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"Stronghold" is the fourteenth episode of the ninth season of Stargate SG-1.


While Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell visits an old friend, Teal'c and Bra'tac notice that several Jaffa begin acting strangely. As Teal'c investigates further, he is captured and learns that Ba'al has brainwashed them.


The Jaffa High Council is debating over a proposal to dissolve the Council and have free election for the new government, when one by one the supporters of this action turn against it. After Ka'lel and Maz'rai, the strongest campaigners for democracy turn against it, Bra'tac and Teal'c try to find out why this happened and to convince those yet undecided of their cause.

Meanwhile, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell is in the hospital visiting an old friend, Major Bryce Ferguson, who is about to die of an aneurysm caused by sharpnel. Mitchell pulled strings to get Ferguson into the Air Force Academy Hospital with access to Stargate technology. He tells Dr. Kelly that Ferguson would have had his place in the F-302 fighter-interceptor project if he had not being injured saving Mitchell's life, the same injury that ended up causing the aneurysm.

At the same time, Teal'c gets kidnapped on Dakara. Bra'tac and Dr. Daniel Jackson investigate his disappearance and, after an interrogation of U'kin, Bra'tac realizes brainwashing is at work. Meanwhile, in his prison, Teal'c discovers that Ba'al is behind the brainwashing of the Council members in order to get himself chosen as leader of the Free Jaffa Nation. Teal'c resists Ba'al's brainwashing and the Goa'uld tries to convince him by telling him that he will help them against the Ori.

On Earth, it turns out Ferguson has correctly deduced what Mitchell really does, based on some information he got when consulting for one of the SGC civilian contractors. Unluckily, Dr. Kelly tells Mitchell that there's no way to help Ferguson. Mitchell asks Major General Henry Landry for a favor and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter delivers him the Galaran memory device that will allow Ferguson to experience some of Mitchell's memories from the last two years.

On Dakara, Bra'tac confronts Maz'rai about the brainwashing. Once alone, Maz'rai removes his symbiote to attempt the dangerous Rite of M'al Sharran. Shamed by his failure, he dies in the attempt but leaves a note leading them to Ka'lel. On his stronghold, Ba'al tries to blackmail Teal'c by withholding Tretonin.

On Earth, before leaving to save Teal'c, Mitchell apologizes to Ferguson for his hot-headed actions that caused his injuries, but his friend tells him he doesn't need to, that's who he is and it was his job. Mitchell leaves, leaving his friend with the memory machine.

Mitchell, Carter and Jackson, with several SGC soldiers backing them up, and with the help of an Al'kesh piloted by Bra'tac, gate to rescue Teal'c. On Ba'al's stronghold, Teal'c fakes having been brainwashed, but Ba'al doesn't believe him and orders him to kill a captured Bra'tac. Mitchell arrives then, and shoots the guards with a Zat'nik'tel. Teal'c then kills Ba'al (or more likely, one of his clones), proving he was never brainwashed. Back on Dakara, the Jaffa Council votes in favor of democratic elections.

On the SGC locker room, Teal'c thanks Mitchell, but he rebuffs the gesture, saying that it is his job. He then asks Teal'c how he resisted the brainwashing and Teal'c tells him "To resist the influence of others, knowledge of oneself is most important." Mitchell says to himself that he is still working on it.


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Notable quotes[]

Ferguson: How's the big important top secret job?
Mitchell: Still top secret.
Ferguson: Oh come on, man, you can tell me. I'm not going to tell anyone. He puts on his serious face. I'm going to die, you know. No flowers?
Mitchell: No. No, hell, I thought about it. But I decided on this instead. (opens a bag with a PlayStation)
Ferguson: Oh, yes. Me likey a lote.

Ba'al: I admit we've certainly had our differences in the past. But you need to hear what I have to say.
Teal'c: I will not hear the words of a false god.
Ba'al: Come now, Teal'c. We're smart enough to know we're not actually gods. Well, some of us are anyway. There are always those who will begin to believe their own propaganda. I suppose all you need is enough people to worship you and then what's the difference? You're pretty much a god by definition, are you not? So is the case with the Ori. Granted they do seem to have some very interesting powers to back up their claims. I've seen what happens to those who resist. They are a formidable enemy.
Teal'c: How does this concern you and I?
Ba'al: We worked together to defeat the replicators.
Teal'c: This is working together? Taking me against my will? Brainwashing the Council to do your bidding?
Ba'al: The Jaffa number in the millions spread across the vastness of the galaxy. Your backgrounds are diverse and rich in a history of warfare with each other.
Teal'c: Because of the Goa'uld!
Ba'al: As a united nation, you are young and inexperienced, too weak to face an adversary as powerful as the Ori. Gerak proved that. What you need right now is a strong leader. One with the mind and experience to wage war on such a foe.
Teal'c: (smiling in derision) You?
Ba'al: I'm not asking you to worship me. I do not plan to undermine your freedom. I care nothing for your rites and traditions or what you wish to do with your daily lives. What I do not want to see happen is the utter subjugation of this entire galaxy at the hands of the Ori. That would be an utter shame for all of us. Don't make this personal, Teal'c. Your people are in need, and I can help them. I can help all of us defend ourselves against the Ori.

Ferguson: You know what I think you're doing?
Mitchell: Sleeping.
Ferguson: I think you're fighting aliens.
Mitchell: I think that chunk of metal you got in your cranium has caused a lot of damage.

Mitchell: Hey, when you get to the part with the flight attendant ...
Ferguson: Yeah?
Mitchell: Skip over it, that's private.
Ferguson: I promise nothing.

Landry: Teal’c is family. I don't like people screwing with my family.
Mitchell: We're with you, sir.
Landry: Let's bring him home.

Mitchell: Took you guys long enough. (The Jaffa look confused) Not you guys. (Daniel and Carter zat the Jaffa from behind)

Carter: You go. We got your back.
Mitchell: You sure about that?
Carter: Am I going to be able to stop you?
Mitchell: I don't think so. I'm in a bad mood today.

Teal'c: To resist the influence of others, knowledge of one's self is most important.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • The pizza on top of the television is from "DeLuise and Sons" pizzeria. Peter DeLuise is the director of the episode as well as a supervising producer. His father, Dom, and brothers, David and Michael, have all appeared as guest stars on the show.


  • When Bra'tac attacks the Jaffa guarding the gate with an Al'kesh, there is a shot in which the gate isn't active, although it should be.
  • When Teal'c shoots Ba'al there are no blast/burn holes on him.
  • Clearly visible around 34:45 mark, the belt fed machine gun is loaded with blank rounds (understandably, since they don't want to have the actors shot on set).
Dakara Stargate

CGI model of the Dakara Stargate

  • The Dakara Stargate, seen prominently displayed in the establishing shots, has a refuting pattern of glyphs which are a clear mirrored image of some existing ones, and many that were never before seen. Additionally, as seen in "Reckoning", the side of the Stargate with glyphs faces toward the Temple of Dakara; in this image, the glyphs face the opposite direction.

Other languages[]

  • French: Prise De Contrôle (Take Over)
  • Italian: La Fortezza (The Stronghold)
  • Spanish: Fortaleza (Stronghold)
  • Czech: Síla vůle (Willpower)
  • Hungarian: Az erődítmény (The Stronghold)
  • German (DVD/TV): Die Festung (The Stronghold) / Das Referendum (The Referendum)

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