colonel Jack O'Neill was infected with an Ancient contagion and was implanted with a Tok'ra named Kanan, he disappeared from a Tok'ra base and traveled to Ba'al's fortress on Asdad. He attempted to rescue Ba'al's lo'taur Shallan but was captured by Ba'al's Jaffa after Kanan fled his body. He was revived in a Sarcophagus and questioned by Ba'al. He insisted he did not know why Kanan came to his planet. Ba'al tortured him to death several times and revived him with the Sarcophagus. While in his cell, O'Neill was visited by an ascended Dr. Daniel Jackson who offers him ascension but O'Neill refused and asked him to help him escape but Jackson could not interfere because it was against the rules. Eventually, SG-1 figured out what Kanan was up to, but the outpost was too heavily fortified for an attack. Knowing that he was unable to help directly and that all O'Neill needed was a fighting chance, Jackson planted the idea in Teal'c's mind that if they informed another System Lord about the outpost which Ba'al had kept a secret, they would attack with a Ha'tak and it could be used as a distraction for O'Neill to escape. The SGC informed Lord Yu-huang Shang Ti, asking that he target the power generators first. Yu attacked, knocking out the generators first as asked, allowing O'Neill to escape his anti-gravity cell after Jackson let him know what was happening and overpower the Jaffa guarding him. Following Kanan's last wish, O'Neill took Shallan with him and they managed to escape to Earth in the chaos of the attack. (SG1: "Abyss")

Her'ak's capture of SG-1[]

While babysitting a group of scientists on P5X-112, SG-1 was captured by Her'ak and taken aboard a Ha'tak. Two of the scientists, Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Simon Coombs, ringed up to the Ha'tak to rescue them. Colonel Jack O'Neill explained that they were captured on purpose to meet with an undercover Tok'ra named Khonsu. O'Neill had the undercover Rebel Jaffa Dol'ok hide them on the ship. After arriving on Khonsu's World, Her'ak killed Khonsu because Anubis knew of his true identity for some time and used him to capture SG-1. Dol'ok and another rebel Jaffa were also killed but Felger and Coombs were not discovered. Felger realized something was wrong and took their armor and ringed down to the planet. They snuck into the Pyramid and made their way to the control room. They were able to deactivate the forcefield in SG-1's cell and Coombs directed them out of the pyramid from the control room. When the reached the Stargate, SG-1 was able to take out the Jaffa but Coombs was cut off from the ring room. O'Neill had Coombs ring himself and Teal'c into the pyramid and they took out the Jaffa blocking Coombs exit. The three of them ringed back to the gate and they escaped back to Earth. (SG1: "The Other Guys")

Skirmish on P3X-367[]

After SG-4 returned from P3X-367 with Alebran, they informed SG-1 that Nirrti was experimenting on the People of P3X-367. After Alebran became sick and died from cellular breakdown, SG-1 and SG-4 traveled to the planet and took out the Jaffa guarding the fortress. Once inside, they discovered the inhabitants had been severely altered with Wodan possessing Telekinesis and Eggar possessing Telepathy. They explained that Nirrti had cured them of a disease and that they were expecting her back soon. Jonas Quinn and Teal'c went with Wodan to the basement and were attacked and imprisoned. Colonel Jack O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter stayed to study the machine. When O'Neill lost contact with SG-4, he went to investigate and Nirrti ringed into the room and shot Carter with a Zat'nik'tel. When O'Neill returned, he tried to shoot one of Nirrti's Jaffa but Wodan stopped the bullet in midair. Nirrti then imprisoned the two with Jonas and Teal'c. Nirrti then placed Lt. Colonel Sergei Evanov in the DNA resequencer and Nirrti manipulated his DNA. When she was done she returned him to the cell and did the same to Carter. When she moved on to Jonas, she told him that she could give him great power but he told if she did he would use them to kill her. Back in the cell, Evanov died of cellular breakdown. After Jonas refused to join her, Nirrti brought O'Neill to machine. On the way O'Neill was able to convince Eggar to read Nirrti's mind. When they entered the room, Eggar read her mind and discovered that she was not a god. When Nirrti ordered her Jaffa to attack, Wodan quickly killed them. Eggar then informed Wodan that Nirrti killed Alebran and Wodan used his power to break her neck, killing her, but not before Eggar was able to learn how to work the machine. Eggar used the device to reset Carter and his people before destroying it. (SG1: "Metamorphosis")

