The Taranis outpost was an outpost built by the Lanteans during the war with the Wraith.


"The reason the Ancients chose to power this facility on geothermal energy is because we're sitting right smack in the caldera of a dormant supervolcano ..."
Rodney McKay[src]

The outpost was located in the center of a supervolcano, and boasted a shield that was powered by geothermal energy. It also served as a drydock for ships of the Lantean fleet, and one of them, the warship Hippoforalcus, remained behind when the Lanteans fled to Earth. The dialing device was similar to the one in Atlantis, and was actually located in the outpost itself some distance away from the Stargate. (SGA: "Inferno")


Taranis outpost Hanger

Hippaforalkus in the hanger

The Taranis outpost was former colony of the Lanteans on the planet Taranis. During the War with the Wraith, Taranis served as a drydock for the Ancient fleet, with one ship, the Hippaforalkus, being left behind after the Lanteans fled back to Earth. Eventually, Taranis was repopulated by humans, who began to study the Lantean technology left behind, and used the shield to protect themselves from the Wraith. Unfortunately, the Taranians kept the shield constantly active at full strength after they learned the Wraith had left their hibernation cycle prematurely. This caused the heat and pressure inside the supervolcano to build to the point that it became active again and was about to erupt when the Atlantis expedition discovered the outpost one year later. The resulting explosion destroyed the outpost, most of the continent the outpost was on, and rendered the planet uninhabitable for centuries which ultimately forced the Taranis to be relocated elsewhere. (SGA: "Inferno")

In 2010, Doctor Rodney McKay realized that the shield generator in the ruins of Emege on Athos ran on geothermal energy like the Taranis outpost. (SGA: "The Mysteries of Emege")


  • Central control room
  • Main hangar
  • Chancellor Lycus's office



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