The Talthuns are an almost entirely extinct race of humans from the planet Talthus, a world that has long since been destroyed by a solar flare caused by a dark star. Like most other human populations, the Talthuns' ancestors were transported to Talthus by the Goa'uld. To save the Talthun race from total annihilation, the population held a lottery to determine who would be put onboard sleeper ships to escape the radius of the destructive force. All Sovereigns (the leaders of Talthus) were chosen, as well as one family member of each crew member serving aboard the sleeper ships.

Three vessels, including the Stromos, escaped the flare's radiation before it reached their world, leaving roughly 3,000 Talthuns alive in stasis units on a course for the world of Ardena, hundreds of years away. The Stromos crashed on P2A-347 and was discovered by SG-1, who promised to help the survivors find a new world. It is unknown whether the other two sleeper vessels reached Ardena safely, or if the Stromos survivors were able to find it. (SG1: "Lifeboat")

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