can anyone tell me what episode they heard it would couse a 20 kiloton explosion. I would just like to know. I have never heard them say it. This could be easy to calculate the yeild.

i think it was in the episode where everyone gets infected with nanites from the ancient lab on atlantis. sheppard says he say the explosion, everyone looks at him, and he says not up close. and another thing, when do they say the naquadah generators can power the stargate? i know they say it in the last man but does it aslo apply to the mark 1? mark 2? and during the first year in atlantis, did the zpm have enough power to power the gate or were they using mark 1 generators? —SupremeCommander 00:22, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

Well during the first year in Atlantis they hadn't any ZPMs left. They were all depleted. That 20kT explosion sounds pretty small and I can't remember them saying it in that episode. For a fact, i just watched it.

Output[edit source]

Ok so ive been trying to figure out the output of naquadah generators both the mark one and the mark two and i came up with two ways to figure that out.

mark 1 can give out 20 kiloton 4.184*10^12*20= 83,680,000,000,000 if we add the thirty second overloud 83,680,000,000,000*30= 2,510,400,000,000,000 (now heres were the formulas get differnt, You can either times the 30 second by six or the initial 83 terawatt by six)

if we do the 30 second 2,510,400,000,000,000*6= 15,062,400,000,000,000 15,062,400,000,000,000*30= 451,872,000,000,000,000

now the other way

83,680,000,000,000*6 = 502,080,000,000,000 502,080,000,000,000*30= 15,062,400,000,000,000

so which one do you think is the mark two output. I think its the first one the 451 petawatt because the mark two is suppost to be pretty powerfull enough energy to activate the chair and load energy into the drones capaciters. I think that the 15 petawatt is just to small to do what the mark two is said to be able to do. I am going with the 451 petawatt what are you guys and girls going to go with.

(I'm not the person that rote that^^, I'd just like to say that, although I'm truly in awe of you mathematics ans scientific skills, you're taking this waaay to seriously, and I doubt that the righters of the show thought about that)

Hi! In terms of output for naqahdah based generators, I posted several figures in this thread:
For example, for non-purified raw ore (which might also contain different isotopes of naqahdah), I got an energy density of 455.16 KT/cc (based on the Goa'uld Buster and the size of its sample of raw ore brought by one of the SG teams). I also have found 10.427 KT/g --which has to be treated as a minimal figure-- based on a study of the naqahdah-filled asteroid used by Anubis. Considering that I found a density of more than 40 grams per cc for the naqahdah core of the asteroid and that it may very well be a bit excessive for a raw amount of naqahdah (unless it's been added artificially), if the density was lower, the energy obtained per gram would be greater (for example, a density of 10 g/cc instead of 40 would mean that the energy density would be four times what I indicate). The small plum-sized organic bomb, partially made of naqahdah, implanted into Cassandra by Niirti, would have had a yield in the kiloton range. Considering the concentrations of the element in the bomb and the bomb's size, it fits rather nicely with the other figures I found. I didn't find any good figure about the energy density of naqahdria, although we have a nice idea of how powerful the special isotope is when used in nuclear warheads. That said, the only reference of use I found (episode 48 Hours) suggests that refined (weapon grade) naqahdah might --and I insist on might-- be worth the double of raw naqahdah ; Davis first says refined weapon grade naqahdah and then refined naqahdah, we can assume he spoke of the same, there's no need to differentiate, so Jackson must have made a quick comparison between refined naqahdah and some naqahdah of lesser quality, logically the unrefined raw version, basically. I'll point out that the raw stuff is probably full of impurities and useless isotopes, yet already very powerful, as observed with the Goa'uld Buster. Scorched Earth and Allegiance agree with an overload of a Nq generator Mk-I to be in the two digits kilotons, if not higher when the reactor is near full (as in Scorched Earth, it was barely used, although they actually used one of those few bulkier prototypes). For the output of a Mk-I, I found values between 46.5 GW (lasts 30 minutes at that rate) and 83.7 GW (explosive output after build up), and near 280 GW for the Mk-II (but that one doesn't last that long). These values are low ends, by the way. The power output values for the Mark-I would actually fit with Space Race and the portable reactor used to charge up the Seberus' shields while it was getting lethally close to the photosphere of a yellow star. --Mister Oragahn

Image's[edit source]

Can we get some other images of Naquadah generators including the early prototype, the mini generator and a better/larger screen cap of the MRK II. Awar 19:51, February 8, 2010 (UTC)

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