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I completely removed a goof as it was out of context and that caused a string of confusion.

Original Goof

It is stated that a cloaked cargo ship can't be detected yet SG-1 found Odai Ventrell's Tel'tak in "Bounty" when it was cloaked.

  • It is only stated in Bounty that they can find it if they know roughly what area to look in.
    • Actually they found the ship because it was remotely activated and landed on the school roof. It wasn't cloaked.
      • SG-1 had already boarded the cargo ship and started working when it was activated.

The actual statement made was;

They must know a direct attack on Earth is risky because of the Antarctic defense system.CARTER
Well, right now we have no way of detecting, let alone stopping, a cloaked cargo ship. They could go after whatever targets they want.I highlighted the contextual differences to clarify. I take the latter to mean that, at the time these events are taking place, they have no means, scanning tech or ships, available to search for and/or engage a cloaked cargo ship. Further, the statement that "It is only stated in Bounty that they can find it if they know roughly what area to look in" is somewhat incorrect. Other episodes mention that they can find cloaked ships as well although not easily. 1 example is in this episode(SG1: "Endgame")

From that episode (S08E10);

CARTER: They still have sublight engines. Once they realise you're in a ship, they'll launch -- and even with a cloak, you're giving off an energy signature.

Anyway, this info is for record and argument sake only. If the removal is deemed unwarrented then by all means undo the edit, but leave a reason as to why. Thanks! Tof3r78 (talk) (Contribs) 13:45, March 11, 2017 (UTC)

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