If you think that's too much detail, let's try and find a middle ground: the article before was barren of detail, and the little it had was misleading. Stargate is unique amongst science fiction in being set in the current day, and using known medicines and technologies, unlike the dilithium and tetrachlorocyclizinic inhibitors and neuronal pathway oxidative stabilising delta-wave inducers and such shit found in Star Trek. This by nature must needs be incorporated in to the Wiki in order to honor and adhere to the spirit of the entire Stargate franchise; outrageous space adventures taking place in the present day, with present-day human knowledge of medicine and chemistry - and plausible physics under some interpretations of quantum chromodynamics, for the most part, except for the out-of-phase/now visible aliens and transphasic manipulation of Arthur's Mantle - especially in SGU, where modern-day human knowledge is all the characters possess, thrust on to an advanced starship they have no idea how to operate, or what it was meant to do: lime is used as a CO2 scrubber, just like in the Apollo missions, instead of some sort of Berylliuranic hydroxyl radical carbon scavenging ion exchange resin H2O to O2 resequencer as would be found in other franchises, and projectile weapons are used, instead of modulated phaser emitters, and there's a plausible explanation for so many humanoid aliens, not just some reason why every species except for man evolved in the exact same way, except for decorative ridges on the foreheard or elflike ear modifications. Such articles and detail lend a greater immersion in the actual programme, while lessening the viewer's need to engage in wilful suspension of disbelief, and reducing the amount of meaningless technobabble jargon encountered.L Marchese Ph.D. D.Pharm.Sci. (talk) (Contribs) 21:15, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

I can appreciate wanting to be more specific, I really can, but you're going above and beyond that. The level of detail you wish to add not only surpasses what anyone outside those in a similar profession would wish to know, but is quite frankly the type of thing the Stargate verse tends to get wrong in the first place. If you want to clarify what Lorazepam does, that's fine, but keep it to the basics. Your entire details section is the kind of thing that simply isn't suitable here. — Trust not the Penguin (T | C) 23:01, September 27, 2010 (UTC)
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