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Syfy (originally The Sci Fi Channel, sometimes rendered SCI FI Channel) is a cable television channel from the United States of America, launched in September 24, 1992, and specializes in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal programming. It is part of the entertainment conglomerate NBC Universal.

Syfy airs several series including Battlestar Galactica, Farscape (which starred Ben Browder and Claudia Black), Eureka and is the US home to the revived Doctor Who series.

Recently, Australia has launched their own version of the SyFy channel, entitled Sci Fi Australia.

Stargate series

Syfy is the television channel that has aired Stargate SG-1 since Season 6, and Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate Universe since the beginning of the series. The channel picked up the Stargate series when Showtime finished with SG-1 in Season 5. Syfy also announced on August 21, 2006 that they would not pick up the series for an eleventh season. However, MGM Television Entertainment did allow them to film at least two additional direct-to-DVD movies.


On December the 16th 2010, Sy Fy pronounced that Stargate Universe had been cancelled, although the rest of season 2 ran into 2011, it was not renewed for a third season. After there was word of cancellation SGU producers looked towards MGM, of which has recently been re-funded, and the Canadian Sci Fi channel 'Space' for assistance. Nothing has been mentioned since but there may be chance for Stargate Universe's survival, but since it's now 2019, it is increasingly unlikely.

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