"It says a Goa’uld ship entered orbit, and that the ion cannons fired in defense... Ineffectively?!"
Narim and Daniel Jackson[src]

Tanith's Ha'tak was a Ha'tak in Anubis' fleet and was commanded by his Underlord Tanith.


This Ha'tak vessel looks like all other known Ha'taks. It differs only in terms of technology, specifically weapons and shields which were suspected to be upgraded using the limited Ancient technology to which Anubis has access, thanks to his half-ascended nature.


When Tanith took his Ha'tak to Tollana, it managed to resist the blasts from a Tollan Ion cannon. Tanith used the shielding technology to force the Curia to make phase weapons that would pierce any solid manner, including the Iris used on Earth's Stargate. However, Narim destroyed the weapons, causing Tanith to use the Ha'tak to devastate Tollana. (SG1: "Between Two Fires")