Skirmish on P4S-237[]

When the inhabitants of P4S-237 requested assistance in defeating the Goa'uld Mot, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and SG-15 went to the planet to set up an ambush. During a meeting with the village leader Ellori, Chazen used a Shock grenade to stun them and informed Mot. Mot tried to set a trap by allowing Natania to free the prisoners and ambush them at the Stargate to get access to Stargate Command. Luckily, Jonas Quinn foresaw this and had General Hammond warn them by radio. The warning was heard by Chazen who sounded the alarm. Mot attempted to kill Chazen but was shot by Natania. Because the alarm was sounded, the team was able to avoid the ambush and kill the Jaffa at the gate. They traveled back to the SGC and assembled SG-3 and 10 as reinforcements before returning and defeating the remaining Jaffa. (SG1: "Prophecy")

Skirmish on P5S-117[]

In order to stop the Avenger virus, Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Jay Felger traveled to P5S-117, the planet where the virus was sent by Stargate Command in the first place. There they learn that Ba'al upgraded the virus and spread it to the Stargate Network in order to gain more power due to his vast fleet. Unfortunately, this means the anti-virus program they brought would have to be modified. While Felger works on fixing the anti-virus, the two are found by a Jaffa patrol and Carter gets into a firefight with them to buy time. The two are nearly overrun, but Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c arrive in an Al'kesh and drive off the Jaffa. Afterwards, Felger successfully brings an end to Avenger and makes it so the virus can never be used again. (SG1: "Avenger 2.0")

Assassination of Tilgath[]

(SG1: "Evolution, Part 1")

Ambush of Anubis' Kull warrior[]

After Teal'c and Bra'tac were attacked by Anubis' new Kull warrior, SG-1 minus Dr. Daniel Jackson, SG-3 and Bra'tac set up an ambush on Ramius' homeworld with the help of the Rebel Jaffa hiding in Ramius' Jaffa. When the Kull warrior came through the Stargate and headed towards the Pyramid, Major Samantha Carter trapped it in a Tok'ra shield and Colonel Jack O'Neill shot it with a Tranquilizer gun but it had no effect. The supersoldier then escaped the shield and killed three Jaffa and wounded Colonel Albert Reynolds and other members of his team. O'Neill then ordered the detonation of the A-M18A1 Claymore mines and C-4 but the supersoldier was unharmed. It proceeded to the pyramid and the team was captured by Ramius' Jaffa. They are placed in a cell until the supersoldier attacks the pyramid and kills Ramius. They are then released by the Jaffa guarding them. Carter and Teal'c steal a Tel'tak and use the Transportation rings to bring the supersoldier aboard and vent the atmosphere to knock it unconscious and bring it back to Earth. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1")

Tau'ri attack on Tartarus[]

After capturing a Kull warrior and using a Tok'ra memory recall device to learn the location of its homeworld of Tartarus, Major Samantha Carter, Teal'c, and Bra'tac took a Tel'tak to the planet and hide behind one it's moons while Jacob Carter used the Kull armor to get pass the Stargate shield and enter the facility. Jacob was stopped by Thoth and placed in a machine for repairs but Thoth was pulled away by Anubis and Jacob was able to deactivate the sensors and let them in the base. They began to search and discover a Queen that was preparing to spawn thousands of symbiotes with no genetic memory to brainwash them to serve Anubis. They plant C-4 to ensure the Queen is not allowed to spawn again and continue the search. They come upon a large room where Anubis is addressing several hundred supersoldiers and they are discovered by Thoth. Carter shoots him and the alarm sounds. They detonate the C-4 and head for the Tel'tak. They are chased by several supersoldiers and one is able to board the Tel'tak. It attacks them but Bra'tac is able to ring it outside the ship. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 2")

