I wonder (ie is there any proof in the source materials) if Stargate's Neutronium is the same as real-life Neutronium? Which is a name for a substance hypothesised to exist in Neutron Stars.

A Neutron star is a collapsed star with such mass, and such high gravity, that all it's atoms become squashed, and changed. The gaps between the components of an atom (well over 99.9% of an atom is empty space) are squashed down, leaving a substance made purely of neutrons. This is Neutronium. It's thought to be incredibly dense (1 teaspoonful weighing the same as an elephant). I suppose it might make a good armour, if you could carry it.

Nobody's actually seen any, but there are interesting speculations on it. Would the Stargate stuff have anything in common? They certainly didn't invent the word, I wonder how compatible real-life is with Stargate in this particular thing? There's currently little known to say it doesn't have amazing powers etc. 22:54, October 31, 2013 (UTC)

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