This episode is part 1 of 2; it is followed by "Last Stand".

"Summit" is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season of Stargate SG-1.


The Tok'ra ask Dr. Daniel Jackson to covertly spy on a summit between all the Goa'uld System Lords, so the Tok'ra can kill them, but learns that a new System Lord is to join them, one long thought to be long dead.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Major Samantha Carter is forced to kill Martouf in order to prevent him from assassinating the President. Dr. Daniel Jackson's former girlfriend Sarah Gardner is taken as a host by Osiris. SG-1 encounter a species called the Reol who release a chemical that affects the brain allowing them to camouflage themselves. During his attack on Tollana, Tanith revealed he is working for an unnamed Goa'uld.


Zipacna has summoned Osiris to his flagship. He complements Osiris' success in gaining a such a large army in the very short time since she has returned, and tells her of the situation among the System Lords, offering a position of great power. Osiris refuses to serve Zipacna, but Zipacna reveals that he is merely a servant of a Goa'uld who Osiris once knew well: Anubis, news that leaves Osiris stunned.

Dr. Daniel Jackson is sent by the Tok'ra to kill the Goa'uld System Lords, who are meeting to discuss the possibility of forming a new order. Since the deaths of Apophis and Cronus, the System Lords have been facing an unknown enemy of late, one which seems to be dispatching their armies with great ease. The Tok'ra see the meeting as an opportunity to kill all the System Lords at once, since the Tok'ra have recently developed a poison which is effective against Goa'uld symbiotes. It is an aerosol poison, making it relatively easy to use, and is non-lethal to non-blended humans. Daniel, because of his ability to speak Goa'uld fluently, is sent disguised as Yu's personal human slave, or "Lo'taur", with the idea of releasing the poison as soon as all the System Lords have gathered with Daniel posing as a slave named "Jarren".

However, the Goa'uld Zipacna is aware of the poison, and has sent a large attack force to Revanna, where the rest of SG-1 is currently awaiting the results of Daniel's sabotage mission. The planet comes under attack, and the Tok'ra's Stargate is rendered unusable by an incoming wormhole. The base shuts down power to remain undetected, but the attack force has more than enough Al'kesh to bomb the planet's surface indiscriminately. Portions of the base begin to crumble, and the base is in chaos. Lantash, who has been in a stasis chamber since the death of Martouf, is forced to blend with Lt. Kevin Elliot when his chamber is destroyed by falling rock. SG-1 decides to leave the underground base and take its chances on the surface, with Elliot barely alive as a result of a tunnel collapse.

As they near the Transportation rings, another section of tunnel caves in, blocking off their escape.

The conference of the System Lords is delayed when a request is made, presumably by the mysterious enemy, to send his own representative to the council, instead of appearing in person. The System Lord agree to hear out the representative's proposal, and allow her entry: it is Osiris.

Daniel is taken completely off guard, and decides not to release the poison yet. When the Council breaks, he hastily informs Selmak of the situation. Before they can work out a plan, Osiris corners Daniel, and reveals that she does indeed remember who he is.



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Notable quotes[]

Osiris: (in Sarah Gardner's voice) You waste my time.
Zipacna: You misunderstand. I'm not asking you to serve me. I must regret that I am merely an emissary for a much more powerful Goa'uld. One whom you once knew well.
Osiris: Of whom do you speak?
Zipacna: Anubis.

O'Neill: It's always "suicide mission this, save the planet that." Nobody just stops by to say "hi" anymore.

Ren'al: The deaths of Cronus and Apophis created a power vacuum that the remaining System Lords have been trying to exploit. Over the past several months they have suffered heavy losses and expended an enormous amount of resources fighting amongst themselves.
O'Neill: Let the good times roll.
Ren'al: Unfortunately, the good times may be coming to an end. They declared a truce. And now it looks as if they're going to have a meeting to discuss the establishment of a new order.
Hammond: So you want to stop them?
Ren'al: Quite the opposite actually. We want them to meet. It will give us the rare opportunity to strike against all of them at once.
Carter: You're talking about taking out the entire Goa'uld leadership?
Ren'al: We are.
O'Neill: Welcome to the dark side.

Jackson: So how are you gonna get me in?
Jacob: Yu will be among the System Lords attending.
Carter: I thought you said he was going in as a slave.
Jacob: The System Lord Yu.
Carter: Little joke there.
O'Neill: Funny!

O'Neill: Why do I get the feeling there's something you're not telling us?
Jacob: Oh, Jack.

Jacob: All you have to do is prick him. Once. The effect will be immediate. He'll believe you to be his loyal slave Jarren.
Jackson: Jarren?
Jacob: Just don't jab yourself with it.
Jackson: Why?
Jacob: Actually I don't know exactly. That in itself should scare you.

Carter: What are you doing?
Ren'al: I'm cutting power to the base. The energy signature would give away our position. Now they'll have to resort to random bombardment.
O'Neill: Well, that's encouraging.

Yu: Olokun is still seething over a recent loss to my forces. He may try to kill you out of spite. Do not make me look foolish by allowing yourself to be murdered.
Jackson: Yes, my Lord.

Ren'al: We will die before we give up its secrets.
O'Neill: You know, we really need to come up with a new strategy. One that does not include us dying.

Jacob: How's it going?
Jackson: Oh, swell. It's kind of like Goa'uld Mardi Gras here.

Osiris: (in Sarah Gardner's voice) Daniel Jackson. You're a rather long way from home, aren't you?


Main Characters

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  • The name of the staging world Revanna is an ironic reference to the ancient Roman Ravenna (the e and a are reversed). In real life, it was the city from which Julius Caesar gathered his troops before crossing the Rubicon and overthrowing the Republic, in contrast to what happened in this episode. Other references to Rome include Caledonia, the Latin name for Scotland.
  • Yu was identified with the Jade Emperor in this episode. In "Fair Game", his first appearance, Yu was identified with Yu the Great and the credits of the episode list him as Yu the Great. It is never revealed which is correct; however, due to Yu's age and Goa'uld technology, it is possible that he was, in fact, both at different points in history.
  • Anubis is first mentioned by name in this episode. He had previously been referred to in "Between Two Fires" but had not been named.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ba'al, the System Lord who eventually replaces Anubis as the main enemy of the show. Ba'al becomes the longest surviving Goa'uld on the series and the last Goa'uld threat Earth faced, being the last System Lord to fall.
  • At the beginning of the scene after the one where Ren'al asks Dr. Daniel Jackson to go on the mission, a picture of Sha're can be seen on Jackson's desk.


  • When Osiris first approached Zipacna, the camera filming from behind her shows that she did not have her hood on. When the camera angle changes a few seconds later, however, her hood was actually on, covering her head, which she then pulled off.
  • When SG-1 and SG-17 arrive the Stargate is in a clearing in a forested area. When the Goa'uld are landing troops and assembling the Stargate is in a valley.

Other languages[]

  • French: Sans Issue (1ère partie) (Deadlock)
  • Italian: Summit (dubbed in English)
  • Spanish: La Cumbre (The Summit)
  • Czech: Schůzka na nejvyšší úrovni (Meeting on the Highest Level)
  • Hungarian: A csúcstalálkozó (The Summit)
  • German: Neue Zeiten (New Times)
  • Catalan: La cimera (The Summit)

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