Skirmish with Osiris[]

Osiris comes to Earth using an Al'kesh and beaming technology with plans to probe Dr. Daniel Jackson's mind with a memory recall device while he is asleep for the location of the Lost City of the Ancients, believing that the location is buried in his subconscious from the time when he was Ascended. Osiris pretends to be her host Sarah Gardner, but deviations from how he remembered things alert Jackson to something not being right and the team realize what must be going on and come up with a plan: they will allow Osiris to probe Jackson's mind one last time in an attempt to learn the location for themselves, but will use new jamming technology to block her ability to beam out. After she finishes, they will use a tranquilizer gun which they know can penetrate her shields and knock her out so the Tok'ra can remove Osiris from Sarah and save her. Eventually, Jackson realizes he never knew the location of the city and Osiris tries to kill him, but is attacked by Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c, but shoots them with her Kara kesh them and tries to beam out. Osiris is unable to beam out to her frustration and heads outside where she engages Major Samantha Carter and Pete Shanahan in battle, but they are unable to penetrate her shields and she blows up the surveillance van containing the jamming equipment with a Za'tarc ring, severely wounding Pete. Before Osiris can do more, a recovered O'Neill tranquilizes her from behind. Osiris is removed by the Tok'ra and presumably killed and Sarah is finally set free from the hell she had to live through for the past three years. (SG1: "Chimera")

Anubis' attack on the Alpha Site[]

After Anubis learned the location of the Alpha Site, he launched an attack. The Stargate was hit by an Al'kesh and several Kull warriors landed in Tel'taks. Major Samantha Carter and Jacob Carter were there working on the Kull disruptor when the attack began. Lt. Glenn came to inform them that Colonel Reilly ordered an evacuation. As Carter and Jacob were downloading the data onto a crystal before deleting it Glenn was shot in the back by a supersoldier. Jacob managed to kill it with the disruptor and they both headed into the forest as the self-destruct was set off by Reilly. Jacob was caught in the explosion and a tree fell on his leg while Carter was chased into the forest by a supersoldier. SG-1 and SG-3 came to search for survivors and discovered Jacob who gave them the disruptor and told them Carter had a full power unit. Dr. Daniel Jackson went back to Stargate Command with Jacob while Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c went to search for Carter. Major General George S. Hammond sent out an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with missiles but it was shot down by the supersoldier. Carter was able to make her way to the crash site and fire the missile at the supersoldier but it did not kill it. Luckily, O'Neill and Teal'c arrived and Teal'c was able to draw the supersoldiers' attentiton so O'Neill could get the new power unit and kill it. (SG1: "Death Knell")

Skirmish with Anna[]

(SG1: "Resurrection")

Skirmish on P3X-439[]

The Goa'uld System Lord Anubis sent a Reconnaissance probe to the planet P3X-439 to scout, which discovered the secrets the planet held. SG-1, SG-3, and SG-5 arrived first in an attempt to extract the information from the Ancient Repository of knowledge but were stopped by the arrival of Anubis' fleet. Flanked by Death Gliders and Al'kesh, SG-1 destroyed the Repository of knowledge with C-4 after Colonel Jack O'Neill took the drastic step of interfacing with the device, and downloading the Ancient knowledge into his brain. The three SG teams then escaped back to Stargate Command through the Stargate. In response, Anubis had his Jaffa Commander and all the Jaffa troops who had taken part in the battle rounded up and later executed by two of Anubis's own Kull warriors as punishment for Anubis's Jaffa Commander and the troops failing their "God". (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1")

Anubis' infiltration of Stargate Command[]

