Tarek Solamon spying on Teal'c & Jonas Quinn

Tarek Solamon was a Tagrean from the planet Tagrea. Quiet and thoughtful, he was a scientist of broad interests: he was both a respected historian as well as Professor of Mathematics at a Tagrean university. A member of a minority spiritual group, he believed Heru'ur was a god and the legendary creator of his people (though he did not know the Goa'uld's name prior to Tau'ri contact) and wore a necklace with Heru'ur's symbol. He assisted Jonas Quinn and Teal'c in locating the buried Stargate.

His faith in his people's "god" seemed to be quite abstract and based on a benevolent portrayal of the deity, and he seemed to take the news of Teal'c's first-hand knowledge of the legendary figure's true nature, disposition, and deeds in stride. He presumably abandoned his belief in Heru'ur possessing any sort of divine qualities promptly thereafter.

After learning of his people's true origins on Tagrea, Tarek seemed most interested in piecing together more of their lost history; Jonas Quinn suggested he might rise in stature (and office space allocation privileges) soon thanks to the newfound importance of his research. (SG1: "Memento")