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"Suspicion" is the fifth episode of the first season of Stargate: Atlantis.


After another unexpected encounter with the Wraith, the fifth encounter in nine missions, the Atlantis expedition can find only one explanation as to why that is; there's a spy in the city.

Previously on Stargate: Atlantis

The Atlantis expedition travels to Athos and meets Teyla Emmagan, leader of the Athosians. When the Wraith attack, Major John Sheppard is forced to evacuate the Athosians to Atlantis but Colonel Marshall Sumner, Teyla and several others are captured and taken to a Hive ship. Sheppard is able to save everyone except Sumner but awakens the sleeping Wraith.


The Stargate activates unexpectedly in Atlantis, and the shield is immediately raised. After they receive Major John Sheppard's IDC, Dr. Elizabeth Weir orders the shield lowered.

McKay left unconscious after being struck by a Wraith stunner.

Despite several Wraith weapons blasts, everyone makes it through although seconds before the shield is raised, Dr. Rodney McKay gets hit in the face by the Wraith stunners and collapses to the ground, unconscious much to the horror to John, Teyla and Ford with John checking Rodney for a pulse. Elizabeth soon joins them and also calls for a medical team while the Stargate soon shuts down.

Later, in the infirmary, Rodney, fully conscious lies in a bed albeit temporarily paralyzed as John and Beckett remark how lucky Rodney was because if the Wraith stunner had been set on another setting, then Rodney would be dead. However, Weir has greater concerns on her mind. Being the fifth time out of nine missions that Sheppard's team has encountered the Wraith, she can make one conclusion. There is a spy in Atlantis.

After McKay has recovered, Weir calls a conference to discuss the situation, although Teyla Emmagan was not invited as she is Athosian. Sheppard objects, but Sgt. Bates supports the decision, as he believes only an Athosian could compromise their position. Weir is more concerned about what to do. Bates wants to suspend Stargate activity, but Sheppard states that they need Zero Point Modules to power the city, and more importantly, the shields when the Wraith come. So their primary goal is clear, find out the spy fast. Bates also wants to confine non-essential personal to a section of the city, but Weir says that's going too far. Instead, they create no-go zones, and Weir wants to set up meetings with all the Athosians on the base.

Outside, Teyla goes to see Weir, as she was unaware of the meeting. However, she is stopped by one of the guards, informing her of the new off-limit zones. Before she can learn more, Sheppard catches her and takes her outside for a word. He informs her of the potential security leak, and the new security measures put in place. Teyla is alarmed that they would suspect an Athosian, who have been terrorized by the Wraith for centuries. Sheppard manages to convince her it's only a precaution, and Teyla reluctantly agrees to cooperate.

Later, Weir is having her interview with Halling. She tries to ease tension by asking him about his son, but it does little to help. Halling believes that Weir no longer trusts his people, but she just states that honestly, they don't know who to trust. She proceeds to ask him about his offworld excursions. He confirms this, and states that on a couple of his outings, he visited some close friends. Bates jumps to the accusation that his visits coincided with Wraith attacks, but Halling takes up a defensive position. He is disgusted that they would be accusing the Athosians, seeing as just about every Athosian there had suffered at the hands of, and lost relatives to, the Wraith, so leaves the interview in anger.

Meanwhile, McKay and Dr. Radek Zelenka are running diagnostics on the Puddle Jumpers. While working, McKay finds a command sequence that is new to them. Before he can go to reference it in the Atlantis database, Zelenka accidentally actives the sequence. To their amazement, the roof of the Jumper bay opens up, revealing a way for the jumpers to leave the city.

In their quarters, the Athosians discuss the new security measures. Halling feels that they have had to put up with it too long, but Teyla states that she feels that the measures Weir have taken are in the best interests of everyone on Atlantis. Despite this, Halling is still uneasy, and wishes to leave the city to another world, but it is obvious with all the Wraith around that this would not be safe or even really possible. Teyla, having heard all of this, goes to see Weir for her interview. She insists that the Athosians are innocent, but also that they are all not as understanding as Teyla is. She also tells Weir about their talk/plans for leaving Atlantis.