While working to adjust the orbit of the International Space Station to avoid a piece of debre from Anubis' fleet, Cosmonaut Anatole Konstantinov was possessed by Anubis. He returned to Russia and became ill. He was visited in the hospital by his friend Russian Air Force Lt. Colonel Alexi Vaselov and Anubis left Konstantinov for Vaselov because of his recent assignment to Stargate Command. After Vaselov arrived at the SGC, he requested permission to join SG-1 but was denied by Brigadier General Jack O'Neill. Vaselov was visited by Dr. Daniel Jackson and Anubis entered his body. After Vaselov was taken to the infirmary and Dr. Brightman discovered lesions on his body, O'Neill stopped Anubis in Jackson's body from going through the Stargate. Anubis then took a hostage and shot two guards before Teal'c shot him with a Zat'nik'tel and O'Neill shot him in the shoulder with his sidearm. After Jackson was taken to the infirmary, Anubis left his body for Lt. Evans. When Jackson regained consciousness and discovered that Anubis was responsible, he remembered Anubis leaving his body for Evans. After Evans was detained, it was discovered that Anubis had left her body as well. After O'Neill ordered blood tests for all base personnel to check for elevated white blood cell counts, Airman Malcolm McCaffrey missed his test. They began a search and Anubis attempted to flee through the gate but O'Neill shot him with a Zat and Anubis left McCaffary and went through a wall. In order to force Anubis to use his ascended powers and alert the Others, O'Neill put the base in a three section lockdown. After several days under lockdown, O'Neill was ordered by President Henry Hayes to resume normal operations. O'Neill made a fake announcement that the lockdown would be held indefinitely to force Anubis to act. Anubis in the body of Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter bypassed security and set up a program to dial the gate. On his way to the gate he was shot with a Zat by O'Neill and left Carter for O'Neill. Anubis then tricked Major Kearney into setting the self-destruct before shooting him with a Zat. Anubis headed to the Embarkation room and waited for his program to dial the gate but was stopped by Vaselov and convinced to leave O'Neill for Vaselov before entering the gate. Luckily, Carter was able to change the address to KS7-535 and Anubis was frozen solid on the other side. (SG1: "Lockdown")

Skirmish on P2X-887[]

After one of Anubis' former Jaffa gave intel on a base on P2X-887, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill sent SG-1 and SG-3. Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter ordered SG-3 to guard the Stargate while SG-1 searched for the secert base. After activating the Transportation rings, SG-1 was unable to get out of the base. Meanwhile, an Al'kesh flew over the gate and Colonel Albert Reynolds contacted Stargate Command for reinforcements to search for them. When the teams returned and reported no sign of SG-1, Ba'al contacted the SGC and said he had captured SG-1. He offered their release in exchange for Camulus. After O'Neill released Camulus, SG-1 dialed in from 887 and informed O'Neill that they had been traped in the base and not captured by Ba'al but were in fact attacked by Ba'al's Jaffa on their way to the gate. They were able to fight off the Jaffa and head back through the gate. (SG1: "Zero Hour")

Ares' attack on Arkhan's World[]

The Goa'uld Ares decides to return to and take over the planet where Harold Maybourne used to live on so he sends his First Prime, Trelak and some ground troops as an advance party and comes himself in his mothership. SG-1 is already on the planet and is attempting to get the people to leave, but they believe that the Goa'uld will be defeated and refuse to go. Trelak recognizes Teal'c and Dr. Daniel Jackson among the villagers and sends men to find Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, who along with Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, are trying to a get a Time Jumper they found working again. They barricade themselves inside and when Carter gets power hooked up, take off and fly into space to confront Ares' mothership. The distraction caused by the Jumper flying overhead allows Jackson and Teal'c to take the offensive and together with the help of Garan, they kill all of Ares' Jaffa and Trelak. In space, the Jumper comes up against the mothership which fires at them but misses. O'Neill fires two Drone weapons at it but after that the Jumper's weapons are depleted. Luckily, the drones hit some vital systems and the mothership is destroyed, killing Ares. (SG1: "It's Good to Be King")

SG-1 stranded in Ancient Egypt[]

