This is a list of skirmishes between the Tau'ri, namely the Atlantis expedition and the Asurans.

Skirmish with the Ancient nanovirusEdit

(SGA: "Hot Zone")

Skirmish on the Asuran City-shipEdit


Lt. Colonel John Sheppard is probed by Oberoth.

After learning of Atlantis' survival from Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team and Dr. Elizabeth Weir's minds, Oberoth, the Asuran leader took his copy of Atlantis to Atlantis to destroy it. Niam managed to convince him to spare the team's lives and after showing Weir the truth of their creation, he and two members of his faction make a deal with the team to remove the aggression programing from their base code and they'll convince Oberoth to stop. Dr. Rodney McKay succeeds in reprogramming Niam, but also found a way to temporarily freeze the Asurans. The team agreed that they simply can't take the chance that Niam will be unsuccessful in convincing Oberoth and decide that they need to destroy the City-ship. They froze the Asurans and rigged 3 Zero Point Modules to overload as they needed to do so in such a manner with the help of Niam, who they convinced to completely side with them.


The Asuran city-ship explodes over Lantea.

Unfortunately the Asurans unfroze faster than expected, but they managed to escape to a Puddle Jumper and fly out of the city as it explodes in orbit of Lantea. The only known survivors of this skirmish on the Asuran side are Niam, who escaped with the team via Puddle Jumper, and Oberoth, who replicated himself a new body on Asuras. Niam was reset by the other Asurans and reverted to his original aggressive programing and strangled Weir, infecting her with nanites. Sheppard managed to blow him out into space, which caused him to deactivate, due to the harsh environment of space, but he did not die. (SGA: "Progeny")

Elizabeth Weir's Nanite infestationEdit

(SGA: "The Real World")

Skirmish on M34-227Edit


The Asuran copy of Atlantis is destroyed.

In an Asuran version of Atlantis, a rogue group of Asurans created Organic Asuran versions of Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team for the purpose of trying to ascend. However, they believed they were the actual people, that is until the city was attacked by an Aurora-class battleship sent by Oberoth. After the Asuran created versions of Weir and the team escaped the planet via Puddle Jumper, they went to M34-227 with the purpose of contacting the real Atlantis expedition.


An Asuran warship on M34-227.

Meanwhile, back on the real Atlantis, they receive a transmission from one of the off-world teams. Sheppard is shocked to see "Weir", who cheerfully greets him. "Weir" tells Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay the truth. Both Atlantis teams meet each other, and agree to work on the system RepliKeller gave them so that they can use it to track every Asuran warship in the Pegasus galaxy. While the McKays work on the system, "Weir" sadly informs Sheppard that the real Weir is most likely dead. Ronon Dex and Teyla Emmagan are also mistrustful of the replicates. Unfortunately, the meeting is cut short when an Asuran warship arrives and begins attacking the camp. The team presumes that the replicate team's stolen ship had a subspace beacon the Asurans had tracked. With the gate cut off by the Asuran ship, they need to stage a diversion if they hope to escape. The replicate Atlantis team takes a Jumper and uses it to distract the Replicator warships. They are shot down and presumed killed with the exception of RepliSheppard who survives the crash thanks to his nanites but is shot by Asuran ground forces. But their sacrifice does allow the real Atlantis team to escape through the unguarded gate. Back on Atlantis, Sheppard finally decides to remove Weir's personal effects from the city and return them to Earth now that she is most likely dead. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil")

Skirmish with KoracenEdit


Weir terminates Koracen

Nearly a year since the Battle of Asuras, the remnants of Niam's faction had more space to start their goal of ascension. They attempted a digital means of it, but were trapped in subspace. After Dr. Elizabeth Weir broke off, she was followed and sent to Atlantis, as the city has the means to finish what they started. The first attempt of negotiation led Koracen to sink the city to get what they want. They were eventually given bodies to work on building "human" bodies to achieve ascension. However, Koracen had other plans. He believed that being human would be wrong and managed to escape. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was pursuing him and fired several rounds into him, inflicting little damage. However, Weir, in FRAN's body was able to probe his mind, and terminated him. She realized that she and her group were too much of a threat, so she tricked the others into thinking they were going to another planet, where in fact, they were sent to space to be neutralized. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine")

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