"I've been examining the energy reading we picked up and it appears that Michael has somehow managed to modify the Wraith stun pulse technology and integrate it with the Puddle Jumper cloaking mechanism."
Rodney McKay[src]

The Stun bubble is a type of force field developed by combining Wraith stunner technology with the cloaking mechanism of a Puddle Jumper.



A scan of the Stun bubble

This force field is created by reprograming the cloaking field of a Puddle Jumper to act in a manner similar to the properties of a Wraith stunner. The altered cloaking field causes a bubble-shaped field to be generated around the Puddle Jumper, which constantly expands and increases its area of effect. This field essentially prevents anyone from entering or exiting the bubble without being stunned. When the bubble is first formed, its stun field is perfectly visible, but as the field's area of effect expands and reaches a larger size, it becomes invisible to the naked eye; this effect may be proportional to the size of the bubble. Since the field is generated using the cloaking device of a Puddle Jumper it will remain active so long as the internal battery of the Puddle Jumper itself is able to continue to supply power. (SGA: "The Prodigal")


Michael Kenmore developed the Stun bubble technology after capturing one of Atlantis' Puddle Jumpers during the Battle of M2S-445. He later used the Puddle Jumper to gain access to Atlantis, whereupon he activated the Stun bubble and stunned everyone in the control room, preventing any of the city's occupants from entering the command center in the process.


Michael's jumper is destroyed.

While Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's coordinated strike force was moving towards the control room to kill the invading force, Dr. Rodney McKay noticed an anomalous energy reading and stopped Sheppard's team from progressing any further. Unfortunately, Major Evan Lorne and his team were ascending a separate stairwell entirely and entered the stun field, rendering him unconscious. Later, Richard Woolsey attempted to escape from the control tower and was stunned as he stepped through the field at the top of a flight of stairs. He fell down the stairs, which put him outside of the field but also meant he would be unable to re-enter. One of Michael's hybrids was also forcibly pushed into the stun field by Teyla Emmagan.

Fortunately, the bubble was destroyed when, after the Stargate shield was taken down, McKay activated the Stargate using one of the Puddle Jumpers launched from the city's underwater Jumper bay. The expanding unstable vortex of the activating Stargate destroyed the internal battery of the Puddle Jumper which was powering the cloaking generator, which caused the Stun bubble to fail. (SGA: "The Prodigal")

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