After using the Time Jumper to travel back in time 5,000 years to ancient Egypt to steal a Zero Point Module, SG-1 meets Katep and Salatis. They joined them on a pilgrimage to Ra's temple to make an offering. When Ra was displeased with the offering, he ordered his Jaffa to kill Salatis. After Ra left SG-1 shot a Jaffa with a Zat'nik'tel and Teal'c took his Jaffa helmet and armor to gain access to the treasure room. Teal'c is able to retreive the ZPM and they head back to the Jumper but it had been covered up by a sandstorm and was discovered by Ra's Jaffa. Despite Brigadier General Jack O'Neill wanting to retake the Jumper, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter would not allow them to as it would change the timeline. After several years of gathering weapons and tying to recruit people to start a rebellion, their attempts were discovered and O'Neill, Teal'c and Carter were executed. Dr. Daniel Jackson was able to start the Tau'ri Rebellion over again and it succeeded in expelling Ra from Earth but he took the Stargate with him causing an alternate timeline. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2")

Alternate Earth's Skirmish on Chulak[]

After the timeline was changed due to SG-1's involvement, the alternate timeline versions were able to find the Beta Gate in Antarctica and use the Time Jumper that was uncovered in Giza, Egypt to travel to Chulak. Once through the gate, Colonel Jack O'Neill landed near the city and he, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Dr. Samantha Carter, Major Charles Kawalsky and Senior Airman Jake Bosworth head towards the city. On the way, they are stunned by a Goa'uld Shock grenade and taken prisoner. After trying to convince Teal'c to join them, Jackson is taken to Apophis who impants him with a Goa'uld symbiote to be used as a spy. Teal'c brings them their gear and Carter shows him the camcorder video of his alternate self. Jackson is then returned to the cell and they use C-4 to escape. On the way back to the Jumper, Teal'c is waiting for them and kills Jackson. They head to the Jumper and take off but Kawalsky, Bosworth, Donner, and Mansfield are killed. Once in the air, O'Neill uses the ship to time travel to avoid the Death Gliders that were chasing them. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 1", "Moebius, Part 2")

Alternate Earth in Ancient Egypt[]

After traveling back in time on Chulak, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Samantha Carter and Teal'c head through the Stargate to Earth. They head into the nearest village and are greeted by Katep. He takes them inside so they are not seen by a Jaffa patrol. Once inside, Dr. Daniel Jackson enters and shows them the hidden weapons cache. They then begin to plan an attack that ensures the gate does not get taken by Ra and Carter works to fix the Time Jumper's cloak. While she is working, the Jumper is discovered by Ra's Jaffa and Teal'c and Jackson bring the villagers to help rescue them. Later, the Tau'ri Rebellion is successful and Ra leaves without the Stargate. (SG1: "Moebius, Part 2")

Khalek's attack on Stargate Command[]

When SG-1 finds an Ancient lab on P3X-584 formerly controlled by Anubis, they have no choice but to explore, they find a DNA resequencer of Ancient design and a stasis pod containing a young man. The young man is released from stasis and taken to Stargate Command. He tells them his name, Khalek, and that he was a captured by a Goa'uld. But all this was a rouse which is later found out by Dr. Daniel Jackson after searching the logs in the lab. He was in fact the son of Anubis, half Human and half Goa'uld, and possessing the entire Genetic memory of Anubis before his ascension and a genetically advanced body on the verge of ascension. He was designed to be a foot soldier capable of ascending and taking over the ascended planes from the Ancients in an attempt to not only control the galaxy but the entire universe. But SG-1 was able to stop their plan. They plan to hold Khalek in a specifically designed room to contain such a hostile and dangerous creature to stop him from getting any more treatments from the manipulation machine to stop him from ascending and either put him in stasis or kill him. Richard Woolsey arrived and informed Major General Henry Landry that the International Oversight Advisory has decided to not put him in stasis but study him in an attempt to find a way to fight the Priors of the Ori. When Major Altman hooked up the Ascendometer to Khalek, Khalek overloaded a monitor injuring Altman and tried to escape but was shot by Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. After Landry overruled the IOA and was about to send Khalek back to 584, Jackson returned and informed him that Khalek needed more time in the machine so 584 is the last place he should be sent. Khalek used his advanced hearing to listen in and was able to escape. He proceed to the Embarkation room and headed back to 584 through the Stargate. Fortunately, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter reset the Call forwarding device to send him back to the SGC. As he returned through the gate, Mitchell was able to distract him long enough for Jackson to shoot him and together they shot him several times, killing him. Because of their encounter with Khalek they were able to construct a weapon capable of disabling advanced mental powers for a temporary time, this helped in their victory in fighting the Ori. (SG1: "Prototype", "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1")

