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Suzy Johnson is an Airman who serves on the Daedalus as a technician that works at a science console on the bridge.


When the Daedalus was working with Dr. Nicholas Rush to monitor the decaying orbit of a planet being eaten by its host star, he wanted to measure the magnetic field in the space in between them. Suzy realized this meant having to move the ship closer to the event and was hesitant to comply with his orders and looked to Colonel Steven Caldwell, who confirmed that they shouldn't move the Daedalus that close as it would put the ship and its crew at risk.

When the Daedalus was under attack, she informed the bridge that it's the Lucian Alliance and the fact that the Daedalus has no shields. She also informed Caldwell of Kelly's F-302 being lost.

After the hull is hit by a massive explosion, Suzy was thrown from her seat. She checked on Colonel Caldwell, who was down, but she realized he was still alive. Rush then went to Johnson's post and she tried to get him to step away. He told her to either help him or shut up, as he doesn't want to die either. Another Airman drew their weapon on Rush to get him to back off but Johnson pulled the gun away from the airman and told him they have nothing to lose.

When Colonel Caldwell regained consciousness and started to order Rush what to do but Johnson informed him that what Rush is doing might work. After his plan succeeded, Suzy told Rush that he did it.

In deep space, after the Daedalus dropped out of hyperspace, Johnson reported that the ship's systems were coming back online and that Rush's sensor array worked. (SGU: "Icarus 2")

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