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What exactly is the source of this title? I can't remember it ever having been spoken of on screen. Is it from a novel, comic or DVD collection? Or is it just an extrapolation based on the assumption that there must be such a rank below that of First Prime? - Bell'Orso 22:58, 1 September 2008 (UTC)

I've been looking into that, by going through the "What links here" section, and all the signs point to the RPGs. -- Matthew R Dunn 23:32, 1 September 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, it's from the RPG. That having been said, however, The Barque of Heaven novel also includes a Fourth Prime which might imply there's a Third Prime too...but until we see one in an official source, we'll just have to have First, Second, and Fourth. —Jaymach Ral'Tir (talk) 02:08, 2 September 2008 (UTC)
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