Ba'al's takeover of Stargate Command[]

Ba'al comes to Earth in an Al'kesh and is shot down by an F-16 near Cheyenne Mountain. SG-1 meet Ba'al at the crash site and he tells them that the clones are rebelling. Stargate Command starts to round up the clones to receive the information they believe Ba'al possesses, the location of Merlin's weapon. Several teams including SG-1 collected several Ba'al clones by fighting their way through Jaffa. Finally all the clones are gathered at the SGC but unknown to the SGC the Ba'als brainwashed Agent Malcolm Barrett into breaking procedure giving them the chance to escape and take over the SGC. The clones take control of Level 15, 16 and 17 and take Barrett and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter hostage. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Teal'c and Vala Mal Doran each lead a strike team to provide a distraction so Dr. Bill Lee and MSgt. Sylvester Siler can release Symbiote poison throughout the levels. Meanwhile, Ba'al forced Carter to download the entire database of Gate addresses form the SGC computer in the hopes of finding the planet with Merlin's weapon and not only destroy the Ori but the Ancients as well. After Vala's team is discovered, Lee is forced to release the poison early and the clones have time retreat back to one location and use their locator beacons to penatrate the SGC's jamming signal and beam to a Tel'tak in orbit. (SG1: "Insiders")

Athena's capture of Vala Mal Doran[]

During a dinner with Dr. Daniel Jackson at Il Fiore Bianco, Vala Mal Doran is kidnapped by Devon of The Trust. She is brought to a warehouse where Athena had Weaver and Kakalios use a Memory recall device to find the location of the Clava Thessara Infinitas in Qetesh's memories. During a rescue attempt, the device used to stimulate Vala's memory was hit with a Zat'nik'tel and Vala lost her memory. Vala wandered into Sol's Diner and tried to leave without paying the bill but the owner Sal stopped her. She explained that she could not remember anything from before entering his diner and he gave her a job as a waitress. During one of her shifts, she stopped two men from robbing the diner and was taken to the police station to give her statement. Detective J. Ryan questioned her and she gave him a fake name so he sent out an attempt to identify bullitin. This got the attention of Stargate Command and The Trust. Unfortunately, The Trust was able to get there first and an impostor of Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter took her away. SG-1 showed up at the station shortly after and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell chased the car on a Motorcycle. While in route she was able to cause the car to crash and Mitchell came upon the crash. Mitchell was shot by one of the Trust operatives and Vala stole a man's car and made Mitchell drive to a hotel room. After Vala left the hotel, she was cornered in a warehouse by The Trust but SG-1 was able to find her and Jackson was able to help her regain her memories. (SG1: "Memento Mori")

Skirmish on Praxyon[]

Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Colonel Samantha Carter, the alternate Teal'c and two Jaffa travel to the planet Praxyon through the Stargate recovered by the Russians. Once there, Carter realizes that the facility that they gated into is Ba'al's time machine and that they can use it to set things right. After convincing Teal'c of this, Carter sets to work to find the right solar flare to send them back in time while Mitchell, Jackson, Teal'c and the two Jaffa work together to hold off Qetesh's Jaffa that keep ringing in. Carter finds a solar flare that will send them back to 1929, ten years too soon, but they decide that it will have to be close enough. Jackson and the two Jaffa are killed in the battle and Carter is killed as she finishes dialing the Stargate. Mitchell escapes through the Stargate into the past, but Teal'c is mortally wounded by the remaining Jaffa and remains behind. Qetesh rings in and offers Teal'c to become her First Prime, but as his last act before dying, he detonates a grenade that kills him, Qetesh and the enemy Jaffa and destroys the time machine. (SG1: "Continuum")

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