The symbiote tank ringed into the council room.

The Symbiote Tank was a container capable of holding Goa'uld symbiotes.



The imagery on the container.

The tank was a large pillar with a domed shaped container at its top. At the top of the dome was a number of shapes crafted onto its surface that resembled a large number of Goa'uld symbiotes. The opening at the top of the tank was capable of being removed which allowed a person to see the symbiotes inside which swam in a liquid substance.



Symbiotes inside the tank.

Daniel Jackson snuck onboard the Goa'uld space station in the Hasara system and found the symbiote tank waiting by Transportation rings. At the High Council of System Lords meeting that discussed Anubis's entry into the ranks of the System Lords, a symbiote tank was ringed into the council room.

Osiris and the assembled Goa'uld then began to ritually consume the symbiotes that were present within the tank. (SG1: "Summit")

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