"Justice! Taldor means justice."
Daniel Jackson[src]

Taldor was the xenophobic (and in the eyes of the Tau'ri arrogant, narrow-minded, and self-centered) judicial body of the planet Rillaan. The Taldor believe in zero tolerance almost religiously. They do not use death penalty as a punishment, but they do punish nearly every criminal, with no appeals process, to life imprisonment on the planet Hadante. The judicial body also believes punctuality is emblematic as civilized behavior.

The Taldor reside on Rillaan in Tal'al, a room in which the accused are transported to. In this area, the Taldor deliberate, reach a verdict, and carry out their sentencing. During this process, they may or may not be willing to show their actual face (due to being xenophobic).

SG-1 is interrogated by Taldor in Tal'al.

In 1998, SG-1 visited the planet Rillaan and, unknowingly, trespassed with weapons on their ancient grounds, which was a crime by the standards of the Taldor. SG-1 also, unknowingly, helped the criminal Roshure, who had been running from the Taldor. Despite their lack of knowledge in the situation, the Taldor sent SG-1 to the prison Hadante, which they eventually were able to escape. In the mean time, however, Major General George S. Hammond and SG-9 traveled to Rillaan and attempted, in vain, to negotiate with the Taldor for SG-1's release. (SG1: "Prisoners")
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