Dr. Szu was a female Xi'an.


When Stargate Command sent people to aid the Xi'an homeworld against the Lucian Alliance and to learn the secret to the ninth chevron, Dr. Szu was there to greet their Ancient's expert Dr. Blake and their escort Sergeant Ronald Greer in System Lord Vu's palace throne room. She led them into Vu's treasure room, which contained Destiny like technology and Ancient writings that she couldn't read.

She watched an Ancient speaking hologram with Dr. Blake until Death Gliders began their bombardment and the tunnels began to shake. Greer returned, pointed a gun in her face and told her that her friends betrayed them and then told Blake it was time to go. However, Blake wouldn't go as he was still taking notes. Szu told him the whole place was going to go but Blake continued to refuse as he still needed more time. Part of the tunnel's ceiling then collapsed, which crushed her. (SGU: "Icarus 1")

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