At about the same time, Sheppard and Lt. Aiden Ford are preparing to take a Jumper out to take a look at the planet. On their trip, Ford wonders about the name of the planet, wanting to name in "Atlantica", when Sheppard reminds him about their agreement that Ford wouldn't name anything. While in high orbit, they discover land, and that is "really big"; approximately 15 million square miles. Bates wants to dump the Athosians on the mainland, but Weir isn't ready to make that decision. The decision soon falls out of her hands, as Halling comes to inform her that the Athosians wish to go to the land to start their new life.

As they are preparing to pack, Teyla visits Halling's quarters to have a word with him. She informs him that Weir has arranged for communications between them, if help is ever needed. After the more formal talks, Teyla and Halling bid each other reluctant farewells. Later, Teyla watches as her people go away, being separated from them for the first time in her life.

With the Athosians gone, the Stargate suspension is lifted, and Sheppard's team goes through to explore once more. They are on a historical anthropological mission, examining ruins around the Stargate. Also, Sheppard sends Teyla and Ford on a mission to try and contact the natives. Teyla wanders off alone after a bit as Ford's presence might be scaring the natives. Back at the Stargate though, the team encounter the Wraith once more. They manage to escape, but Teyla and Ford get left behind. As soon as they get back to Atlantis, a medical team takes Sheppard to the infirmary, as he was hit by a Wraith stunner. McKay insists on a rescue mission, but Weir doesn't want to mount one until they know more. Their discussion is soon cut off when the gate activates. Teyla and Ford are under fire from the Wraith, and after security is set around the gate, they drop the shield, and let Teyla, with an injured Ford, through. (Much against Bates' wishes, who was still convinced Teyla must be the spy, and could be bringing the Wraith through with her under false pretenses.)

Having seen these events, Bates is concerned that Teyla might be the spy, but Sheppard doesn't want to hear it. As Bates accuses Sheppard of letting his personal feelings cloud his judgment, he gets curtly dismissed by Sheppard, though Bates still continues to take matters into his own hands. He takes Teyla's things to McKay and asks him to search them for any non-Athosian technology.

Sheppard visits Ford in the infirmary, where he is recounting the events. They match up with Teyla's story, proving that she did not directly help the Wraith in any way. However, McKay comes to talk to Sheppard. Much to his dismay, he has to admit that Bates was in fact correct, as he has indeed found something in Teyla's belongings after all. Her locket happens to be a Wraith relay device, broadcasting a sort of homing signal. Sheppard is relieved, and recounts how "he" was the one who actually found the locket and then gave it to her, back in the caves on Athos, which leads McKay to the solution on the puzzle. The locket was probably activated by Sheppard's ancient-technology-gene when he first touched it, before giving it to Teyla, and she had no idea that she had been signalling/helping the Wraith. Now that they know this information though, Sheppard has a new plan to use the locket against the Wraith. They are going to try and capture one alive.

After preparing themselves with an arsenal of non-lethal weapons, they set up their booby traps on the same planet where they found the ruins. Using the locket as a lure, they get the Wraith in position and set off Stun grenades and ground explosives. They manage to down one Wraith, but before they can successfully capture him, he initiates a self-destruct button on his chest shield-plate, nearly blowing up half the team in the process. Meanwhile, Teyla tracks down the Wraith commander, and faces him in hand-to-hand combat. Sheppard manages to stun him with Wraith stunners, and capture their hostage before he activates his self-destruct.

Back on Atlantis, Teyla is going for a visit to the mainland, and Weir sends with her a message and apology to the Athosians. Teyla agrees to pass it on, and assures Weir, to help ease her conscience, that in her place she would have done the same.

