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A member of Brücke's unit and an infantryman in the German Army, Stefan is not exceptionally bright - but wholly dedicated to the Nazi cause. His willingness to put his life on the line at a moment's notice illustrates his blind faith in Hitler's vision for world domination. Even so, he has shown a desire to pursue his own personal glory - a habit that his commanding officer, Brücke finds endlessly annoying. Stefan's obedience and skills as a fighter (he's particularly handy with a knife) ought to make him Brücke's favorite underling, yet the young soldier's tall stature and Aryan looks - which frequently draw the eye of the unit's photographer, Eva - have caused the older, scar-faced Brücke to be jealous of Stefan. So much so, that Brücke often needlessly puts his subordinate in harm's way and delights in doing so.[1]

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