At the same time, Sheppard goes to question their hostage, who is agitated that he was captured. The Wraith threatens Sheppard, that when he is free he'll be the first he feeds upon. Also, he informs Sheppard that while he may believe his capture is a victory, it will only mean his doom. And will only accelerate the coming of the Wraith, and with them, Atlantis' demise.


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Notable quotes

(Rodney has one foot on the conference room table and is massaging it through his sock)
Sheppard: (looking on in distaste) Could you please not do that here?
McKay: My foot is still numb, if you'll excuse me.
Sheppard: Well at least your mouth still works fine.

McKay: How could I possibly know that? What am I, Answer Man?

McKay: There's a command subroutine I've never seen before.
Zelenka: What is its function?
McKay: (exasperated) I don't know, because I've never seen it before!

McKay: (talking about food rations) We have to make do. If that means you have to eat my favorite food two days in a row, so be it.
Zelenka: You enjoy military rations?
McKay: I know, it's weird, hospital food too. Only reason I don't like airplane food is you can't get seconds.

Bates: I can't imagine it'd be any worse than their original homeworld.
McKay: That could just be failure of imagination on your part.

Ford: You know, we still haven't named the planet yet. How about Atlantica; something like that?
Sheppard: I thought we agreed you weren't going to name anything anymore?"

Sheppard: Well? Good stuff?
Corrigan: I can't even begin to tell you how fascinating this is.
Sheppard: Anthropologist fascinating, or actual fascinating?
Corrigan: Yeah, well maybe "fascinating" is not the right word.
Sheppard: Maybe not.

Teyla: You suspect an Athosian?
Sheppard: Dr. Weir wants to meet them that's all, it's not personal. Well I mean it is, in the sense that she wants to meet them all personally.

Sheppard: Wonder what hurts more, the gunshot wound or the hunger? I'd love to help out but, how'd McKay put it? (pause) We can't meet your dietary requirements.
Wraith: When I'm free, you'll be the first that I feed upon.
Sheppard: Okey dokey. I'm gonna go make myself a sandwich.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • This episode takes place over the course of one week.
  • When Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay are talking with Lt. Aiden Ford about their plan to capture the Wraith, there is a laptop behind Sheppard with a windows crash message over-top of the default Atlantis application.
  • A taser without modification is shown to be effective against the Wraith, indicating they have a neuromuscular system extremely close to that of a Human. A taser's stun effect functions by delivering a very specific and continuous electrical charge which is normally calibrated to that used by the human nervous system (which in optimal cases ensures minimal pain, but instant incapacitation); if that charge is different than the target species' nervous system for any reason the stun effect may not function at all (instead simply electrocuting the target, causing only pain).


  • When Teyla Emmagan and Lt. Aiden Ford are about to come through the gate after having been attacked on the other side, one can clearly see the actor's shadows being cast from behind the gate before they have actually come through.
  • Major John Sheppard says the discovered land mass has an area of 15 million square miles. However, in a later episode, Dr. Rodney McKay says its "roughly the size of North America" which is about 9.45 million square miles.
  • When Sheppard leads his team through the Atlantis gate to the planet with the ruins, the gate on the otherside is a Milky Way galaxy stargate.
  • Sheppard, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Sgt. Bates are having a meeting. Sheppard then tells Bates that he is dismissed and then walks around the table, the chair that Bates was sitting on has now disappeared. Weir then asks Sheppard to go and see how Ford is doing, and as he walks away the chair has reappeared.
  • During the capture of the Steve, in the fire fight one of the drones falls to the floor and nudges the large stone column on the floor, which moves easily and then rocks back and forth showing it is not made of stone.
  • When Teyla fires her sidearm at the Wraith, the weapon does not cycle - most likely an inert prop to avoid putting the actor at the receiving end of the weapon in any unnecessary danger.

Other languages

  • French: Soupçons (Suspicions)
  • Russian: Подозрение (Suspicion)
  • Czech: Podezření (Suspicion)
  • Hungarian: Gyanú (Suspicion)
  • German: Unter Verdacht (Under Suspicion)

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